new favorite things

Time for another favorite things round-up!

Here’s what I’m loving right now:

1. Stonyfield Oikos FROZEN YOGURT. I cannot get over how good this stuff is.


The vanilla is studded with vanilla beans, but our favorites are definitely the chocolate and blueberry.


They did not last long. I’m pretty sure the blueberry is the best out of all of them, and it takes a lot for me to pick some other flavor over chocolate.


2. Starbucks VIA instant coffees.

Normally, I wouldn’t even try instant coffee. The only time I drink it is if we’re camping – and even then, it’s not exactly good coffee. When I met some people from the Starbucks VIA team at BlogHer Food this past May, they offered to send some samples to try.


I have to say – for instant coffee, it’s really good! Definitely not the same as making a fresh pot of coffee, but much better than any other instant coffee I’ve had in the past. The little packets will be great for traveling, too.

I even made my own salted caramel latte the other day for an afternoon pick me up. Best idea ever.


And finally.

3. Willie. Our newest family member.

I can’t believe I haven’t posted pictures yet! With all our trips lately and crazy schedules, I missed getting pictures of him when he was really little.

Willie showed up on our front porch about a month and a half ago, very tiny and weak and hungry. We fed him, gave him water, and (no surprise) he kept hanging around.

Once he finally let us pet him, that was it.


But let it be known that Nick was the one to pet him first and name him! Not me, the weakling for baby animals.


Willie is super cuddly and loves to drive Maggie and Roxy crazy. He climbs trees and jumps out of them right when Maggie is running underneath them.

He wants to be loved on, and his favorite thing the past couple of days has been to climb up my pant legs. Also…he likes to go to the bathroom in our lavender plants. So, that’s fun.


If he ever stands still, I’ll try to get some better pictures of his cute little face.


Never a dull moment around here.

What are you loving lately?


  1. Right now I am loving your kitty! So cute :D

  2. 1. I LOVE that Stoneyfield Frozen Greek Yogurt! Need to try the blueberry! I grabbed the chocolate first because, well, typically with any new thing it’s a safe bet I’ll like it if there’s chocolate.

    2. Willie is adorable! I love the name. Better work on those lavender plants, though… ;)

  3. Willie is adorable. So glad to hear he found a home! Poor thing. I hate seeing stray kittens. If they were easier to catch I’d have more than one cat right now haha.

  4. Awww, so happy Willie found a good home :)
    I need to hunt down that blueberry frozen yogurt immediately.

  5. Yay new kitty! Too cute!

  6. The frozen yogurt sounds delicious!

    I have to laugh at the kitty because Willie is my dads name :) He is a cute little thing though. I miss having a kitten around the house. They are so much fun!

  7. What a cutie!!

    I’ve been seeing that frozen yogurt on some blogs, but I haven’t seen it at my grocery store yet! Jealous………… :)

  8. aww, willie!! so cute :) and i NEED to find that frozen yogurt. stat.

  9. Aw! Willie is adorable!!

  10. Ah, what a cute little kitty!!!

    And I’m so jealous of everyone getting that frozen yogurt from Oikos! I wish I could still have dairy!

  11. Willie is so cute! Glad he is part of your family!

    I want to try Oikos Frozen Yogurt!

  12. Willie is SO cute! And I love Stonyfield froyo! I am loving the weather! Its still warm here and I’m holding onto every second! Also loving pumpkin everything! And time with the loves of my life (Josh, Kaylin & Frank)

  13. Willie is just precious!
    I need to get my hands on that frozen yogurt – though that could be dangerous! :)

  14. Omg I have been dying to try the greek frozen yogurt!! I would have gone for the chocolate but now I’ll have to try the blueberry!

    And congrats on your new kitty!

  15. A) I need to try that yogurt! Looks so yummy!
    2) I haven’t tried these instants but everyone keeps raving about them. Maybe it’s time.
    3) Yay cute kitty! Congrats on the new pet. He is adorable!! ;)

  16. I totally need to find that fro yo! My attempts at making my own fro-yo from Greek yogurt have been rather fruitless, so I’m ready to buy!

  17. Ahhh such a cute kitty. This is going to make me sound like such a boozeaholic, but I’m loving JK’s Scrumpy Hard Cider. I love hard cider, and this one is perfectly sweet and crisp, all at the same time.

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