Best Week Ever, 11/20/11

Remember when I did my Best Week Ever round up posts? Like…3 times? months ago?

I’m bringing them back!

I need a place to talk about all the random stuff that happens during the week that I can’t seem to fit into a post with bread or cookies or salads. Plus, it gives me a reason to take pictures of things other than food.

Let’s get started – Best Week Ever, 11/20/11!

I took this picture a few weeks ago, when the trees in our yard were absolutely gorgeous. Now the leaves are gone.

I miss fall already, and it’s not even officially winter!

I am in love with my new gray wedges (Target) and red capris (Victoria’s Secret). They are so comfy! And I’m not wearing sweats = bonus.

And speaking of clothes, I already had a little pity party on Facebook a few weekends ago, but my all time favorite jeans finally ripped.

I’ve had these jeans for 5 years, and it makes me so sad that they’re starting to fall apart. I got them at Target and when I finally went to buy more, they had stopped carrying this style.

Maggie was sad for me, too.

We had both our families here this weekend for two reasons: The VT/UNC game (we froze our tails off, but it was fun!) and to do some painting and peel down wallpaper.

I’m going to have a separate post about the house updates, but here’s a glimpse of what our kitchen looks like when there are more people here than just me and Nick:

We had 6 people, 3 dogs, 2 cats, lots of bread, a ton of ham, and cookies. And french toast.

PS: Have you made this bread yet?

Please, please, please do it! I made two loaves on Friday. We ate one as sandwiches with lunch and turned the second one into french toast Saturday morning.

That’s how my week was, minus a few house updates that you’ll be getting soon enough.

How was your week?



  1. Oh my gosh- I want those shoes. Need….ok just want. Cute outfit. Love your pup :). Week has been good! Played a lot of catch up, taught some great classes, had a date with Josh!

  2. What kind of dog is Maggie? She looks JUST like Mac (he’s Australian Shepherd, maybe mixed with something?) but they have the same color eyes which I love :)
    Now excuse me, but I must run to Target as there’s a pair of gray flats I have to acquire.

  3. I get sad when jeans start to wear out, too. I’m definitely not the kind of girl that can happily change her entire wardrobe every season or year… I wear clothes to their breaking point!

  4. Sounds like it was a wonderful week! Your kitchen looks gorgeous! So much light! I’m jealous.

  5. Awesome crops! I’ve been super obsessed lately with non-denim pants. I wish I was bold enough to pull of bright red ones – they look so fun!

  6. Those jeans and wedges are so cute together!

  7. This post is a delight: It cheered me and made me take another look at my own week past, which I’d thought was pretty helacious as I was enduring it.

    Looking back, though, plenty of great stuff happened: I got to brew coffee for food journalists at a Good Food Awards press breakfast (and walked out with jar upon jar of nominated preserves and pickles, not to mention armloads of fresh cheese), I started planning my upcoming trip to Italy (!!!), I cooked good food for friends and ate better food with my husband, I ran a beautiful race in brisk autumn air this morning…

    Life is good. Thank you for the reminder — I really needed it.

  8. 1. I’m lusting over those shoes AND the capris
    2. That bread? Well we both know how I feel about that bread.
    3. I think I need to make french toast now

  9. I love the red pants and wedges! I saw red jeans at Target and now regret not getting them. They look great on!

  10. Those Target wedges are the best!! I have them in gray and I’m going to try and find the black too. Yours look super cute with the red pants!

  11. For someone who claims to not be very stylish, that outfit is killer! It’s simple but very cute and quiet stylish :)

  12. Um, so I somehow missed this post…oops…but I love, love, love the outfit with the wedges!!!

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