Weekend Breakfast

Saturday and Sunday mornings are my favorite parts of each week.

We don’t set the alarm, we don’t have to rush around to get ready for work, and we have time to make good breakfasts.

This past weekend was even more fun and special – I used our juicer for the first time! I got it months ago, but it was down in the basement and I never remembered to bring it up and get it ready to use.

On Saturday, I finally brought it upstairs. Unpacked  it, read the manual, and had it set up and ready for Sunday morning.

We had local cranberry orange bagels with the best Organic Valley cream cheese, locally roasted coffee from Lucie Monroe’s, and our first glasses of fresh juice.

This was a mix of grapefruits, cara cara + blood oranges, and a couple of carrots.

I am in love! This juice was so delicious – I can’t wait to make more.

What’s your favorite juice combination? I have a feeling our garden will need to  be even bigger this year, just to fuel our juice making.


  1. When we first got our juicer I used it all the time. Now it’s back to gathering dust in the basement. I find it to be just too expensive. My favorite is fresh orange juice though.

  2. Sounds like a great juice! Always wanted a juicer :)

  3. I’ve never juiced, but I totally want to ! I think it’d be awesome to make fresh juice for kay

  4. Love it!!! I wish I had a yard for a garden :( I want one so bad!!!

  5. Not big on juices over here (I tend to be pretty exclusively a water // coffee // wine drinker), but I’ve always loved an orange-cranberry combination. Basically anything and cranberry: That tart pucker is so perfect.

    Totally with you on weekend breakfasts: That extra 30 minutes of leisure time makes all the difference, even if I’m eating the same thing I eat every day (which is often the case — muesli with fruit, toast with peanut butter and jam.)

  6. my roomie just got a juicer, and i have yet to use it… it’s going to have to happen this week :)

  7. Your juice sounds good! I love apple/carrot/ginger juice, and green juice with an apple and a lemon.

  8. I haven’t done any of my own juicing but I am a fan of anything with lemon and ginger in it… :)

  9. Juicing is amazing. I totally forgot I have one in storage that I haven’t used in years. My husband isn’t a big fan of pulp and the juice being “thicker” he doesn’t tend to care for. Me on the other hand, I love it! I remember making apple juice but I must say I favorite wasn’t fruit juice. It was actually vegetable juice. Mostly same ingredients as V8 just a bit more natural. You can add less vegetables and more fruit which is something my husband likes since he doesn’t know what vegetables it contains. ;) Happy Juicing!

  10. Ohh that juice combo sounds fantastic! I love blood oranges! My parents actually just purchased a juicer so I’m on the lookout for any good recipe combos!!

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