Pizza Butter and Breakfast

I know it’s early.

You may not have your breakfast planned yet. You may not even have your day planned yet. But it’s Friday!

Maybe you’re reading this in bed or at work or on the way to work.

Maybe your breakfast was a cup of coffee on the way out the door and a crumbled granola bar you pulled out of your bag. I know how it is. Been there, done that, did that the other day.

Most days of the week, I eat breakfast in the car.

Nick drives, so it’s not dangerous for me to sit in the passenger seat, chowing down on oatmeal, and singing Adele at the top of my lungs.

But when I have time to make breakfasts on the weekends, I try to make fun things that I don’t have the time for during the week.

You guys know how I feel about breakfast. It’s the best, every time.

Breakfast should always be tasty, fun, and something new – at least on weekends.

Do you make fun breakfasts at least once a week? If you don’t, consider yourself challenged.

Plan one fun breakfast a week and just do it.

No time during the week? Make a batch of waffles on the weekend and reheat them while you’re getting ready in the morning. Prep some veggies so you can whip up an omelet super fast. Mix up some biscuit dough, cut them out and freeze them to pop in the oven for whenever you want one or three: breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack time.

If you’ve got some butter laying around and don’t have cookies planned for this weekend, I’ve got your breakfast planned.

Soft, silky butter mixed with tomatoes and fresh herbs, slathered on toasted bread, topped with eggs.

Looks fancy, but it isn’t.

This took 5 minutes to put together….and less than 5 minutes to eat.

Happy Friday to you!

And to me.

I’ve got a fridge full of butter, waiting for the weekend.

And PS: this bread recipe is coming soon.

Pizza Butter

Makes: 4-6 servings



  1. Put softened butter into a bowl.
  2. Stir in the chopped tomatoes and herbs.
  3. Serve on toasted bread, crackers, breadsticks, or with eggs.


PS: This is another recipe entry into the Kerrygold contest using the new softer, more spreadable butters. The Irish Dairy Board sent me the butters to use to create my entries, but all opinions and recipes are my own.



  1. Fun breakfasts are the best! They have a way of making the rest of the day so much better.

    Pizza for breakfast is one of the funnest of them all. Love the sound of this butter!

  2. Thank you for reminding me that I bought fresh local butter yesterday that I am DYING to try. I know what I’m having for breakfast!

  3. This looks amazing!
    I had the greatest butter last weekend,
    it had dried fruit in it, and you know what?
    I thought of you!

  4. This has just ripped my heart apart and massaged it.

  5. This…is amazing. I have been eagerly awaiting this post since you Twitter-teased us about it yesterday! And now I want a bagel. Slathered in this. Or just the butter to eat with a spoon. Bad? …potentially. Delicious. Obvs.

  6. This sounds amazing! and kerrygold irish butter is to die for! :) lol love this idea brandi!

  7. Whoa, how stinking creative! I bet pizza cream cheese would be UHMAHZING too!

  8. YUM YUM! Pizza butter? That sound amazing to me – especially now being pregnant!

  9. That looks great! I love savory breakfasts in the morning and this looks like a nice change up.

  10. PIZZA BUTTER? Seriously? Girl, you are killing it with all these recipes you’re posting!

  11. Now that’s the way butter should be!

  12. Pizza butter – what a fabulous idea! Don’t get me wrong, I love sweet treats – but I really enjoy savory meals for breakfast. My husband is in charge of breakfast on the weekends…maybe I’ll nonchalantly email him a link to this recipe. :)

  13. Well, I’m quite sure you already know what I’M going to say.

    ahem…..breakfast queen.

  14. This sounds AMAZING, Brandi! I would totally eat this for breakfast. Just brilliant!

  15. Now THIS is what my mornings are missing! Thanks girl :)

  16. I was just sitting here, getting hungry for a snack, and remembered your pizza butter! I had to come see… Oh My Stars this looks so good! :D

  17. Great idea! LOVE all the flavors!

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  18. Seriously?? I didn’t think it was possible to make butter better…pizza butter!!! This looks delicious, and would make breakfast for dinner night soooo much better :)

  19. When Kerrygold asked me to participate in this event, I was happy to oblige; I make no bones about loving their butter. What I had not thought to expect were the wealth of great ideas I’m seeing crop up each day and yours is certainly one of them. Can I just say yum?

  20. woah, this is SUCH a great idea :) need to pick me up some more butter!!!

  21. This sounds amazing! What great flavors – I’ve never made flavored butter but it really does sound fantastic! :)

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