I know what you’re thinking.

Who messes with grilled cheese?

Believe me. I would normally agree.

For years I would never let anything else sneak into my grilled cheese sandwiches. I wanted 3 things and 3 things only: soft bread, sliced American cheese, and butter.

But can I tell you something?

I think I grew up when I ate this sandwich last week.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Talking about it. Dreaming about it.

And my views on grilled cheese sandwiches are changed…forever.


My new grilled cheese rules:

1. No more sliced American cheese. Thin slices of super sharp aged cheddar is the way to go.

2. It’s not enough to just butter the outside of the sandwich. You need butter everywhere. Don’t resist it.

3. And not just any butter. Kerrygold (the best) mixed with chopped rosemary and walnuts is insanely good. Maybe not on every grilled cheese sandwich, but if you’ve got cheddar and sliced apple – this is the way to go.

Remember that Kerrygold contest that I made the grapefruit vanilla butter for? This is another entry I whipped up using the new Kerrygold spreadable butter.

I normally go for sweet over salty, but I’m telling you – this sandwich is one of the best I’ve ever eaten in my entire life.


Would you do me a favor this week and make this sandwich?

Then, if you’re as obsessed with it as I am, tell me about it.

Tell others about it.

Spread the rosemary-walnut butter love.

Apples + cheddar + herby nutty butter = TruLuv4Ever


Grilled Cheese with Apple and Rosemary Walnut Butter

Makes: 1 sandwich


  • 1 Tbsp salted Kerrygold butter
  • 1 tsp fresh rosemary
  • 1 tsp chopped walnuts
  • 2 slices multigrain bread
  • 1 oz. Kerrygold Reserve Cheddar, sliced
  • 1/4 apple, thinly sliced


  1. In a small bowl, mix the butter with the rosemary and walnuts.
  2. Spread 1/2 tsp of butter on each slice of bread.
  3. Layer one slice of bread with the sliced cheddar and apple and top with the other piece of bread, butter side down on the fillings.
  4. Heat a skillet over medium heat and spread one side of the outside of the sandwich with some of the butter mixture.
  5. Put the sandwich butter side down in the pan and cook, 3-5 minutes until the first side is golden and the cheese is beginning to melt. Butter the top side of the sandwich before flipping over.
  6. Cook on the second side for another 3-4 minutes until golden brown.
  7. Serve warm.


To participate in this contest, I did receive the butters for free to use in my entries. As always, all opinions and recipes are my own


  1. This looks AMAZING – a dream sandwich!

  2. Looks amazing!! I bet it smells sooo good :)

  3. Oh heaven! That looks great! I love that you used apples and sharp cheddar. YUM!

    My fave grilled cheese is cheddar and a little provolone with bacon and tomato slices. :)

  4. there is a little bistro here that has sliced apples on the grilled cheese and i was surprised how good it was :)

  5. Man, does that ever sound delicious!

  6. I LOVE fancy grilled cheese. A restaurant near us does a goat cheese, mozzarella cheese sandwich with spinach and tomato- ahmazing. This looks so good. I miss dairy!

  7. I’ve just fallen out of my chair and wish to awaken (?) to 48 of these in my mouth.

  8. oh my word walnut butter??? how delightful! this looks packed full of flavor and comfort.

  9. omg, dreamy!!! i need that in my life…

  10. OMG. As a self-proclaimed cheese addict and lover of all things grilled cheese, I am 100% on board with your creation. This looks amazingggg.

  11. This sandwich sounds completely delicious! I make a similar one with brie, but I really like the cheddar in it, too. Fantastic!

  12. I love grilled cheese. I love gourmet grilled cheese and this is that if I have ever seen a gourmet grilled cheese. Kerrygold cheddar is amazing!

  13. I agree, butter on the outside yields the most flavorful grilled cheese. I do sometimes still like good ol’ American cheese (it’s so melty) but I’d generally prefer something more flavorful. I will say my other trick for an uber creamy sandwich is that after I let it go a minute or so on the second side, I put the lid on and it REALLY makes it melt.

  14. You are my grilled cheese soulmate. This seals the deal.

  15. A sandwich that makes one grow up??? I will take two PLEASE!

  16. Oh my, the flavors here are out of this world!

  17. I am so into this. I don’t often eat grilled cheese, but hey, I say mess with it if you’re going to make something even more awesome than the awesome that is a regular grilled cheese. Boom!

  18. Ho-ly Mo-ly. This sounds amazing. Never in a million years would I think to add walnuts to a grilled cheese! Or any type of sandwich for that matter!

    • i love that you wrote holy moly :) I say that all the time!

      ps: put some walnuts on a sandwich this week. you’ll love it!

  19. While I was in San Francisco over the weekend I had a grilled cheese sandwich that had 3 different cheeses and heirloom tomato. It was so good! I love your combination of flavors. I think a flavored butter is a great way to change things up!

  20. This looks super delicious! Love the added touch of rosemary….yum!

  21. If this is what being a grown up is like, then count me in! :)

  22. What a delicious looking grown-up grilled cheese!! Cheese and apples are one of my favorite combos ever, adds some nice texture to the grilled cheese too. Yum!

  23. This looks marvelous and I cannot wait to try it. I’ve pinned it on Pinterest and I would love it if you would add this to my blog hop party. Here is the direct link – http://www.savannahssavorybites.com/2011/11/under-big-top-friday-blog-hop-november.html

  24. I *always* mess with grilled cheese, lol! This one sounds terrific, flavoring the butter is great.

  25. What a heavenly looking grilled-cheese.

  26. Ooo, that rosemary walnut butter sounds to die for!

  27. That compound butter sounds amazing!

  28. oh this looks so delicious! I want some now :)

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