Monday Breakfast

Oh, Monday.

Why can’t you be a slow moving morning like Saturday and Sunday?

I want to sit a while with my steaming cup of coffee on the porch and watch the sun rise over the mountains. To see the sky change from grayish blue to robins egg streaked with cotton candy pink and lilac. To hear the birds fluttering through the trees and watch as they float through the sky.

How am I supposed to start my week off right if I’m rushed and don’t have time for a big breakfast as your dawn is breaking?

I really wanted this today.


Or maybe these.


Plus some of these, which haven’t happened in a long time.


And maybe, just maybe, some of this breakfast pizza.


Add a couple of cups of coffee on the side, and I’d be happy.

But instead, I’m having two hardboiled eggs, a local peach and some raspberries.

Not nearly as fancy. Nowhere near as comforting.

Monday takes the fun out of breakfast.


What are you having for breakfast today?


  1. Breakfast is the best meal. I had a boring protein smoothie for breakfast

  2. I had oatmeal today, but I would have definetly prefered one of those yummy treats above :)

  3. I am a major creature of habit with breakfast and usually eat a whole wheat english muffin with better’n’peanut butter. Except this morning I dropped my jar on the break room floor and it shattered. :(
    So I used gross fake butter spray. Stupid Mondays.

  4. I’m loving the cooler mornings and it inspired me to have some warm oatmeal with pumpkin. Excited for fall foods.

  5. I had crockpot oatmeal. All of these options look much more delicious!

  6. Ohh those look like delicious breakfast options! The idea of just sitting with my cup of coffee sounds like a perfect morning! I had a piece of toast with peanut butter on it and I’ll probably have some oatmeal soon… aka not exciting!

  7. OOoh, that bread pudding looks fab!

  8. Oatmeal and a hard boiled egg. Also boring.

  9. I’m right there with you. I hate rushed breakfasts.

  10. I had overnight oats. With an infant, it’s going to be something that’s quick and easy. I am drooling over all of your breakfast photos.

  11. I want that breakfast pizza!

    I had oats and peanut butter, my standard weekday meal…after a weekend of GOOD breakfasts, it was a little lackluster! :)

  12. Monday’s do take the fun out of breakfast. I am always in such a hurry! Today I had a crumbled lara bar in Greek yogurt… lame!

  13. Oh, how I love Saturday morning breakfasts – waffles, pancakes, egg dishes in the oven. . . I could go on. Just like you, the weekdays are rushed. More often than not, I have almond butter on toast and fruit. But somehow I enjoy every last bite, no matter what it is. Thanks for sharing those beautiful breakfasts.

  14. I was thinking the exact same thing and wish I had something more appetizing :/ I just started my first “real-world” job and I feel so pressed for time in the mornings now, no fair…

    • Sometimes I’ll make a fancy breakfast on Sunday just so we can leftovers for a few days into the week – it makes those mornings fun! Cinnamon rolls, pancakes, waffles all heat/toast up nicely.

  15. I love breakfast…I sadly never eat it :(

  16. my breakfast was incredibly booooring today b/c we’re trying to empty the fridge before vacay!

  17. My wake-up food for us was chocolate chip pancakes with maple syrup and whipped topping! YUMMY!! :-D
    I really do not mean to be nasty, but since I no longer work I do tend to whip up some tasty foods every morning.
    I use to be a ‘toaster-biscuit-with-cherry- jam’ person as I rushed out the door on the way to work. Some mornings I had no time to eat my jam, so just the plain biscuit.

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