It’s been months since I’ve done one of these posts.

I guess that means that I’ve been making more of my own recipes.

But I’ve also been busy with house projects (still happening) and lately, being sick.

I’m now on my second cold in 2 weeks. Not being able to breathe really isn’t fun, and it makes both eating and cooking seem pointless when you can’t smell or taste anything.

Although, maybe having a head cold would keep me from eating half of this pan of brownies by myself? That’s exactly what happened when I made them a few weeks ago.

When it comes to chocolate, I know who to turn to for recipes.

I first saw this flour free brownie recipe on David’s website a few months ago when he posted it, and I couldn’t get it out of my head.

These brownies are everything that brownies should be, and nothing more: full of butter and good quality chocolate, filled with walnuts and cocoa nibs, and no frosting.

I know we’ve talked about this before, but I’m a big believer in this: frosting does not belong on brownies.


Thankfully, this recipe is perfect for us in terms of how we like our brownies.

If you’re looking for a great brownie recipe, David has you covered.


  1. They look like they have the perfect texture! I looked at the recipe and saw why… no type of flour at all. I guess that’ll do it. :)

    Thanks for bringing this recipe to my attention. I guess I ignored it when he posted it because of the “gluten-free” in the title (as horrible at that may sound on my part). I guess I need to be more open-minded.

    Oh, and I hope your cold goes away quickly!

    • thank you! as i sit here working and mouth-breathing, i appreciate the thought :) more cold meds on the way!

  2. Question: what do you do with all of your baked goods? I want to bake more, but the only person I give the goods to is my BF, and I think I need to expand my network. I just can’t have all of those sweets in my house (not enough people to eat them anyway!)

    [This looks fantastic by the way!!]

    • great, great question :)

      1. My husband is a sweet-aholic. This is a problem in some ways because we are both trying to cut back. We’ve been sugar addicts since the holidays, so I’m working on NOT having so many sweets around right now.

      2. I try to make recipes that don’t make a ton (i.e. 24 cupcakes will NEVER get eaten here before they go bad), and if we end up and have more than we need, I tend to take stuff into work to share with coworkers.

      3. For things like cookies, we never have too many. Nick has no trouble getting through a batch of cookies.

      4. Some things, like bars, freeze really well and thaw beautifully.

  3. oh no! another cold :( sorry to hear that brandi, rest up!! brownies can cure a cold, no? :)

  4. These look so amazingly dense. I can’t believe there is no flour! My husband loves brownies so I love to try new recipes.

  5. I love the idea of “baking through the blogs”. I’m a new-ish reader, so I missed the other ones! I also agree that frosting has no right to go fraternizing with brownies. It should stay where it belongs–in the (cup)cake realm!

  6. I have a friend coming over in a few weeks and she is GF,
    This recipe is perfect, I think I have everything.

  7. These brownies look SO good. I’m pretty loyal to Baker’s One-Bowl recipe (so good, if you haven’t tried them yet) but these are now on my list!

  8. Love this! Will have to try soon!

  9. So excited you shared this! I’ve been craving brownies and this will certainly fill that void.

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