National Coffee Day Giveaway

That’s right.

Another coffee-related giveaway this week.

Did you know today is National Coffee Day? Are you celebrating? I am.

I got some samples of the new Starbucks Blonde Roast last week and I tried my Blonde Roast K-cups in my Keurig this week at work. The verdict? I loved it! It’s not too dark and is really well balanced.

I will still always have locally roasted, whole beans to use most days, but this is definitely one of the most well-balanced pre-ground coffees I’ve tried in a long time.

Two people will win a Starbucks Gift Package, which includes:

– A mug

– A sample of Blonde Roast coffees


To Enter:

Leave a comment with your favorite way to start your morning.


For an extra entry:

Tweet how you’re celebrating National Coffee Day, using #StarbucksBlonde and let me know you did!


I’ll pick the winners next Thursday – good luck!


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  1. i start my day with a workout and then a big egg white omelet. and coffee with a shot of chocolate syrup mixed in.

  2. a cup of joe is my favorite way to start my morning. my husband always wakes up before me and makes French press coffee!

  3. with coffee of course! plus cereal. yum.

  4. I like to scroll through my googlereader while I’m still in bed.

  5. Starbucks. Just wish I could afford to have it more often!

    Kashi cereal is standard- Never get sick of it.

  6. Fresh coffee is my favorite way to start my morning!

  7. Workout shower coffee!!

  8. My favorite way to start my morning is with a little blog reading and some yummy coffee! =)

  9. National Coffee Day?!?! I had no idea! However, I cannot tell you a day that did not start with coffee lately. My favorite way to start the day is on the weekends… pancake saturday!

  10. My favorite way to start my day is getting up earlier than the hubs and the dog and crocheting on the couch because I lo be how excited they are to see me when they come out

  11. My favorite way to start the day is with a little alone time before my babies get up.

  12. Favorite way to start the morning? Big cup of coffee and blogs! :) Happy National Coffee Day!

  13. Favorite way to start the day is with an egg sandwich and a piping hot cup of coffee!

  14. The ONLY way I can start my morning is with coffee. And breakfast of course!

  15. Coffee, breakfast and blog reading. It keeps me sane.

  16. And I tweeted! :)

  17. I love to do yoga in the morning :)

  18. Coffee and blogs. :)

  19. I like to read blogs while eating breakfast.

  20. My favorite way to start the a.m. is by having coffee and Greek yogurt with granola mixed in.

  21. Run, hot shower, then coffee and breakfast!

  22. My mornings were changed for the better when I discovered Starbucks Ice Coffee Via. I LOVE my coffee cold, and the lightly sweetened ice Via mix is faster and easier than brewing hot coffee and then watering it down with tons of ice.

    Every morning I fill a Magic Bullet cup with water and ice Via mix, add just a touch of natural, low fat vanilla creamer and three ice cubes. Then I tap it down on the Magic Bullet for three seconds and I have super delicious freezing cold coffee. Unfortunately, the ice Via mix is hard to find in the winter time, so I pretty much buy a box of it whenever I see it.

  23. I started my morning with two Starbucks travel mugs full of creamy coffee- I guess my instincts knew it was National Coffee Day?! :D A warm cup of coffee is my fave way to jump start my day!

  24. I’ve been really curious about this blonde roast (they must be doing a good job marketing it!). I start my day off by making my bed. It’s the first thing I do, and it always sets the tone for an organized, thoughtful and put-together day. (may sound cliche – but it’s true!)

  25. Gotta start the day with coffee…and a yogurt for breakfast.

    Love that Starbucks!

  26. Coffee, the newspaper and the Today show!

  27. Everyday I start out stumbling to my Keurig. Once I get some coffee in my system and write my daily blog. Perfect way to start everyday!

  28. Brushing my teeth is a must or else I get cranky! Afterward, I always have a cup of milk :)

  29. My favorite way to start my day is getting up my baby girl: She’s always in an awesome mood in the morning. It’s the best way too start the day ever!! :)

  30. Coffee and a muffin at a coffee shop is my favorite way to start the morning.

    Love the giveaway!!!!!!!!

  31. My favourite way to start the day is to stay in my pajamas, make coffee, and spend as long as I can reading through my Google Reader and blogs before I do anything else … Unfortunately, that doesn’t get to happen too often!

  32. Tweet, tweet!!/windyphillips/status/160023153752551424

    Yum, coffee. I think coffee should get more than one day…hee.

  33. I’ve been curious about the Blonde Roast! I love the name, and see the packages every time I go in there. My favorite way to start the day is enjoying a leisurely breakfast and coffee while reading the paper and checking my email.

  34. I started my day today with Starbucks’ Medium Roast House Blend!

  35. I start my day with a cup of coffee and baked oatmeal.

  36. Coffee and my google reader!

  37. i love to get up first thing and work out…followed by breakfast! :)

  38. i start my day with taking the dog outside, hot shower, hot coffee and cereal while i watch the news, second doggie break, and then i walk to work.

  39. always a cup of coffee or two, breakfast and then off with my day.

  40. my favorite way to start the day is with coffee, oatmeal, and sitting in a sunny spot reading the news.

  41. I start my day with coffee, of course! I’d love to try this new blonde roast.

  42. My favorite way to start the day is curled up on the couch with a steaming cup of cofee and no place to go :)

  43. I’m so excited that today’s National Coffee Day! A good excuse to drink more coffee, right? ;)

    My favorite way to start the morning is a nice long run with my dog and then a bowl of cereal and fruit with a hot mug of coffee!

  44. I usually start the day with my french press and reading foodie blogs :)

  45. I start with my travel tumbler of black coffee (spill proof!) for the car ride and generally have to refill by 10am!

  46. i always start my morning with coffee!!

  47. my favorite way to start my morning is with a big mug of coffee while reading a book! the reading a book part hardly ever happens, but coffee is ALWAYS part of my morning routine.

  48. I always start my morning with a cup of coffee, preset the night before so that it’s ready when I get up for my morning devotions. Sometime’s I’ll treat myself on Fridays with Starbucks visit.

  49. I start my morning with a workout…then a cup of coffee.

  50. With a workout! Honestly, I love 5:30 AM spin classes!

  51. Definitely with a large mug of coffee! Yum!

  52. I roll out of bed, wash my face, and take my beagle on a walk! Then comes the coffee–

  53. Large cup of coffee, small bowl of oatmeal. Yum!!

  54. I tweeted. Twitter name is rizzogurl.

  55. I like to start the day by sitting down at my computer with a cup of coffee and catching up on emails, news, and blog posts!

  56. I start my morning with a trip to the gym, a shower and a strong cup of coffee!

  57. I love to start the day with yoga!

  58. I start my day with coffee.
    wrotek5 (at) gmail (dot) com

  59. Coffee coffee coffee! Every morning!

  60. with a hot cup of black coffee, of course!

  61. My favorite way to start a day is with a warm breakfast and a good workout

  62. I love to start my day with a big fluffy robe and a mug of piping hot coffee… usually this occurs on saturday mornings only….

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

  63. tweet-!/CrazyItalian0/status/160390837178613761

  64. A bowl of honey nut cheerios! lol. Ive had this for the past 20+ years!

  65. My favorite way to start the day is opening the blinds to watch the sun come up while snuggling in bed with my baby.

  66. Ohh I’ve been wanting to try the Starbucks blonde!! My favorite way to start the day is with a good cup of coffee and a yummy breakfast!

  67. I start my morning lying in and thinking about the good moments that await me today. :)

  68. I like to read my stuff on my reader, when our pup figures out I’m awake I’ll scoop her up and snuggle/play for a few before getting up and get coffee. When everyone is out the door, second cup with breakfast.

  69. I celebrated coffee day by having a coffee drink in the pm to warm up, winter has hit.

  70. my favorite way to start the morning is coffee and oatmeal with my bible and some Jesus time!! :)

  71. My favorite way to start my mornings is to chug a bottle of water and sit down with a hot cup of black coffee and do a crossword. So relaxing.

  72. A big breakfast and a cup of coffee!

  73. My favorite way to start my day is with exercise.

  74. I cannot function without a cup of coffee with cream and splenda.

  75. My favorite way to start the morning is with a cup of coffee, with steamed soymilk :) and a delicious breakfast involving an over easy egg somehow!

  76. i start my morning with my coffee and a shower

  77. A nice hot shower!

  78. The smell of fresh brewed coffee and a long, steamy Irish Spring shower gets me going.

  79. I cannot function without a cup of coffee with cream and splenda.

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