The Best Brownies + Giveaway!

Happy Friday!

It’s been a doozy of a week on here. Lots of giveaways with some of my favorite things and celebrating 3 years of blogging with you guys.

To say thanks, I brought brownies.

I have tried a. lot. of brownie recipes, and I usually end up feeling like Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

These ones are too cakey, those weren’t rich enough, these didn’t have the brownie crust that makes them a brownie.

Just like with cookies, we have brownie rules in this house.

1. They must – Must! – be fudgy rather than cakey. If we wanted cakey, I would just bake a cake.

2. They must – Must!- call for unsweetened baking chocolate or cocoa. No semi-sweet or milk chocolate here, unless it’s cut with unsweetened. That’s how you get the deep, rich cocoa flavor.

3. There cannot – and I repeat, Cannot – be frosting. Brownies + frosting = cake, not a brownie.

Do you have certain food rules, too, or are we just crazy?

Either way, I think I’ve finally come up with the perfect, classic brownie recipe. You can add walnuts or chocolate chips or pretzels or whatever other crazy things you want in your brownies. But first – just makes these plain.

They are deep and rich and dense and fudgy and have that crispy crunch of a crust on the top.

Fantastic warm after dinner with a glass of milk and eaten cold with a fork out of the pan for an afternoon snack. I did my research.

The Best Classic Brownies

Makes: 12-16 brownies


  • 1/2 cup brewed coffee
  • 4 and 1/2 squares unsweetened baking chocolate
  • 1 and 1/2 sticks butter
  • 1 and 3/4 cups sugar
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 cup whole wheat pastry flour


  1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees.
  2. Grease an 8×8 baking dish.
  3. Place the coffee, chocolate, and butter in a microwaveable bowl. Heat on high for 3-4 minutes, stirring after each minute, until the butter and chocolate are melted.
  4. Let the butter mixture sit and cool for 5 minutes.
  5. Stir the sugar and salt into the butter mixture.
  6. Whisk eggs into the mix, one at a time, until the eggs are completely combined.
  7. Stir in the vanilla and flour until the flour is incorporated.
  8. Pour the batter into the pan and bake at 300 degrees for 50-55 minutes until a toothpick comes out clean.


To finish out my celebration week, I’ve got another giveaway for you!

I’ve got this sweet KitchenAid 3 Speed Hand Blender – you can use it as an immersion blender, or a whisk, or a mini food-processor. Whisk, chop, whip, blend, puree, crush, do it all.

It’s like the McGyver of small appliances.

The chopper and blender jar are BPA-free, and the attachments are dishwasher safe. Bonus!

To Enter:

Answer this question: What would you make first if you won this 3-speed blender?

If I had one, I would definitely make some homemade nut butter. I need a food processor so bad!

For an extra entry:

Tweet about the giveaway (using @KitchenAidUSA) and let me know you did!


I’ll pick the winner on Thursday – good luck!


  1. Totally copying you, I would make homemade nut butter!

  2. i would make cream of broccoli soup

  3. I agree! No frosting!! I never understand why people frost brownies! Id make potato soup

  4. Those brownies look absolutely amazing! I would make a big batch of Key Lime Pie cupcakes that I have been drooling over for weeks.

  5. I would make some hummus.

  6. These brownies look so fudgy!

    I would probably make lots more soup!

  7. Soup for sure, it’s that time of year!

  8. I think I would try making homemade mayo….again.

  9. Oh man I have been dying to make all the pureed butternut squash soups I see! I have been dying for a hand blender!

  10. I would make a thick chocolate shake!

  11. I’d make creamy potato soup! I’ve been toying with the idea of getting an immersion blender, but I haven’t made the leap yet.

  12. I’d make a pureed squash soup!

  13. I would make butternut squash soup with spicy candied pecans!

  14. I’d definitely make this recipe for broccoli cheddar soup I’ve been holding onto. The blender would be great!

  15. I would make my a creamy broccoli and cauliflower soup!

  16. I would make soup being able to immerse it in the pot rather than pour soup into the blender would be much easier and save some soup that always spills out in the process.

  17. I would make oatmeal pancakes with cottage cheese -whipping them up makes the batter creamy!

  18. Happy 3 years of blogging! I would make pancakes if I won the giveaway. I usually hand mix them and would love to have an immersion blender.

  19. Congrats on three years! I would make butternut squash soup with the immersion blender–I’ve always wanted one of those!

  20. I’d make butternut squash soup! I’m getting bored with boxed soups and want to attempt making my own :D

    P.S. The addition of pretzels to brownies sounds absolutely fabulous- love the sweet and salty combo!

  21. I would probably make soup. I was looking at a creamy tomato soup recipe the other day and in the instructions, you have to blend the mixture. It said you could remove the mixture from the pot, in batches, into a blender or use an immersion blender. Immersion blender seems waaaaay easier to me!

    (The brownie recipe looks amazing, going to have to give it a try this weekend!)

  22. I know I’m just repeating what everyone else has sad, but I too would make soup! I’ve wanted an immersion blender for so long but can never justify spending the money on one when it still works to pour the soup in the blender – it’s just annoying!

  23. this is so awesome! i really have been wanting/need one of these so I hope I win!!

    I too would make nut butter!!

  24. i tweeted about the giveaway!!

  25. Some creamy soup!

  26. I’d probably make soup – either mushroom millet soup or roasted tomato, garlic, onion, & coconut soup (both from and both delicious!). I’ve made both by transferring some of the soup to a blender, but blending right in the pot would be amazing. Truthfully though, I suppose I might use the processing feature first because our food processor is currently broken and I normally use that thing all the time – for everything. I soooo need one of these!

  27. I’d make pesto. Because I don’t have a food processor of any kind…

  28. I would definitely make homemade almond cinnamon raisin butter. It sounds so good!

  29. I would make a cake for my daughter’s 16th birthday first.

  30. Ah! Want want want! My food processor broke recently and I haven’t been able to get a new one yet. I am dying to have a processor that can be an immersion blender: I’d be making some butternut squash soup right away!

  31. I would make cream of chicken soup.

  32. Agree 110% – no frosting!! I hate when brownies have frosting.

  33. Salad dressing, maybe even try homemade mayo!

  34. I think I’d have to make some awesome soup for this chilly weather! Maybe a potato-based one.

  35. If I won, I’d make a batch of my families favorite truffles. :)
    – Good luck to all!! :)

  36. When I win, I would plan on making my mom a pineapple upside-down cake with the 3-speed hand blender.

  37. Completely from scratch “Cream of Potato” soup. Mashing it by hand is tiring! We love our soups in the winter and this is one of our favorites!

  38. i would make ginersnap cookies

  39. Cup cakes for my kiddos

  40. I would make some yummy roasted tomato soup!

  41. My husband and son love soup so I would make cream of chicken soup or cream or potatoe soup. Yum yum!!

  42. I’d make a fruit smoothie or celeriac soup!

  43. I would love one of those! First, I would probably make soup.

  44. These brownies look delicious! I, too, am a brownie snob, and they have to be fudgy chewy crusties or I refuse to eat them. :P

    I would make hummus. I’ve been wanting to try making my own, as I’m not fond of store bought, but mashing just doesn’t have the same effect.

  45. Pancakes for sure.

    And I love brownies, so those would be close to the top of my list! :)

  46. I’d be making SOOOO many sauces.

  47. A hand blender!!! Oh, the first thing I would make would be my “world-famous-” or at least, “house-famous” Roasted Vegetable Soup. :)

  48. Oh no doubt i would put on the whip and whip up a nice cold Chocolate Shake !!!!!!!!!!

    Then put the chopper attachment on and chop up some chunk chocolate and mint oreo cookies for the top of the milk shake

    Dream a little creamy dream

  49. First thing I would try is whipped coconut cream!

  50. well, i would HAVE to make those brownies right up there because HELLO, they are calling my name!!!! =) nom nom nom

  51. I would make a green smoothie with kale or spinach with a home-made soy yogurt base – yum! So good – and congrats on the three years!!

  52. I would make sweet potato soup and waffles.

  53. I would first use it for my favorite pear/butternut squash bisque. No mor pureeing in batches in the blender!

  54. I would probably puree some bananas for Banana Nut Bread… :)

    Thanks for the recipe! I agree with all your brownie rules.

  55. I would make cupcakes!

  56. butternut squash soup with cider – a special from my favorite restaurant!

  57. I would love to make some nut butter if I won!

  58. I would make bread every day. I would just start on page one of The Bread Bible and keep going.

  59. I tweeted!!

  60. First thing to make would be jam….then, something new everyday. How much fun can any one person have ??

  61. Would definitely make some yummy soup to warm us up in this coooold weather!

  62. I would love to make some Hummus with it!

  63. I would make mashed potatoes with caramelized onions to go with a wine based pork roast!

  64. Oh yes, and I Tweeted about it too!! Hope I win!!

  65. carrot cake for me and then fudge

  66. I would make a chocolate pie! Yummy! :)

  67. I would probably try the immersion blender for baby food.

  68. I’d definitely make these brownies first.. so melty and delicious looking. Then i’d whip up some good old fashion fun-fetti cupcakes! I also tweeted.. not sure how to copy and paste the link though (not tech savvy enough). @carolhylee

  69. With the temps we have had the last couple days…20 to 30 below it would have to be soup maybe a good cheese soup! Thanks for giveaway!

  70. First thing I would make is my all time comfort food. Whipped potatoes. But now you’ve got me thinking about brownies too.

  71. If I won KitchenAids 3 Speed Hand Blender, I would use the blender to blend up a creamy cake filling, the whisk to mix up a vanilla cake batter, and the mini food-processor to crush up reeces cups to go inside of my cake batter, so i can make a wonderful cake.

  72. I make my own nut butters. They are The Best!
    I wouldn’t use my immersion blender though as I usually run the food processor for several minutes to get them smooth. I just can’t stand there holding that thing when there are other things to do. It’s like making Royal Icing holding a hand mixer for 7-10 minutes. I just slap the ingredients in the KitchenAid Stand Mixer and set the timer.
    I would make anything I could so I wouldn’t have to drag out the food processor or the blender. Soup, guacamole, smoothies…
    I’ve had an immersion blender for over 20 years but would really love the KitchenAid one! I LOVE all things kitchenAid!!! :)

  73. Definitely soup — perfect for the cold weather!

  74. I would make creamy potatoe soup. I have been wanting some all winter

  75. I would make a milk shake!

  76. I would use it to help me make homemade baby food and soups!!

  77. I would make a homemade pie crust with the food processing mechanism. I hear it is easier to make with that contraption!

  78. This looks amazing! First thing I would make would be my protein shake, I can never seem to mix it good enough!

  79. OMG, those brownies look KILLER!
    I would make soup with the immersion blender. I LOVE homemade soup. :)

  80. I would make strawberry smoothes

  81. i’d make creamy tomato soup!! :)

  82. I would use the immersion blender to make butternut squash soup!

  83. I am all about soup in winter and have been reading so many recipes calling for a blender like this!! I make soup first—

  84. I would make either hummus or homemade peanut butter!!

  85. I also tweeted about the giveaway :-)

  86. I would make a sweet yogurt dip.

  87. I would make the brownies you just posted. Those sound delicious.

  88. Wow, those brownies look amazing! I would definitely make meringues – they are sooo good but I hate doing all the whisking by hand.

  89. I doubt I would actually get to use if I won – my teenager would be too busy making his favorite, chocolate, peanut butter, banana milk shakes..

  90. There are a ton of soup recipes out there that need to be pureed, and I’d love to win this so I could do just that!

  91. I would make black bean soup. I really needed am imersion blender the other day.

  92. Those brownies look super yummy. I was craving brownies the other nite I will have to try this recipe.

    I would make fresh applesauce for my baby if I were to win this. :)

  93. I can’t wait to try your brownie recipe, I always add cold leftover coffee to my brownies too, really ups that chocolate flavor! I would make some cream soup of some kind!

  94. I’d make butternut squash soup!

  95. I would probably make cupcakes for my kids, but honestly they’d probably take it over 1st and make milk shakes :)

  96. I would make home made tomato soup. I have to puree in batches in my blender so would be nice to be able to puree in the bowl I mixed it in.

  97. I would use it to make may favorite carrot-squash soup! I love KitchenAid, thanks for the chance to win!!!

  98. I have a food processor and I LOVE it. You really should get one. But I do need a new hand mixer, since mine is from KMart circa 1998 and is more of a yellowish brown than it’s once white color.
    And I would make something decadent like peanut butter brownies. Mostly because I’m craving peanut butter brownies.

  99. If I won, I would first make the brownie recipe. I have always made boxed brownies and never tried the homemade which I have always wanted to do! And my daughter would be so excited…she loves sweets ;)

  100. I am not entering, because I already have one and it wouldn’t be fair for me to deprive someone else of the BEST kitchen tool ever. I LOVE my immersion blender (/whisk/mini processor) and use it for everything. Definitely use it more than any other small appliance in my kitchen!

  101. Definiately some soup!

  102. I would make a nice milk shake!

  103. I would make some creamy butternut squash soup!

  104. Baby food! My son will be 1 next month and this would be super convienient for helping to introduce him to more table foods. Plus I am so going to make those amazing looking brownies! I’m tweeting this too! (On twitter CeliaWilliams)

  105. i love making (and DEFINITELY EATING) homemade pesto!!!!! :)

  106. Omigosh these brownies look amazing!! And your requirements for brownies are the same as mine aka I clearly need to make these asap! I’ve never heard of putting coffee in brownies either! Can’t wait to try them! And that kitchen aid looks so cool! I’ve been dying to make homemade nut butter too and butternut squash soup!

  107. I would make a Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Icing

  108. I would make delicious soups and dips!

  109. Now I really want brownies! I’m also on a pesto kick. That’s probably what I’d make first.

  110. I would use it first to froth the hot milk for my coffee in the morning.
    Sounds looks a cool tool. There must be all kinds of fun you could have experimenting with it.

  111. This looks like it could also froth and we need foam for our morning tea!!!

  112. Mayo first and then egg salad to use my mayo . YUMMM

  113. Must try these brownies – they look amazing! I would use the immersion blender to make some creamy soup…probably a cheesy potato!

  114. I’d make curried butternut squash soup. Dessert? These brownies of course! Thanks for an awesome giveaway and a great recipe.

  115. Ahh, making baby food would be so much easier with this set! Out of baby-food land, I would definitely make some black bean-jalapeño soup!

  116. I would make cauliflower soup! Not cauliflower and cheese, just plain old delicious cauliflower soup. I had an immersion blender, but it died. I used it for so many things. I miss it. This would be such a bonus!!

  117. I would make fruit bars (peach and cherry). The bottom layer is so much easier to make with a processor which I do not have :(

  118. I have to make dessert for our next cake club meeting and think i am going to have to bring your brownies!!
    I would make the whisk part to mark some icing (for a cake, not brownies).

  119. I would totally make soup, a chopped salad and whipped cream for the top of my cake. DINNER!

  120. I would first make broccoli, potato and cheese soup, then some creamy lentil soup, then make these brownies. Please pibk me, I have lots of cooking to do!!

  121. I’d make Paula Deen’s cream cheese brownies!

  122. these look wonderful! you can’t beat a good brownie!

    if i won this i would actually give it to my sister :)

  123. Thinking I am going to have to make these brownies this weekend…..I have never heard of putting coffee into brownies…So very intresting.

    I would make home made salsa.

  124. That’s funny, I feel the same way about brownies and frosting! If it has frosting, it’s not a brownie ;D

    And I would make pesto and miso dressing with the hand blender!

  125. I would make an omlet with everything in it. :)

  126. I would make banana soft serve! I’ve tried just using my blender and it doesn’t work very well.

  127. I would use it to make macarons. I hate having to break out my big food processor for small jobs.

  128. Would make my onion garlic mayo!

  129. I’d make my favorite slow cooker spaghetti sauce with the 3-speed hand blender. Followed by slow cooker apple butter. Yum!

  130. I would make potato soup…I make it in a crockpot and always think, “I wish I had a blender to make it smooth.”

  131. I would make dark chocolate cake!

  132. I would try to make mayo. Is that weird?

  133. i would love to make hummus, brownies, and whip cream. since my wife is expecting i would love to try to make baby food. i tweeted also @mohammedali83.

  134. Yum, the brownies look perfect to me. And I’m pretty picky about my brownies too :D I would make some kind of pureed soup like a squash soup. Nothing worse than using a blender to puree it all!

  135. I’ve always wanted an immersion blender! I think I would make a purred soup with it first… Or maybe a pesto sauce or pesto aoli. Pick me pick me :)

  136. The brownies look amazing! I would make hot potato soup for a cold winter’s night!

  137. Butternut squash soup!

  138. I always wanted to make homemade mayo!

  139. I tweeted!!!

  140. I would make a fruit smoothie, thanks for the chance to win.

  141. I’d make a smoothie (or two).

  142. I would make my cinnamon sour cream cake.

  143. mkvegas tweeted

  144. I’ve seen lots of recipes for making a vegan cheesecake (I can’t eat dairy) by soaking cashews in water and then blending them, that would be the first thing I would try!

  145. I would make Coffee Cheesecake!!

  146. These brownies look so fudgey and yummy! If I won that awesome blender I would use it to blend up some butternut squash soup!

  147. I would have to say, like everyone, right now you can’t beat using this to make soup! I still have to figure out what kind though :). Also, I’d use it to make creamy sauces for fish and pasta!

  148. Mmm the possibilities are endless! I would probably use it to make homemade Nutella first…I’m obsessed with that lately…that or make my own butter!

  149. I tweeted! Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway! Oh, by the way, pesto and party dips are on my list, too! :)!/SparklyTiara07/status/160453572843143170

  150. I would whip up some whipping cream to top those tummy brownies! They r yummy for my tummy.

  151. I’ve been craving pesto – all kinds of pesto, not just basil. That would be the first thing I experimented with!

  152. I would make some salsa!!

  153. I would definitely use it to make baby food!! I don’t like using my huge blender for a little bit of baby food!

  154. A milkshake. Yum!


  156. Id make avocado salsa!

  157. I’d probably make my Cherry Chocolate nut surprise cake
    I also tweeted –!/skyxsky27/status/160473694286790656

  158. Oh my those are some nummy brownies up there love :D Love, love, love this hand held blender from KitchenAid! I would make buckets of sauce & soups :D

  159. Homemade chocolate waffles !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. I would make a banana strawberry smoothy that is almost so thick that it has consistency of custard ice cream!!

  161. I would made Apple Sauce for my baby :)

  162. Smoothies for sure!

  163. I have a recipe for ranch dressing I would try.

  164. Chocolate milkshake!

  165. A smoothie :)

  166. Can you make ice cream?? Maybe mix ice cream then freeze it? I’d do that!

  167. I would totally make hummus yummy yummy hummus

  168. Homemade mayonnaise!

  169. I would make some meringue to top a chocolate pie!

  170. I would make delicious soup!

  171. I’d make refried beans, yum!

  172. I’m not sure if Canadians may enter, but just in case: I’d make white bean spread to add to my sandwiches.

    • l also love my brownie as you do is it contagious? Those look so good I could just taste the fudginess and crunch right now. ummmmmmmmm so good! I would also make cream of potatoe soup from a recipe from 1900,detroit bridal registry. It was a gift from a friend/s grandma. Also the same book a cream of onion soup. yummy comfort food.

  173. I make lots of cheesecakes and desserts. I would definitely use it for that and so much more.

  174. If I had one, I would make chocolate chip cookies! The blender would make it so easy to chop the walnuts and to mix the batter. Having the right tool is 90% of the job!
    I tweeted the giveaway!/KitchenAidUSA/status/160399726246760448

  175. really you don’t have a food processor either??? i thought i was the only person in the US who did not and that cooked/baked. so i would certainly make something that required one 1st – and i like you idea of making nut butter so i would likely try that.

  176. Protein shake, soup, smoothie, etc. Can’t wait to try it out!! HINT, HINT!!

  177. Happy Blogiversary!!!!!! I’m in Canada, so not sure if I can enter, but if I can, I’d use it to purree soup. Have a great weekend!!

  178. I would use it to make soup! Perfect for this cold weather.

  179. LOVE this giveaway! I would definitely make a soup, curried sweet potato and pear! Yummo!!

  180. homemade chocolate cake with chocolate frosting

  181. awesome giveaway! i think i’d make the recipe for sweet potato hummus that my mom passed along to me yesterday, sounded so good!

  182. Yum, the brownies look great and a great use for leftover coffee! I would use the immersion blender for soup so my hubby can’t recognize the veggies!

  183. Oh my gosh, this has been on my kitchen supply wishlist for a while! The first thing I’d make would probably either be some kind of creamy soup (like butternut squash soup!) or cupcakes! :-P

  184. Id make some sort of blended pea soup. Something warm and delicious for this snowy weather.

  185. ooo!!! I would probably do what everybody else said SOUP! but then brownies, and salsa and hummus! eee!!!

  186. I am definitely making these brownies. I would make homemade butternut squash soup. First roast it on the grill and then let it rest in foil and then puree for a creamy soup. It would be perfect on a cold wintry day like today. Thanks for all the wonderful recipes.

  187. I would make broccoli cheddar soup!

  188. I’d make a healthy smoothie! then make something with chocolate to balance it out!

  189. I would start by making red velvet cupcakes and just keep on baking :-)

  190. A yummmy soup!

  191. The Panera copy cat Broccoli and Cheese soup recipe I adore!

  192. Soup! I love purees. :)

  193. Oh my goodness! You just described my exact feelings about Brownies!!! They have got to be chewy & oh so perfectly gooey. They cannot be over baked. They cannot have frosting. Agreed: if I wanted frosting Id have cake. They need that delicate outer crust & that dreamy engulfing center. I make thee best brownies I have ever tried & believe me, I’ve tried many! I will be trying yours for sure! Thank you so much for posting such a treasured recipe! You did all the work o narrowing down what works & what doesn’t work & we get to enjoy them. How sweet are you?! Super excited to try these. Would love the chance to win the mixer, but honestly just having this recipe is a huge win in itself. Thank you!!!!! :0)

  194. hmmmmmmmmmmm what would I blend up? I think some butternut squash/apple soup ! No more transferring to a blender !

  195. What wouldn’t I make ?!?! This would be great for making hummus or fruit purees!

  196. I would definitely make smoothies!

  197. Some broccoli cheddar soup.

  198. Totally would make some luscious lobster bisque.

  199. Definitely would make Roasted Tomato Basil Soup.

  200. i would definitely make some tomato soup – wish i could have some on this snowy sunday!

  201. I would make butternut squash soup.

  202. If I had this immersion blender, I would totally make some amazing bad for you milkshake creation!

  203. broccoli cheese soup!! or tomato basil soup. def soup though. even though it’s 70 degrees here right now (at 7:30pm) its winter dangit!!

  204. Congrats on three years!! And thank you for hosting this giveaway!! :) I would hands down be making baby food for my little girl. So much better than store bought and can control what is in the food she eats!!

  205. Pesto!

  206. I would make pumpkin bisque soup….and also blend my marinara sauce since my hubby prefers it smooth, not chunky.

  207. I see some creamed soups in my future.

  208. Man oh man! Those look so good! I would make these brownies if I got that awesome gadget!!! :)

  209. I would make a mint pesto hollandaise sauce for roast rack of lamb.

  210. I would make roasted tomato soup! With a grilled cheese, of course :)

  211. Brownies look delish! Is the giveaway only for residents of the US?

  212. The first thing I would make is tomato bisque!

  213. If I won I would make a batch of creamy, YUMMY, Caramelized Onion Dip! The size of the hand blender’s bowl is perfect for a few servings of this dip that is to DIE for!

  214. I would make homemade Orange Julius!

  215. Homemade applesauce for my kids, yogurt smoothies, fresh pesto, fresh peanut or almond butter, hummus, butternut squash and carrot soup, fresh salsa, shredded carrot raisin slaw, cream of broccoli soup, banana chocolate chip muffins, oatmeal raisin pancake batter……..I could do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!

  216. Oh, I’d try making butter…my arms are getting tired from shaking the jars!

  217. I would probably make some applesauce.

  218. Those brownies, of course!

  219. I tweeted. twitter name is rizzogurl

  220. I would totally try making those delicious brownies! :o)

  221. I would make edamame hummus! And smoothies!

  222. I would use it to make homemade pasta sauce…or applesauce…mmm possibilities are endless!

  223. roasted garlic hummus! Yum

  224. I’d TRY to make my grandmother’s famous chocolate cake ! It might take a few tries though :)

  225. I would make marinara, I’ve been avoiding it because my hand blender twists apart when I try to use it.

  226. I tweeted!

  227. I would make soup!!

  228. I would make gooey butter cake! :)

  229. I would make an awesome frozen coffee!

  230. Those brownies look amazingly fantastic! Definitely trying those out soon!

    I would make… ALL THE THINGS! maybe hummus. or salsa. I’m just not sure!

  231. I would make a smoothy with local berries and almonds

  232. what an awesome recipe and giveaway… brownies are my thing also… LOVE a great fudgy brownie with a thin crust top… yumm… have some awesome recipes, but would like to try this one, only change the flour… hopefully it doesnt change the texture too much.
    If I miraculously won this set of kitchen extravaganza accessories, I would first try cashew butter… then hummus,… then butternut squash soup… ohhhh so many things… I know I would use it daily…
    Cathy B*****y pbprojecthope at yahoodotcom

  233. I’d make those brownies … duh! :)

  234. Man, I saw this on the kitchenaid page on facebook and I would LOVE to win this! I’ve wanted one for ages. There are so many things I’d make with this, I’d probably start with some type of soup, perhaps potato soup. Yum! =)

  235. I would use this to make my Grandmoms best gravy recipe!

    avalenti6936 at yahoo dot com

  236. I tweeted to my followers about your giveaway!!/MandaPanda428/status/162342275987410944

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    avalenti6936 at yahoo dot com

  237. I would make some yogurt poppyseed dressing. . Thank you.

  238. I tweeted about the giveaway. Wonderful giveaway!!!!/sandyb720/status/162364344045277185

  239. I would make some butternut squash soup with the blender.

  240. I would make a milkshake:) Old fashioned.

  241. I just made these for Superbowl, and they are AMAZING. I am way behind on posting to my blog, but I will certainly linkback to you when I post about my superbowl menu. They are my new favorite. Thank you!!

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  244. I would make those raspberry chocolate ganache Macarons. I remember when I lived in Colorado Springs, there was this French bakery/restaurant and they had petit fours and Macarons and I always wondered how they could make something so heavenly. I saw your recipe last night and want to make this for my mom. I also, shared on my twitter account. Thank you for the most amazing sounding recipes. I can’t wait to go shopping for the ingredients. The mixer would be great too, but good old fashioned human power will have to do. :)

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