Relaxing This Holiday Season (Giveaway)

I hate migraines.

Do you get migraines?

I started getting them in high school and – no lie – was convinced I had a brain tumor, they were so bad. Migraines are just the worst – everything makes them hurt even more: light, sound, silence, movement. If you get them bad enough, they can be completely debilitating.

There are 3 things that seem to help me when I get migraines these days:

1. Take out my contacts and put on my glasses.

2. Change into pjs or sweats and curl up with a blanket and cup of tea.

3. Excedrin Migraine. Regular pain medicine just does not do the job when it  comes to migraines, and this is the only thing that has worked for me.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by the team at Excedrin through One2One Network to help spread the word about Excedrin Migraine as one of their blogger ambassadors, and I”m excited to be involved.

Since I get them myself every few months, I know just how bad they are and how much they can interfere with daily life. Migraines are not fun, that’s for sure, and they’re not like a regular old headache. If you’ve never had a real migraine, you just don’t know how bad they can be.

Did you know that migraines can last from 12-48 hours, depending on the intensity and whether or not you take any kind of medication to help with the pain? That’s a long time to have a pounding, searing headache.

While there isn’t one cure that works for everyone, there are some things you can do to help manage your migraines, like:

  • Keeping track of your migraines in a diary. This can be useful when you see your doctors if you have a record of when you have them, how bad they are, possible patterns, etc.
  • Exercise! Getting exercise, especially aerobic, has been shown to help reduce migraines.
  • Drinking plenty of water – it keeps you hydrated, which can help lessen the amount of migraines you have.
  • Finding a place to rest when a migraine does start. Try to find a place that calming, peaceful and gives you some quiet and rest away from lots of noise, light, and busyness..

Lucky for you (and me), Excedrin and the team at Novartis Consumer Healthcare are offering Excedrin coupons and relaxation kits to help you get through your migraines, too.

When a migraine sets in, what do you reach for?

Soothing music? Hot tea? A heat wrap or compress?

Whatever you use to help yourself relax, this relaxation kit should have you set.

And not just 1, but 3 people will win this relaxation kit!

It includes:

  • Therapeutic neck wrap that can be heated or frozen (I LOVE these things)
  • Swarovski Crystal Ear Bud set to listen to relaxing music
  • Soothing eye gel mask
  • $15 iTunes gift card to purchase soothing tunes
  • $50 American Express gift card for additional stress-free needs (candles, soft pjs, bubble bath, whatever!)
  • Foot massager
  • Back massager

Whether you get migraines regularly or are just extra stressed around the holidays (like most of us), this may be just what you need.


To Win!

Leave a comment telling me your favorite way to relax and/or get rid of your migraines if you suffer from them.


I’ll pick the winners on Thursday, December 8th.


For more information about Excedrin and Migraine Prevention and Maintenance,

This is a sponsored post, and the migraine relief and relaxation kit were provided by Novartis Consumer Healthcare, the makers of Excedrin® Migraine; my review and personal migraine stories and search for a migraine-free experience is my own.


  1. i like to listen to music

  2. I suffer from migraines for years. First thing I reach for is an ice pak

  3. I love this. My favorite way to relax is to lie down on the couch and watch TV or read.

  4. My favorite way to get rid of a migraine is to take a hot shower followed by a long nap! Always works!

  5. I’ve gotten migraines since I was a kid and they always suck! My best solution has been laying down with a wet papertowel over the eye that hurts.

    Before I found the right medicine (Excedrin actually!) I’d be in so much pain that I’d throw up, which actually would usually make me feel a lot better.

  6. I usually lie in bed and my hubby rubs my back. Usually helps me relax.

  7. This is awesome! I grew up getting migraines – in fact, I had a headache every. single. day. Once I went gluten free, the headaches stopped. My mom still feels horrible that she never put two and two together and that I felt so horrible growing up with my headaches. So, I guess my favorite way to get rid of headaches is to not eat gluten? :) No, just joking. I do love the pressure point trick in between your thumb and pointer finger! Works like a charm.

  8. bubble bath with candles in the winter time!!

  9. I’m totally not lying when I say that I use Excedrin! I love love love it. The stuff is amazing!

  10. I pull out the knitting. It helps me to relax. And yes I too use Excedrin Migraine!!
    I feel so sorry for any fellow migraine sufferers. No one knows until they have had one!!

  11. A nap! I find that sleep fixes most things ;)

  12. My favorite way to relax is to lay in bed and read or watch tv on my laptop.

  13. Great giveaway! I love to bake as a way to relax :)

  14. Well, I suffer from migraines quite frequently and the only thing that helps is some serious pain medication and trying to sleep. If I can fall asleep then usually by the time I wake up it is gone. I have also tried the migraine diet, but that subsided when I was pregnant, maybe I need to go back to it, but that means no chocolate and I just can’t do that!!!

  15. This is an amazing giveaway! I suffer from migraines and the only thing that I take that actually helps is Excedrin Migraine. It is my lifesaver. :)

    My favorite way to relax is to lay on the sofa in my snuggie while watching tv.

  16. I get migraines and so wish that i didn’t. They are usually stress-triggered and teaching middle school is not good for them!
    The best way I can relax when one starts to set in is a) Excedrin Migraine, b) a cup of tea, c) shoulder rub from the husband and d) SLEEP!
    I’d LOVE to win this giveaway!

  17. I used to get migraines all the time — 2x a week for a period of months! — and the only thing that could ever seem to ease them was laying down and closing my eyes. Not a natural born napper, this was always torture for me!

    Since I’ve given up processed food, I find I have far, far fewer headaches than I ever did before. I wonder now if they were brought on by high-sodium packaged snacks and all that other “not food” I was mindlessly eating!

  18. Thankfully I don’t get migranes, but my favorite way to relax is to curl up in front of the fireplace with a good book and a hot cup of coffee.

  19. Oh man, you’re speaking right to me! I started getting migraines in the past year. I finally got some medicine but I have to just rest in front of a TV on the couch…

  20. I used to get migraines occasionally but I haven’t had one since I stopped eating artificial sweeteners. Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, my headache freqency in general has been greatly reduced since I quit eating most processed foods. I find that peppermint tea is good both for easing a headache and to help relax.

  21. I get migraines probably 5-6 times a year. They are the worst! As soon as I start seeing the auras, I find a dark area and put my head down. Sometimes I can relax and head them off a little. And any little bit counts… ugh!

  22. I take a hot bubble bath. Its my one true indulgence.

  23. What a fabulous giveaway! I stuff my head in a cold pillow when I get a headache. When it gets warm, I flip it over. Repeat as needed :)

  24. my favorite way to relax (although I can’t remember the last time it happened haha) is to put on comfy pjs, lay on the couch and snuggle up with a cup of decaf tea & a good movie!

  25. I don’t get migraines, but I have been feeling pretty stressed these days! One thing I like to do when I’m stressed is stop for a minute and just do a few quick yoga poses. It helps me slow down, but doesn’t take too much time away from my busy day.

  26. Migraines are the worst! Honestly, the only thing that works for me is getting under the covers in a dark dark bedroom and sleeping it off!

  27. going to the gym for light exercise always helps me relieve a headache, though I don’t usually get migraines

  28. My favorite way to relax is a warm shower then snuggle in bed

  29. When I get a migrain I usually try to lay down in a dark room and take a mini nap, normally it is gone or better when I wake up.

  30. cozying up on the couch with hot tea and a book

  31. I love lighting a candle when I’m at home.

  32. Sleep is about the only thing that helps me. I’ve only had a couple, but they are debilitating.

  33. I swear I’m not just saying this because of the giveaway, but when I get a migraine Excedrin is the ONLY thing that works. I take the extra strength kind, I’ve never tried Excedrin Migraine.

  34. I get ocular migraines which are terrible because they are not only painful but affect my eye sight as well. Nothing beats sleep to beat them but a hot bath and mint tea is also good. I’m a huge excedrin migraine fan but also take magnesium to help prevent them. This is an awesome giveaway. It’s nice to know that there are others out there with migraines who have great coping mechanisms.

  35. When I get a migraine I need to sleep and put a cold compress on my head.

  36. I actually do take Excedrin Migraine – I’ve found it’s really the only thing that will help. That combined with lying down in a dark, quiet room. And for my husband to massage my neck and temples.

  37. I don’t necessarily get “migraines” but i have TJM and get horrible headaches after I grind my teeth all night. But my favorite way to relax/relieve it is definitely with a warm neck wrap and sweatpants.

  38. My favorite way to relax is with a book/magazine.

  39. my favorite way to relax or get rid of a headache is to practice a bit of relaxing yoga. helps every time!

  40. Yoga is my favorite way to calm down.

  41. My favorite way to relax is with a book in the tub. Those pages usually get wet somehow though.

  42. I love to relax by taking a bath and reading a book.

  43. i started getting migraines during college. thankfully they don’t happen to me as often as i’ve heard others get them. i only have them once every month or two usually.

    when i feel one coming on, i step away from the computer, close the blinds, and curl up with a microfleece blanket. oh, and excedrine migraine definitely helps.

  44. Pain relievers and a nap! Works every time.

  45. I actually do get bad migraines. Have always had problems with headahces, even as a little kid. So this kit definitely appeals to me! I think the best way for me to deal is to get into some comfy clothes, get under covers and relax for a bit. Sometimes it helps, sometimes not.

  46. My favorite way to relax is to put on some classical music and lie down on the couch! Bubble baths would be great, but that would involve cleaning the tub first!

  47. Migraines are the worst! I have been getting them since I was a teenager too. The worst is when they make me physically ill….blerg.

    To get rid of my migraines I usually go to my bedroom, turn down the heat to make the room cool, get in comfy pj’s, block out all incoming sunlight and turn on my fan. After my long nap I’m usually *fingers crossed* better.

  48. I start with an Excedrine Migraine. If that doesn’t kick it, a muscle relaxer at bed time will usually do the trick.

  49. I get horrible migraines that come and go for a week straight. A dark room and a pillow help a little bit… I try to drink plenty of water and take painkillers too. I wish I could afford to go for massages every time I got a migraine… I think that would help a ton!

  50. I usually take a hot shower (a bath if I could) and just relax in there. Afterward, I change into my jammies and fall fast asleep!

  51. When I need to relax and get rid of a headache I usually shut off all the lights, close all the blinds, and plop myself on the couch listening to the TV on a low volume with my eyes close.

    Regular Excedrin works really well, but I can’t say I’ve tried the migraine version. I’ll have to check it out!

  52. Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway!

    A good book, a cup of hot tea, and a lapful of purring kitteh really relaxes me.

  53. nothing works for me but quiet in a dark room and some extra strength liquid Advil. i get headaches often, and i’ve realized you can’t wait it out and hope for it to go away, take a pill – it works.

  54. a nap. and then a cup of coffee

  55. Migraines are the worst. I go in a dark room lay down with a cold pack and a Pillow over my Head. Excedrin Migraine works really well.

  56. Excedrin Migraine is a LIFESAVER. All summer and fall this year, I had migraine headaches 2-3 times a week and tension headaches another 3-4 times a week. Things that helped me:

    Excedrin Migraine
    Turning my screen brightness down (migraines nearly every day = have to work through all but the worst of it)
    Lots of water
    Lots of tea
    Naps (preferably while cuddling with a cute puppy!)

    Luckily, I’ve only had ONE migraine in six weeks. ONE. Woot!

  57. Laying in a dark room with comfy clothes and lots of blankets is one way I help myself feel better when I have a migraine!

  58. Migraines mean popping an Excederin Migraine (I keep them in night stand!), a cold compress across my forehead/eyes, and laying down in bed. Would love this relax kit to help keep them away!

  59. woah this is a great giveaway! i usually take a hot bath, get a massage, take a chill pill…

  60. I have never suffered a migraine and hopefully I never will. I love to relax with an awesome workout and a soak in the tub with a good book.

  61. To relax, I like taking a hot shower, put on sweats and a comfy sweater and snuggle on the couch with my dog, a good book, and a mug of hot milky tea.

  62. Dark room, eyes closed, no noise, left alone…

  63. I like to lay down with my eyes closed when I get migranes

  64. taking a hot shower

  65. I have migraines very frequently. The very first things I do are to turn off the lights and take Excedrin Migraine with a full glass of water. Then I close my eyes and breathe. I would so love to win this right now. It has been a rough week.

  66. A dark, cold room and a nap usually will knock out my migranes!

  67. I don’t have migraines but I relax in the hot tub

  68. I go in a dark room, lay down and rub my scalp and temples. Ideally there is also someone there to help with the scalp and temple rubbing. I get them far too frequently!

  69. My favorite way to relax is to snuggle up on the coach with a big ol’ fuzzy blanket!

  70. I used to get migraines when I was in college. So thankful that I don’t get them any more! I used to just curl up in bed in a dark room. I remember how it hurt so badly, that you wanted to cry, but you don’t let yourself, because you know that will make your head pound even worse! Hope your migraines go away eventually too Brandi!

  71. i’m lucky enough not to get migranes but my husband has them almost all the time. and yes he certainly does need to relax more :) for me relaxing varies w/ what i’m relaxing from and what my current energy level is – it can be taking a walk w/ the dogs or having a cup of tea & some chocolate in a warm bath or baking something.

  72. When I need to relax, I like to curl up with a good book and a hot drink. It’s a simple remedy, but sometimes it’s just what I need :)

  73. I’ve suffered from migraines for years and am so thankful for Excedrine. It’s the only thing that helps.

  74. Relax with my guilty pleasure… E! TV…

  75. This is such a great giveaway!! I totally take excedrin. It’s the only thing that works.

  76. I get migraines all the time!! I usually take a hot shower and lay down in a dark quiet room.

  77. I like to also get in bed, warm blanket and a cup of tea. Great giveaway and I love your site!

  78. I usually take a really long bath and then lay down in a dark, quiet room.

  79. I get 1-2 migraines a month. Last week I even had to leave Thanksgiving dinner due to a migraine attack. Whenever I’m back in the states, I stock up on Excedrine Migraine as it is the only thing that works for me.

  80. Thankfully, I don’t get migraines, but my roommate does! i know she’d love this kit!

  81. Hi Brandi,
    I hope some of these ideas may help you and your other readers:
    The most important thing is learning what your triggers are so that you can try to eliminate them or manage them. I carry tension in the back of my neck and shoulders, and many of my migraines would start at the base of my skull and then end up moving to my right eye. A friend took me to her chriopractor during one of my really bad migraines, and I was floored at how much better I felt after seeing him. Seeing the chiropractor once every six weeks or so cut my migraines down by about 60-70%. I started taking allergy shots and was surprised that my migraines deceased even more. That’s when I realized that allergies must have been a trigger too. When I do still get migraines, here’s my attack plan:
    –Drink a big glass of water
    –Excedrin Migraine or if not available, a cup of coffee and 2 aspirin
    –Dark, quiet room.
    –If I feel that tightness/pain in my neck with the headache, I will soak in a hot tub, but lie back with an ice pack at the base of my skull. If I don’t feel well enough to get in the tub, I’ll try to take a hot shower anyway, then lie down with a microwave heated pad at my shoulders and neck, but the ice pack at the base of my skull. I don’t understand how it works, but try it folks!
    –Because allergies and sinus are sometimes a trigger for me, if I have a runny nose, I suspect allergies, so I’ll go ahead and take Claritin or Alavert – those don’t make me sleepy. If I feel sinus pressure, I’ll take some Sudafed or even put a warm compress over my cheeks – but not over the eye/temple that is hurting.
    –Somehow some smells actually help relax me. I’ve used a little bit of Tiger Balm on my temples and the heat from the product plus the smell in my nose makes me relax and makes my temples feel warm and relaxed. I recently had a neck massage while I had the beginnings of a migraine, and they held a peppermint essential oil under my nose. It was v-e-r-y relaxing and helped.
    — If I’m getting myself upset over the migraine itself, I only make my pain worse, so I will use this relaxation technique: Sit on the edge of a chair or bed. Think of your head being pulled to the ceiling and your shoulders being pulled down as if you’re getting taller. Breath slowly. Then lean your head to the right (ear toward shoulder) and as you breathe in, imagine that you’re filling an air sack under the skin of the opposite shoulder, as if that shoulder is raising up – even though it isn’t. When you breathe out, you’ll find that your head will naturally fall closer to your right shoulder. Repeat a few times and then change sides. This is a natural muscle and tension relaxer. You can lean your head forward slightly and breath slowly. Don’t let your head go back unless you have a towel or something to use behind your head to support the weight; that makes it worse for me. And don’t roll your head around and around.
    –That’s about it. I hope these help you and others.

  82. I suffer from migraines at least once a month. Sometimes they seem to last for days. Excedrin Migraine is the ONLY pain reliever that helps. I carry a bottle of it in my purse because I never know when one will start up. A hot shower, my cozy warm bed and sleep seem to be the only technique to completely unwind after a migraine day. Oh, and of course a steaming hot cup of chai tea. YUM!

  83. i lie down in a quiet, dark room

  84. I take Excedrin! When I get a migraine, I have something with caffeine and sugar (the combo works!) along with putting an ice pack on the back of my neck. Works like a charm and gets rid of the pain in a few hours.

  85. I have LOVED Excedrin for years. No OTC med even comes close!

    When I get a migraine, the first thing I do is take Excedrin. I love to change into something comfortable and either lie in bed or on the couch and just relax. My husband will get me Diet coke and rub my head for me – what a sweet guy!

  86. When I get a headache, I try to lay down and keep it quiet.

  87. My favorite way to relax is to watch TV. :)

  88. Usually curled up in bed with it pitch dark in my room.

  89. YES! heating pads, foam rolling out any muscle tension in my upper back, lots and lots of water and gatorade, a warm shower, and a room with the black out curtains pulled!

  90. What a great gift basket idea! I do get migraines on occasion. The only way that I can get rid of one is to go to sleep in a very dark room with a cold compress, eye covers, and medication.

  91. I actually get really bad sinus headaches and use Excedrin Migraine. I love the product1

  92. My favorite way to relax is with a hot cup of hot chocolate and a good book by the fireplace!

  93. I’ve had better success avoiding triggers than getting rid of migraines once they start, but one of my favourite ways to relax is knitting.

  94. My migraines started in college, they happen more around that time of the month but I’ve also learned stress and dehydration trigger them too. I try to drink lots of water but also caffeine helps so soda or coffee are usually on the menu too!

  95. I love to sleep in a quiet dark room.

  96. I like to relax by curling up in my bed in my favorite sweats with Netflix or a good book!

  97. I start out with Excedrin Migraine and a cup of hot tea. I try and sit in a quiet room and listen to some soothing music. If that doesn’t work, I pull out the gel mask, take my prescription medicine and go to bed. This is a fantastic give away!!

  98. I curl up in my dark bedroom with a cold compress or bag of frozen peas. My little dog normally wants to snuggle and I rub her back. Eventually I wake up and migraine is gone!

  99. I need it to be quiet and dark when I get a migraine! To relax I like to take a long hot shower so I can “wash the day away!”

  100. Flannel pjs, tea, and a beagle cuddled up beside me. The best way to relax–

  101. Great giveaway! Those ear buds are so fabulous. I get a migraine once every month or so – actually, one completely sidelined me just this past Friday. A nap under a warm blanket in a cool dark room always helps me relax, migraine or not!

  102. I usually drink a ton of water and try to nap in a dark room, and if that doesn’t do it, I will take excedrine migraine or drink something with caffeine in it.

  103. I get them at least twice a month! I usually lie in bed with a warm compress over my eyes & a heating pad around my neck (& earplugs if I need them!) Complete silence & darkness is a must! I hate to see so many others who suffer, but this giveaway is an excellent idea! I love all the comments/suggestions too!

  104. classical music

  105. timely giveaway–seeing how i’m sitting here with an awful headache!!

    running is my stress-relief. that or baking :)

  106. I get them all of the time. Usually when I feel them coming on I limit my eye strain by getting off the computer and switching to music. I use to use a prescription medication, but it is no longer being stocked by any pharmacy in my area. If my migraine progresses to far than the best thing I can do is climb into bed, put on an eye mask, and use my ear plugs, and sleep it away. I have been known to take sleeping medicine if sleep seems to difficult. I have a favorite blanket that is super soft that I break out on those moments. Anything to get comfortable helps.

  107. ugh! I swear migraines are the worst pain. I hate them. I get them monthly. this kit would be a godsend.

    I love taking a bubble bath with candles lit when mine start, it helps me relax.

  108. To relax, I usually turn off the TV and get OFF of my computer and grab a good book and just read for a few hours. I ALWAYS feel less stressed after reading.

  109. One of the only things that seems to help my migraines (other than prescription drugs which I don’t like to take) is about 12 hours of sleep! I also drink a regular, full sugar coke and that often helps.

  110. Oh my gosh, this couldn’t come at a better time for me! I suffer from horrible, debilitating migraines and actually had one this past weekend- I was unable to leave my house and was in so much pain. :( Sadly, for me sometimes they just have to run their course but this kit would make them a little easier to bear!

  111. To get rid of a migraine, I dive under the covers of my bed and nap it off. Works every time!

  112. My favorite way to relax is taking hot baths.

  113. i rub my head until it stops hurting

  114. I have had migraines since I was fifteen and today I turned fifty two!! Whew, my relief is a hot shower and then ice down with ice packs and lie down quite. Thank goodness for a very understanding family!! I also have learned my triggers and try to avoid them when at all possible.

    Thanks for sharing..

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