Best Week Ever, 12/16/11

This week has been a doozy.

Wednesday was one of those days where I wish we could just have just gone back to bed and tried again.

We overslept, were rushing to work, and got rear ended by a lady that drove off after she hit us. So, that was fun. Thankfully, we don’t have too much damage to the car, but still – not the best way to start the day! And the cops caught her, so we did get some good news.

Other than that, the week has been great!

I’ve been practicing guitar every night this week. My fingers are killing me, but it’s fun. I didn’t realize how much I missed it.

I totally forgot to tell you guys about these chicken nuggets we made a few weeks ago. It’s this chik-fil-a copycat recipe – they were really good! And it’s always good to fry stuff in a cast iron pan.

In house news….our master bathroom is mess right now. The shower is ripped out and we’re in the middle of picking what we want for tiles before we start putting the bathroom back together.

Last night, Nick and I cleaned up the dining room after Nick finished the sanding, so now we just have to pick a paint color. Blue? Green? I have no idea yet.


I am completely obsessed with tights right now. I’ve worn a pair every day this week! These polka dot ones are my new favorites. I’m actually hoping it gets a little colder so I can wear them even more.

Bread, bread, and more bread. I’ve got a new recipe to share soon, and it turned out soooooo good.

And finally.

This may be the biggest, most exciting news I will ever share on this little old blog, and I’m still shocked / psyched / terrified about it.

This coming Monday, December 19th, one of my recipes (and a video of me!!) will be on the Dr. Oz show!!!

I. am. totally. freaking. out. In the best way, of course.

Thank you, thank you to all of you for reading and leaving me comments and sending emails every day – it means so much to me, and I’m so happy I get to make up and share recipes with you guys.

Happy Friday!!


  1. woo hoo! can’t wait to watch!

  2. Ahhhh! How cool-congrats!! I am loving tights too. Totally need to try that chickfila recipe-yum

  3. AHHHH that is so exciting girl!!!!!! So proud of you! ;)

  4. I read “best week ever” and I’m thinking yeah, okay, that’s kinda a big statement. But then I got to the end of the post and saw you looking like such a cutie in your beautiful kitchen and then “Dr. Oz.” HOLY COW! Congrats girl! Hopefully you can get us a link so we can all watch :)

  5. Oh my gosh!!! That is SO awesome!!! Congrats! I’m definitely going to DVR it! :)

  6. Woah! Though it started off rough, you sure got this week turned around right fast! Good for you, and mazol tov on being featured by Dr. Oz! You deserve the attention and the credit — enjoy it to the fullest.

  7. Okay…where to begin?!!
    1. Total bummer of a day. Glad they caught the lady though. Who does that?!!
    2. ummm…you play the guitar? How did I not know this?!
    3. YUM.
    4. Can’t wait to see the color!!
    5. Cutest. Tights. Ever!! I can totally see you wearing them.
    6. Nothing to add here. Yeast and I don’t get along.
    7. Holy Shit Balls!!! Seriously?!! And I didn’t get a {phone call – text – email – facebook notice of some freakin’ kind} to alert me to this exciting news?!! Dude, what day? I need to record this episode STAT. I’ve never watched Dr. Oz but I will surely not miss this one.
    8. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo!!!

  8. OH MY GOD!
    I cant wait to see you,
    Im setting a reminder in my phone so I can DVR it!!!!!

  9. 1. Congrats on the show! How exciting!
    2. I have GOT to try those chick-fil-a nuggets soon!
    3. I love the paint colors you’re looking at…very similar to ones we just painted. We just painted our bedroom “morning fog” (Martha Stewart) which is a nice light blue and I am in love with it.

  10. HOLY MOLY! That is AMAZING! Congrats girl! How did all of that come about?!

  11. Congrats on getting a recipe on the Dr. Oz show. That’s awesome!

  12. SHUT YOUR FACE!!!!!!! That’s insanely awesome! You’re RULING it!

  13. Congrats! That’s awesome. can’t wait to watch it!

  14. Congratulations on the Dr. Oz spot! I really enjoy your posts — I’m sure you will be a hit!

  15. Oh my gosh! How exciting! Can’t wait to see it!

  16. Cute tights! I’ve been rocking tights a lot this winter.

    I’m looking forward to the new bread recipe!! :D

  17. Congratulations to a person who deserves some spotlight action! So happy for you, Brandi. PS: I freaking love your kitchen.

  18. neat! can’t wait to see!

  19. Congrats on Dr. Oz! How exciting for you, and a great early Christmas gift!

  20. I’m sorry to hear you guys got hit but I’m glad you guys are okay! I have my dvr set for Monday!! I can’t wait to see it!

  21. omg that is so insanely awesome!!!!!!! i am definitely going to have to tune in for that, wowza! you totally deserve it, your recipes rock and i can’t wait to see you on tv :) happy friday girl!

  22. Congrats!! That is amazing! I know that you will nail it ;)
    Love those tights! I wish it was cold enough here to wear tights more too.

  23. So happy for you! And I am loving tights too. Though I can’t seem to get a pair to last more than one wear!

  24. OMG! Congrats on the Dr Oz feature — Ah-ma-zing! :D

  25. Dr. OZ!!! That’s amazing. Congrats :)

  26. Yay! What a fun Christmas gift for you :D

  27. Congratulations!! So happy for you. I’m sure you’ll be awesome!

  28. OMG..OMG..OMG…that is totally AMAZING!!! Congrats girl!!

  29. EEEEEEEE CONGRATULATIONS BRANDI! I just squealed when I read this. Congrats! I’ll have to find the episode!!!

  30. Holy Cow Brandi! I started following your blog when you first started it and although being a mom now has me too busy to follow blogs much, I checked up on yours after a year or two away and I gotta say, I’m so proud of ya! It’s awesome to see your gifts and passion develop. Way to go girl!

    formerly of “A Bit of Fresh Air”

  31. how exciting!!! that is awesome, and i can’t wait to try and catch it :)

  32. OMG, how exciting! I will definitely be watching! :-)

  33. I am so excited for you! So glad I read this tonight because I will make sure my DVR is set. How fun!

  34. CONGRATS! How exciting!! I better set my DVR now! :)

    Miss ya :)

  35. Congratulations!! Which recipe?

    • My molasses cookie cream pies! Although, it looks like they didn’t actually announce my recipe, but oh well!

  36. omg, I just heard about this via Twitter & I can’t believe I totally missed it!! I hope it will re-air. Was it fun?? I’ll bet you did great :)

  37. Dr. Oz? How exciting–way to go Brandi! :)

  38. OK I am so behind on reading blogs because Kyle and I moved on 12/16 and still do not have internet in the new house. . . but I still want to wish you a belated congratulations!!! This is so exciting!

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