3 Years and Counting + Giveaway!

On Saturday, I officially hit 3 years of blogging.

3 years! That’s a long time.

In 3 years, I finally learned how to make my own bread. I canned jam and green beans, and put away tomatoes for the winter. I stayed up way too late putting posts together, typed more words than I thought I would, and broke multiple computers in the process.

I was going to post on Saturday, but I was pretty busy cuddling my nephews.

Family > blogging, always.

But I do want to say thanks. I honestly can’t imagine what my life would be without blogging. I have made incredible friends, gained an insane amount of random food knowledge, and have stretched myself into someone that I never though I would be.

Thank you for reading, for commenting, for emailing when you try a recipe, for baking bread, for making cookies, for sharing food with your family and friends, for bringing a smile to my face every day.

Since I missed my own anniversary, I thought I would start this week with a giveaway from one of my favorite companies!

Stonyfield is one brand that is always in my fridge. I eat their yogurt – either regular or Oikos – almost every afternoon, I use it for baking, I use it in smoothies.

In fact, I just came up with a new recipe using Stonyfield yogurt and Peanut Butter & Co White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter!

You can get the recipe (and vote for me!) here – plus, if you vote, you can enter to win a prize pack of your own.

Thankfully, they want to share the love with one of you. I’ve got an awesome prize pack to giveaway to a lucky reader.

The winner will get:

– Stonyfield cookbook
– Preserve items (colander, measuring cup, travel yogurt cup)

– $50 worth of Stonyfield free yogurt coupons
– Oikos apron

To enter:

Leave me a comment telling me your favorite way to use yogurt – that’s it!

Want another entry?

Take a second to vote for my recipe entry in the Nutty About Yogurt contest, and get yourself a chance to win a prize pack, too! Then just come back here and let me know you voted!


I’ll pick the winner on Thursday – good luck!


  1. Congratulations on 3 years of blogging! I love making fruit, yogurt, and granola parfaits!

  2. Congrats girl! 3 wonderful years for you is quite an accomplishment! My favorite thing to do with yogurt is to make big fruit/yogurt/granola bowls for breakfast!

  3. Love mixed with Granola or in muffins

  4. voted for you and congrats on 3 years

  5. Congratulations!!
    I just like to eat it plain….or in smoothies….or on top of fruit…..or in oatmeal….or on pancakes…..I guess I love yogurt!!

  6. Happy blog birthday!I totally missed mine last year! And my four year is coming up in March- crazy! I love your blog! I LOVE yogurt in parfaits! <3 <3

  7. Plain or with granola. Congratulations on your anniversary!

  8. I love putting yogurt in my smoothies!

  9. I voted for you.

  10. I love making yogurt pops and smoothies!

  11. Happy anniversary!

    I like yogurt with granola for breakfast. Yum!

  12. i love just eating it with fruit and berries or baking it into sweet breads and pancakes!

  13. You have done so much growing in the last three years! Can’t wait to hear about the next three! Contests! My yogurt doesn’t usually get a chance to be used in baked goods, because I love to eat it plain or with some granola on top as a snack or for dessert.

  14. I love to eat yogurt in yogurt pies! It is my favorite way. I will eat it plain too, but love the tang it gives to creamy pies.

  15. I was on the contest website and loved your recipe, which is what brought me here! Not original, but I love yogurt with fruit and granola. The fruit choice comes in waves. Right now I’m stuck on pomegranate seeds!

  16. i love eating yogurt in a “parfait-like” way…with fresh fruit toppings and granola!

  17. i like to use it in muffins or baked goods as a butter substitute! i also like it with granola!

  18. congrats on 3 yrs of blogging. already voted for you. i use yogurt all the time both in baking and in just plain eating plain, or w/ some fruit &/or a bit of granloa.

  19. Happy Anniversary! My favorite way to use yogurt…I just like to eat it with some slivered almonds and splenda

  20. Whoa, three years! Hard to believe..time flies, huh? My favorite way to use yogurt is pretty boring, but it’s in “semi-overnight” oatmeal. Basically, half cooked oatmeal with yogurt mixed in. It has the consistency of overnight oats with a little more volume.

  21. Congrats! You’re an inspiring gal.
    My new fave is mixing it with my baby’s food…his fave is mixed with homemade applesauce!

  22. I like yogurt in smoothies

  23. Congrats Brandi! You have a great blog. My fav way to eat yogurt is with fruit. The Greek kind is my favorite. Thanks for the giveaway chance.

  24. I like yogurt for breakfast with fruit in it. I also like it in baking.

  25. my favorite way to eat yogurt is with oats!! I love greek yogurt!

  26. Congrats on 3 years! I just love Vanilla Oikos with some chopped up almonds and blueberries!

  27. I love plain oikos with fresh fruit and chopped nuts. I also like to bulk up my oatmeal with it.

  28. I love using yogurt instead of sour cream! It’s healthier and it tastes so similar. You can’t even tell the difference.

  29. I like making smoothies with it. :-) Happy Anniversary!

  30. Oh, and I voted for you. :-) Hope you win!!!

  31. I just love eating yogurt. Happy Anniversary!

  32. Congrats on 3 years! I’m just coming up on one year next month.

    I love to use yogurt in my smoothies :)

  33. Congrats on 3 years!!!

    My favorite non-traditional way to use yogurt is as a replacement for sour cream and mayo. I put it on chili, baked potatoes, and in my chicken salad. Absolutely delicious, and so much healthier!

  34. Congratulations on 3 years. My favorite way to use yogurt is to put it in the freezer and let it get almost frozen then eat it like icecream.

  35. I love overnight oats. The most fulfilling breakfast ever

  36. I like it blended with a frozen banana – very froyo esq

  37. Fruit and Yogurt parfaits are my favorite!

  38. Love your blog and can’t wait to read it every morning. Yep it is tagged as a favorite!
    I use yogurt in making my brownies. I would love to win your give away.
    And congratulations on your blogging. You are great!!

  39. Congrats on your 3 years of blogging! I’d have to say my favorite way to use yogurt is just to eat it straight up… or with fruit and granola!

  40. I have to pick just one? Well…I recently starting making yogurt-fruit smoothies for breakfast. Such a refreshing way to start the day!

  41. Congratulations on your 3 years!! My favorite way to use yogurt is in a smoothie or to cool down a spicy dish. Yummy!

  42. Wow, three years!! I remember reading a few months after you started :)

  43. Congrats on 3 years!

  44. congrats on 3 years–i love reading your blog and know you have more exciting things to come (like that BOOK!)

    my fave use of yogurt is simple–yogurt + banana + granola!

  45. Happy blogiversary! That’s awesome :D I love using it in smoothies or just with fruit and granola :)

  46. I love using yogurt to replace fats (i.e. sour cream, etc.) to make baked goods healthier.

  47. Happy anniversary! I like to use yogurt in savory items like dips and spreads.

  48. I love using yogurt in my smoothies! Makes them so rich a creamy… YUMMY!

  49. I am so boring, but my favorite way to use yogurt is straight up! Well, I do almost always mix in a high fiber cereal, a little, fruit, and some cinnamon!

  50. I also voted for you in the Nutty About Yogurt Contest.

  51. I have already voted for your recipe!

  52. Wow, those pb&j rolls look amazing – yum!!
    My favorite way to use yogurt at the moment is swirled into butternut squash soup…the tang of plain yogurt is the perfect complement to the sweet squash in the soup, yum!

  53. Fave way- good ‘ole yogurt+granola+fruit- love all the textures. And, for baked goods! I can’t wait to make your new recipe!

  54. Happy 3! My favorite way to use yogurt is to swirl it into oats :-)

  55. Congratulations on three years of fabulous blogging!! :D My favorite way to eat yogurt is mixing it with fresh ripe mango, granola, and blueberries. I also like using it in place of sour cream on tacos :)

  56. And I voted for you too! Your recipe looks delicious :D

  57. happy 3 years of blogging! <3<3<3

  58. Happy blog birthday :)
    And my favorite way to use yogurt is as an afternoon snack with some sliced almonds or granola mixed in.

  59. Congrats and Happy Birthday to your Blog :-)

    My favorite way to eat yogurt is straight up with some fresh fruit and granola mixed in.

  60. Loveeee it mixed with Strawberry granola, and white chocolate pb :)

  61. happy blogiversary to you! i voted for your recipe… it looks really good:)
    i use greek yogurt as a substitute for sour cream. the fat free version is way better than f.f. sour cream!

  62. I’d love to try using yogurt to bake! Currently, my fave way to use it is for cereal yogurt bowl messes :D

  63. P.S. I already voted for you last week!!!

  64. i love using yogurt in place of sour cream on tacos and enchiladas!

  65. Congrats Brandi! Keep the good stuff coming. My favorite way to use yogurt is in cream sauces in place of sour cream, cream cheese and/or mayo.

  66. I love yogurt in citrus fruit yogurt cakes!

  67. Happy Blog Birthday, Brandi! A year and a half ago you’re blog was one of the first “food blogs” I discovered and is still one of my favorites! :-D

    As for the giveaway, my favorite way to use yogurt is as a butter substitute in baking and as a healthy, protein packed snack mixed with fruit and granola! :-D

  68. Congrats on your three-year anniversary!! That’s something to really be proud of! My favorite way to use yogurt is to keep it basic and put granola and honey in it!

  69. I like using it to make smoothies.

  70. My favorite way to use yogurt is as a dip for fruit!

  71. mixed with salsa and eaten with chips!

  72. Congrats on three years! I feel the same way about blogging. I never imagined it would take me this far!
    I love yogurt on fruit and in oatmeal. Yum!

  73. Happy 3 years Brandi! I’m happy to say I’ve been reading almost that long :)

    I voted for your recipe, I need to find a way to make it gluten-free and then eat it!

  74. Favorite way to use yogurt? As a dessert with fruit. I love it!

  75. Oh wow, congratulations on 3 delicious years! I’m so glad to have stumbled upon your blog, and so glad that you keep it up. What a delight your posts are to read, and I can’t wait to see all the fun and tasty stuff you come up with in many years to come.

    Also! My favorite way to use yogurt is as a sweet dessert! Every night before I go to bed I eat plain or Greek yogurt mixed with a mashed banana and roughly a metric ton of cinnamon. Mmm… dessert.

  76. And also! I voted, and hope you win!

  77. Congrats on 3 years! What a milestone!

  78. Although I have started to put it in my smoothies, I like it just as it is. I usually eat yogurt as part of my lunch most days.

  79. I love it in smoothies or just topped with fruit and granola for breakfast. it’s my go-to for mornings.

  80. My favorite way to use yogurt is to eat it straight up-especially strawberry and vanilla flavors. I love how creamy it is!

  81. I voted in the contest! Your PB&J rolls sounds tasty, and I love that the ingredients are so normal :)

  82. Voted, duh! That cake looks so good.

  83. I’ve been eating vanilla yogurt on chocolate cake recently. Love!

  84. I love to use yogurt in smoothies

  85. wow, congratulations on 3 years of blogging!!!

    i eat yogurt in my overnight oats most days! i also love a side of plain yogurt with some honey or a scoop of jam in it as a snack.

  86. Happy anniversary! I love yogurt in smoothies.

  87. Love yogurt in biscuits instead of oil!

  88. Congrats on 3 years! I enjoy yogurt in bread. I made a loaf this past weekend and loved it!

  89. I love using yogurt in smoothies!

  90. Happy blogging anniversary! :)

    My favorite way to eat yogurt is pretty simple: I love vanilla flavored Greek yogurt with a small handful of chocolate chips. I eat it for dessert a few nights a week; yum!

  91. Yogurt smoothies are my favorite.

  92. I voted.

  93. I love yogurt for breakfast, especially topped with bananas and granola. I also like it as a dip for apples!

  94. I also voted for you – what a creative recipe!

  95. In a yogurt mess. You can’t beat the original ;)

  96. Sprinkled with cereal and fruit– the old-fashioned way!

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  98. Voted!

  99. I have a boring response here but my favourite way to use yogurt is simply in a big bowl with granola and fruit! In the fall though, I loved mixing pumpkin puree and pumpkin spices into vanilla yogurt for a homemade pumpkin yogurt – delicious!

  100. I also voted for you!

  101. I love to use it in overnight oats!!

  102. I love to have yogurt with a cucumber and tomato salad.

  103. I love draining plain yougurt into a more solid form. Then I add fresh herbs and spices and make a yogurt spread

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