Coffee Love + Keurig Giveaway!

Coffee does something to my soul. It is not just a warm morning drink or an afternoon pick-me-up.

Coffee, the process, soothes me; the smell is irresistible, toasty, warm, balanced.

I love how, on weekend mornings, we get to slow down for breakfast.

No alarm clocks, waking up to a late rising sun streaming through the windows, a cuddly puppy begging to go out. We sit and talk, putter around the kitchen starting the coffee, mixing biscuits or pancakes or eggs.

Weekends are the best, aren’t they? Everything seems better. Simpler. Easier. More fun.

But…I still love my coffee on weekdays, too. Nick and I don’t get to sit around and drink our java with homemade biscuits + jam, but I love my morning cup of coffee.

During the week, we don’t normally have time to make coffee at home, so I make my own when I get to work.

Instead of making a big pot in the office, I make single cups, just for me, with the coffee I love in my Keurig.

I love being able to choose what flavor I want that day, and making just one cup at a time makes a better cup of coffee than using a larger 12-cup brewer, for sure.

And since I’m still celebrating 3 years of blogging, I want to share the coffee love with one of you!

I’ve got a Keurig Special Edition to giveaway – this is the exact model I have, and I love having it at work. It’s now my favorite part of my office!


To enter:

Leave a comment telling me your favorite, go-to, will always have in your kitchen brand of coffee.


I’ll pick the winner on Monday! Good luck!




  1. I am obsessed with the Pumpkin Spice K-cups. I know they are a limited addition so I stocked up (I mean 3 HUGE boxes from Costco) and it’s lasting me through the winter. :) My Keurig just broke so this would be a wonderful giveaway to win. :)

  2. I always have the tassimo coffee in my cabinets, but I have always wanted a Keurig for all of the different flavors! I always have a hazelnut flavor of the regular grounds for the percolator too!

  3. I love dunkin donuts! I used to have it all the time on the east coast, but now that I’ve moved to the west, I have to make my own!

  4. I love einstein’s vanilla hazelnut!

  5. I’m not too loyal to any one brand of coffee. I needed a lot to get me through college and med school, so I just started buying whatever was on sale. I’ve refined my taste a bit since then , but I still switch around a lot!

  6. I’ll be honest – I’m not a huge coffee drinker, so I don’t have a go-to brand, but I’ve heard great things about the Keurig model and the flavors. Pretty sure I’d become a coffee drinker if it was so easy!

  7. la colombe coffee is amazing!

  8. What an amazing giveaway! We always buy Starbucks sumatra. We love dark rich coffee.

  9. I love love Dunkin’ On the go, at home with grounds, and now in single brew K-Cups at the office–I’m a true fan. Having one of these for home would be awesome!

    Congrats on the blogiversary!

  10. I really like target brand coffee! They have so many different fun flavors like pumpkin spice and s’mores.

  11. I like Maxwell House. really. when i want to splurge, i buy Dunkin Donuts coffee

  12. Dark roast, French roast – brand is not as important as a BOLD coffee!

  13. Starbucks coffee all the way :D

  14. My parents always drank Maxwell House, so I always have that at home. That said, I LOVE that the Keurig in my office at work has so many different flavored K-Cups, my favorite being the Nantucket Blend.

  15. I love Green Mountain Coffee! Breakfast Blend is my go-to, but I also love their flavored varieties!

  16. At Christmas time, there was a French Toast and Gingerbread flavor that I loved!! My “cubicle” neighbor had a Keurig but he found another job before Christmas. Now I have K Cups and no coffee pot to use them. :(

    Congratulations on the anniversary.

  17. I actually love Dunkin Donuts brand coffee.Only the kind you get at their donut stores though….the grocery store DD stuff is not the same! I also strangely love 7-11’s blueberry hill coffee. It is so good!!

  18. Congratulations on the three years! Thank you for feeding me so well :) I must have Caribou Coffee….although, Archer Farms (Target brand) has a salty caramel flavor that is quite, quite good!

  19. I love going to my boyfriend’s place because he has a Keurig and a cupboard full of delicious K-cups to choose from! I’ve been loving the Christmas flavours lately with Spicy Eggnog and Gingerbread, but I also love Cinnamon Pastry by Timothy’s – they make most of my favourites!

  20. I am loving the new Starbucks Blonde Roast!

  21. We may not always have it, but my favorite is definitely Hammerhead. It’s fair-trade and organic, and every year they sponsor I bike ride I do to raise money for ALS research and support. Not only is the coffee great, but they are wonderful people as well!

  22. I am going to have to say Einstein’s coffee, and definitely their dark roast!

  23. gotta be starbucks dark roast. especially when it’s on sale with a coupon at costco!

  24. i LOVE dunkin donuts coffee! especially their seasonal flavors ;) so good!

  25. I beleive foldgers has always been great !

  26. I like a yummy, rich cup hailing from Costa Rica or Guatemala – usually we grab the whole beans from a local coffee shop in town.

  27. I have been buying the flavored coffee from CostPlus and love it. I would love a Keurig because I frequently just end up drinking the cheap stuff my husband drinks because it’s easier than brewing another pot. My sister has one and I it is heaven when I visit her having fun new flavors every day. She even took me to the store where they sell singles and I picked out my coffee for the week-awesome.

  28. Trader Joe’s coffee. Definitely. I LOVE their Gingerbread coffee at Christmastime and their Blue Moon the rest of the year!

  29. i really hope I win this! i’ve been wanting a keurig for so long!!

    My go-to coffee BRAND doesn’t matter- but I do enjoy a good hazelnut regardless of the brand.

  30. Starbucks we always have Starbucks around here

  31. Believe it or not- 8 oclock!!!! Loveeee coffee

  32. I love the fresh market coffee seasonal blends!

  33. Oh man, I NEED this! I love classic Cuban “Cafe Bustelo.” Inexpensive and so yummy.

  34. I love the donut shop coffee! I think it is just right! Thanks for the chance to win:)

    gina.m.maddox AT gmail DOT com

  35. We either have Starbucks or Boston Stoker (local brand). I love my coffee! Great giveaway!

  36. Dunkin Donuts up in my house!

  37. Congrats on the three years, my dear!

    My favorite coffee that always needs to be in my house is Dunkin’. I’m obsessed.

  38. Dunkin Donuts in our house!

  39. I don’t drink coffee actually, but I am a huge tea drinker and I make sure I always have chai tea. I love the spices and with a little milk added… YUMMY!

  40. Favorite coffee is probably Starbucks’ Natural Infusions flavors. I like how the flavors are there, but not overpowering. And when it’s on sale, just as cheap as most of the other decent brands!

  41. I love the green mountain dark magic roast!

  42. I always want to have Starbucks on hand….soooooo good!

  43. I haven’t always had coffee in my pantry but right now I have a hazelnut and a San Francisco one.

  44. Okay-so I am 58 years old and don’t drink coffee. BUT have started drinking cappucino and can’t get thru the day without it. I find myself going to bed-excited to wake up the next morning for my cappucino. This would be a wonderful way to learn new tastes and expand my likes even at 58 years old!!!!

  45. My husband and I love Dunkin Donuts!

  46. Dunkin and Starbucks, always always!

  47. I know this might sound extremely boring but my favorite go to right now is just a simple cup of Folger’s Dark Roast. Maybe if I win the Keurig I will be able to sample some other flavors.

  48. Starbucks is always our go to coffee. so glad they are making K-cups now!!

  49. I love coffee…most any time and any type but on hand at home will always be Folgers medium roast. It’s still my best part of waking up…….I love how the smell of coffee makes me feel, cozy and homey. My coffee pot is set at night so it’s ready for my morning devotions…, God and my cup of coffee. We would love to have a Keurig here at work on those afternoons when you just need a little goodness in the day!!!

  50. I’m not a huge coffee drinker, but I always have Dunkin Donuts on hand for the coffee drinkers in my life!

  51. Surprisingly, as cheap as it may be, I love having Folger’s in my kitchen as a go to. I think it’s because it was the coffee that my aunt and grandma always used to make so it’s the smell I woke up to before going out to do farm work at 5 am. Folger’s just associates a great memory to me :)

  52. local roast only!

  53. I always stock up on the Winter Blend coffee at Trader Joe’s! I buy about 12 cans as soon as it’s in the stores and I sock it away all year. :)

    I would LOVE to win a Keurig, though! I’ve been not so secretly lusting over it for six months, even though I’m pregnant and off the caffeine! :)

  54. My favorite coffee is from Caribou, their Peabody. It’s only available at certain times of the year.

  55. Dunkin’ Donuts is where it’s AT. :-)

  56. Have to start the day off with Dunkin’ Donuts:)

  57. As long as its dark and decaf its good in my book!

  58. *If I win, pick again – I have a Keurig, just wanted to share*
    I buy a different flavor each time my box is low,
    I drink a lot of flavored coffee’s because I drink the coffee black.
    Right now I have Vanilla Biscotti, but I was checking out the Kahlua flavor…that is definitely what’s next!

  59. Dunkin donuts. On the reg. Can’t live without it.

  60. We don’t have a go-to type of coffee in this house, that’s why we need a keurig :P

  61. Hubs and I used to buy expensive fancy coffee but now we just buy Folgers. We go through so much of it! Way better on the budget. Although totally lame. Would love to win this!

  62. Dunkin Donuts original or something dark and foreign from the natural food co-op.Don’t forget the chocolate – love anything mocha!

  63. Folger’s

  64. It used to be Dunkin Donuts but I’ve been reading both here on the comments and elsewhere that Folgers is pretty good. I’ll have to try it.

  65. I buy whatever is on sale! <——- Cheap

  66. folgers medium roast

  67. i love the keurig machine, we got one at work a few months ago. i always have a stash of dark roast pods in my desk, i love Green Mountain the best for all their dark roast flavours. saving a ton of money too not going to starbucks :)

  68. Dunkin Donuts!

  69. My boss got me hooked on this instant coffee from Turkey. It’s rich and creamy without any milk. I add cream, of course!

  70. Well I’m pretty simple when it comes to coffee for right now.. I NEED to experience new flavors, but I love Dunkin donuts original roast coffee. It’s so smooth!

  71. Winter Blend from TJ’s! And, anything toffee or caramel!!

  72. Omg this is the best giveaway ever– I’ve been dying for a Keurig! I don’t have a must-have brand, but I will always have a French or Espresso roast! Yum!

  73. I love hazelnut!

  74. Starbucks Guatemala Antigua is our go-to coffee. It’s always consistent and reasonably priced.

  75. I LOVE coffee, so I’m always switching it up. I love trying new flavors and types of coffee. If I had to choose a brand I would pick Green Mountain Coffee, They always have great flavors :)

  76. oh it’s so hard to choose a favorite kind of coffee – i don’t discriminate. i love it all! right now i am loving some winter starbucks coffees that we got on sale at target. i’m enjoyed caramel this morning.

  77. I get bored of the same flavors, so I change up my coffee pretty regularly. I normally have four or five bags in the freezer and cycle through them daily. So this sounds perfect :)

  78. I love Green Mountain and WaWa. Thanks for the giveaway!

  79. Right now it’s Seattles best level 2. It’s the only coffee the hubs and I both like so we don’t need to keep 2 brands around, lol. I would love a keurig especially since I think the hubs killed our coffee maker this moring when he brewed without putting the basket in, it looks like his mistake might have fried the clock.

  80. I always have Folgers Colombian at my house, but if I want something special, I go for Starbucks Sumatra. Mmmm.

  81. We always used to have Kauai Coffee company’s medium roast in the pantry until we could no longer find it. Now we always have Kirkland’s house blend :)

  82. Organic Coffee Co. Breakfast Blend (Fair trade)…starts my day just right.

  83. I love Starbucks coffee… and chock full o nuts cofee… and 8 o’clock cofee…. I’ve been wanting to get a keurig for EVER, but havn’t been able to fork up the cash just yet!

  84. Definitely Starbucks. :)

  85. I love the Donut Shops brand.

  86. Hi,

    I always have Dunkin Donuts Cinnamon Spice on hand, but also an array
    of other coffees always on hand as well as we are big coffee drinkers. I have wanted a Keurig for some time. It would be such a treat to win! Thanks for the opportunity!

  87. Brandi, I love your site! Beautiful!

    I LOVE my Keirig…in my case, it’s because I can keep changing it up. After almost three years with mine, I don’t think I have a favourite – I just love constantly trying new flavours – usually something with chocolate or caramel in it.

    Regrettably in Canada, we don’t get all of the great flavours that you get…yet.

  88. I love the nespresso brand!! Or any kind of espresso miamm :)

  89. i’m a recent coffee lover, mostly because of the SMELL! i still add lots of cream and sugar :)

  90. Personally i feel Starbucks have no competition but recently there is lot of hype around organo coffee. i’m curious to hear from you folks.

  91. vanilla is always my favorite! it’s classic! and some say boring. but it never gets old to me!

  92. We are coffee fanatics, I’ve already made 3 pots today! I usually buy the breakfast blend from Sam’s club and grind it at home.

  93. I love Dunkin Donuts coffee!

  94. The best part of waking up is FOLGERS in your cuppp! Totes cheesy but I couldn’t help myself ;P Folgers or Green Mountain Coffee are my fave!

  95. I have a crappy old coffee maker on its last leg. Coffee is weak and warm. So EWWWWW! We usually use good old fashioned MH, but when we can we buy Baby’s Coffee out of Key West. Even with the crappy maker, it tastes soooooo good.

  96. Love coffee shops who roast their own! (And sometimes I am lucky enough to get a bag from my parents who also roast their own!)

  97. My go-to is Nescafe instant coffee packets..I know…not classy/fancy/incredibly delicious but so easy. Definitely could use a keurig instead ;)

  98. My husband LOOOVVVES the Kona K-Cups but I like the Reusable K-Cup. I can make just about anything in there!

  99. I love nestle dulce gusto macchiato!

  100. As a New England girl, I love Dunkin’ Donuts!

  101. Love that Dunkin’ Donuts coffee!!

  102. I absolutely love the Trader Joe’s blends of coffee. They are always so good! I would love a keurig for my classroom!

  103. I love Starbucks Pike place roast k-cups. It reminds me of my time in Seattle.

  104. I love Peet’s French Roast or Dunkin Donuts Mocha Mint with a couple tablespoons of hot cocoa powder. Yum.

  105. Target brand coffee is the best! So many different flavors to suit each mood and tastebuds!

  106. Dunkin Donuts is perfect – nice and mild!

  107. My family owns a coffee company in costa rica so that HAS to be my favorite and its amazingly delicious and flavorful!

  108. I’m a maxwell house kind of girl. But, I do like the flavored ones too, no particular brand when it comes to flavored ones :) if it smells good, I’ll buy it & try it :)

  109. My husband actually roasts his own beans (he gets green beans from a supplier called Sweet Maria’s) – so I’ll have to say his! :)

  110. I always have either Caribou coffee or Starbucks!!

  111. We don’t have a Keurig so our go to brand of coffee is Illy. It’s full bodied and so flavorful. I do like k-cups though, especially the Newman’s Own bold coffee! Great giveaway!

  112. I love the Newman’s bold for the keurig as well, but for a big pot I brew a blend of Dunkin Decaf and a bit of IKEA dark roast. Seriously! I can’t make a pot of coffee without blending two types of grinds.

  113. I love me some dunkin donuts. perfect everytime time!

  114. I always have Trader Joe’s coffee in my pantry. I usually try to pick one of the organic fair trade blends.

  115. My go-to coffee is the Big S. Yes, I’m a Starbucks girl. I also loved Seattle’s Best when I lived in Austin, TX (it was more readily available there). Here on the East Coast Starbucks is my tried-and-true. Generally only the Medium and Bold blends for me! Thanks for the fab giveaway!

  116. My go to coffee is Starbucks we always have it at our house… Thank you for the giveaway

  117. I’ve heard such great things about Keurigs! I love how you make just what you need.

    I always have Starbucks in my kitchen!

  118. My favorite coffee is Ethiopia Harar Longberry. So versatile. Love the aroma, taste and after feeling.

  119. My favorite coffee will always be the Trader Joe’s cocoa coffee. It has a hint of cocoa powder in the coffee grounds. It’s like having a mocha every morning!

  120. I love Gevalia coffee. So good and they ship it right to your house!!

  121. i love my dunkin donuts original blend, but i love all coffee and will drink what i have!

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  123. I usually switch up brands, but I always prefer flavoured coffees like french vanilla and hazelnut…I also have a dark chocolate flavour that I’m drinking right now that I love!

  124. We keep Starbucks around!

  125. I love Don Francisco coffee!

  126. Definitely Dunkin Donuts!

  127. My go to coffee cup is Green Mountain’s Dark Magic. The robust taste that is brings makes for a very pleasant and peaceful morning! Green Mountain rules!

  128. I love Starbucks coffee! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  129. I love a flavor named Jamaica Me Crazy!

  130. I’ve always loved Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. I don’t have a favorite blend because I’m like to switch it up but I definitely stay in the “milds”.

  131. Hey Brandi. Love your Blog! I don’t have a Keurig but love the idea of the simplicity of it :-)

    Like you, coffee (teas and sometimes cocoas too) does something to me. It’s a must have everyday (the must have is probably the caffiene addition talking, oh well :-P).

    A regular go-to in our home is Original Donut Shop Medium Roast. Yum! Think I’ll go make a cup now.

  132. my husband likes nescafe thanks

  133. Dunkin’ Donuts is my favorite brand for sure!

  134. I like a Millstone Cinnamon Hazelnut for a special cup,my everyday is either Trader Joes mellow or Dunkin Donuts Turbo.

  135. I have to have Folger’s Vanilla Biscotti Kcups. Too delicious!


  136. Boston’s Best flavored coffee is my go-to coffee. It’s only $4 for a 12oz bag and the flavors are so good.

  137. Any Green Mountain kcups are great to have around :)

  138. Folgers or Maxwell House can usually be found in my kitchen.

  139. I think I need to add Starbucks to my list!!

  140. Dunkin’ Donuts is the go-to in our house! Oh we would love this so much!

  141. Dunkin Donuts coffee will always be a staple in my home. Yum!

  142. My family lives in Costa Rica so they send us coffee. We always have the local brand: Volio in the house.

  143. Our typical everyday coffee is Maxwell House or the Smooth blend coffee from Trader Joe’s. I would love to win a Keurig to try the Donut shop flavor.

  144. I love a smooth coffee, & Dunkin Donuts fits the bill! But, after reading the posts, there seems to be a lot of flavors that I’m missing.

  145. Where I live (Columbus, OH) we have this local roaster, Stauf’s… I love their coffee!

  146. I know you already probably picked a winner, but EVERYONE must try Barnie’s Santa’s White Christmas. It is Christmas in a cup and is my ALL TIME fave!

  147. Starbucks, but I LOVE tea the most and apple cider. :)

  148. First time I tried keurig k-cup coffee was in 2007 at an office that I was working. Loved it, so I said I have to get one of those for me, which I did get one!. At my house we drink dark magic- extra bold by green mountain for my husband, caramel vanilla by green mountain for me and french vanilla- also by green mountain, my daughter likes the geen mountain hot chocolate and now love the new Swiss k-cup hot chocolate. Once in a while I do get the variety mix flavor coffee, just for funn. I love keurig, is the best way of making cofee. When I tell people that I have one at home, I tell them that is not because I’m lazy, is because when making coffee is less messy and you can brew the amount you want. P.S. their camomile tea is perfect when you want to relax.

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