Five Ways I Love Avocado

There’s one fruit I wish I could grow in my own backyard, but can’t.

Could you imagine having an avocado tree (or 5) in your yard? I can’t even think of how incredible it would be to just go outside, pick a few avocados, and come back inside to crack those babies open.

We don’t have enough warm weather to have an avocado tree, but I love them so much that I don’t mind spending money on them.

These are some of my favorite dishes with avocado. And they’d all be great options for Superbowl Sunday, too – hearty, filling, and healthy.

But…there are times when you also just need to mash some avocado on toast or slice some up with your eggs in the morning.

I don’t discriminate when it comes to avocados. As long as they have a pinch of salt, I’ll eat them on just about anything.

Beans and Rice

Mojo Grilled Steak Tacos

Smoky Bean and Tomato Soup

Smoky Bean Dip

Mexican Potato Nachos

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What’s your favorite way to eat avocados?



  1. On top of a salad! SO good :) I am totally making soup this weekend and putting avocado on top too

  2. I’m a bit avo obsessed and my fave way to eat them is the simplest way: sprinkled with kosher salt and scooped straight from this skin. Mmm creamy and dreamy.

  3. Thanks for such a great round up – all of these look so delicious, I don’t know where to start!

  4. Love, love, love avocados!! I used to rent a house right out of college that had an avocado tree in front. They would always fall on my car and people from the neighborhood used to come pick them, but there was always plenty. So yummy!

  5. I adore avocados but lately I’ve really been into eating them plain with a bit of salt. But I don’t think anything beats avocado with eggs. Too delicious!

  6. I like it made into guac with chips. I’m a simple gal. :)

    I realized over the last couple of weeks this must be the season for them? On sale everywhere!

  7. I love adding some chunks of avocado to rice/ quinoa dishes- it makes everything super creamy and rich!

  8. LOVE. Avocado is delicious in a salad with some fruit and poppyseed dressing. Now I wish it was summer so I could make it!!

  9. I love them on salads too, but my new thing is freezing them and sticking them in my smoothies! Way creamier than bananas and even mangoes! I also give hummus a protein kick by smashing in some avocado with them too in my sandwiches.

    • i have not tried them in smoothies yet! i should. I do love them on sandwiches, too. especially with hummus!

  10. when in mexico, we got to snacking on avocados (instead of eating meals sometimes, lol). crispy chips/tortillas, avocado, lime juice, refried black beans optional :)

  11. all of these meals look fabulous! I really need to get more creative with avocado!

  12. When Andy and I finally buy a house, I am planting an avocado tree. It must happen because I am obsessed. Guess that makes me a true Californian! My favorite way to eat them is in the form of guacamole.

  13. I’m so jealous — I’m allergic to avocados!! I didn’t eat them for the longest time because I thought they were bad for me, then when I finally began eating them and appreciating them, I find out I’m allergic. Bah!!

    I’ll just have to live vicariously through you.

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