my happy place

this weekend, we went to see our dream house.

walked for 2 hours with Maggie on trails, in fields, boots crunching on fallen leaves.

the colors are bright here. oranges, yellows, reds.

a long walk, a longer drive.

Shannon asked for more Maggie pictures – I think this is the best one we’ve ever taken.

it captures the big smile she has on her face any time she’s outside running. ears flapping, tongue hanging out.

that is her happy place.

this weekend was my happy place.

beautiful fall days – blue skies and changing leaves.

waffles to wake up, burger + cream soda to replenish, hearty dinners to cozy up with.

also. i finally made waffles that didn’t stick to the waffle iron!

plus, the little blog got a fall facelift! more seasonal fruit in the header and a new color scheme that I love – big thanks to Zesty for that!

and i fell in love with a new egg beater – can’t wait to tell you about it. i’m obsessed with it and want to make anything and everything with whipped egg whites.

got any recipes like that?


  1. Oh my goodness – Maggie is the cutest thing ever! Love that picture of her!
    Glad you had a great weekend! :-D

  2. Great pics! Sounds like a lovely weekend :)

  3. So glad you are enjoying the beautiful fall weekend. You make it look picturesque.

  4. Great picture of the pup! The waffle recipe from the America’s Test Kitchen Family cookbook uses whipped egg whites. It’s my go to waffle recipe.

  5. Sounds absolutely perfect! Maggie is SO adorable- heart her! And yayy for non sticky waffles. The apple baskets in your header are PERFECT

  6. Love the fall design on the blog. Maggie looks so happy! Such a sweet girl she is! Um, your waffles look muy yummy ;)

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. With that scenery, how could you not?! :)

    Side note: are you going to Foodbuzz this year? I would love to meet you! :)

    • I REALLY wish I was!! I just don’t have the money to travel this year (it’s a long, expensive trip from VA to SF with flights, hotel, etc)

  8. I love the new blog design. :) The pictures are beautiful! It looks and sounds as though you had a lovely weekend.

  9. any secret for your waffles? mine always stick too–so frustrating!

    so glad you had a good weekend :)

    • from everything i’ve tried:
      1. Grease/butter your waffle iron for every batch.
      2. BUTTER in the waffles :) Or oil, depending on the recipe. you need the fat or they’ll stick!

  10. That picture is cute. I need to take more dog photos. I got a point and shoot specifically for shooting my dog when we are on walks but it only works, of course, if you actually remember to bring it with you.

  11. GORGEOUS PHOTOS, lady!

  12. Oh, that looks wonderful!!! Definitely a happy place, and what a great maggie photo :) (along with the rest!)

  13. Love the new look, Brandi! And that’s now my dream house, too. Gorgeous.

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