Best Week Ever, 1/13/2012

On Wednesday this week, Nick and I had to go to court for our hit and run case. That was an experience.

One lady cried, one girl’s excuse for being on the wrong side of the road was that she was eating a yogurt, and another guy was speeding because he had a turkey in the oven. At least the judge was in a good mood and asked him how the turkey turned out. Dry, he said, and the entire courtroom laughed. Not a horrible way to start a Wednesday, I guess.

I have officially perfected my basic brownie recipe and can’t wait to share it. Yum.

My 2012-is-going-to-sparkle resolutions are going well! I’ve painted my nails both weeks so far this month, I wore a new hat this week, broke out some new boots + tights, finished a book and started another, and had happy hour last night with friends and lots of laughs.

My new motto for this year is Sparkle On. Are you in?

This week’s color is OPI Wine Me and Dine Me, one of my favorite fall/winter shades.

I got some new coffee from Starbucks this week (Jenn did a great review at her tasting the other day!) – it’s pretty good for a pre-ground coffee. Nick and I normally grind the beans just before brewing, so ground coffee tastes a bit different to me, but it was well balanced and definitely nice to have on busy mornings.

PS: Are you nosy? (I am)

Do you like to see what’s in other people’s refrigerators? (I do)

Check out my fridge (and some other blogger’s fridges) here!

PPS: Any guesses what I made with these ingredients?

I’m one of 6 food bloggers competing in the Peanut Butter & Co and Stonyfield “Nutty About Yogurt” Recipe Contest! You can check out (and vote) for my recipe here – plus, if you vote, you’ll be entered to win a Peanut Butter & Co and Stonyfield prize pack! And the first 20,000 voters will get coupons from both PB&Co and Stonyfield.

Take a minute and vote? It’s Friday the 13th – I could use all the good luck I can get.


  1. Sounds like an interesting court experience!the brownies look totally perfect-cant wait for the recipe. Have a good one

  2. Those brownies looks ahmazing! Hmmm looks like great ingredients…can’t think of what they’ll make though :)

  3. I just voted!
    I hope you win

    What are you reading?

  4. I had a dream that I gave my boss four containers of nail polish as a Christmas gift. I wonder if it’s a sign.

  5. The brownies look so good!

  6. I voted! Your rolls looked amazing! I also made your farm house bread yesterday and it came out perfect! Great texture, flavor, chew… Everything was wonderful!

  7. I’m all about a sparkly new year (and that OPI color is yummy–soothing & warm & so pretty)! Traffic court is always a doozy, glad you guys got through it!

  8. Those brownies look delicious! For some reason, I’ve never had much luck with brownies in the past, but maybe I’ll try making some again:)

  9. Just voted and excited to use the coupons! Hope your Friday the 13th was filled with lots of luck [not suck] :P

  10. Thank you for the link love (and sorry for the delay), Brandi!

    I love your idea for a sparkly year. I always tell myself I need to paint my nails because they make me smile whenever I do. I’m totally going to jump on your inspiration!

    And those brownies look YUM. :)

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