Garden Update: Hill of Beans

These first three pictures were the scene from last week.


The figs are coming in and coming in fast. I’m picking 15-50 a day, and even when I’ve picked them all and think to myself “it will be a few days before any more are ripe”, there are always more the next day.

Those green beans in the bin are now frozen! Thank goodness. Because this past Tuesday night, we picked a ton more.


These were most of of the tomatoes from last week.

See that huge red one right in the front that kind of looks like Mickey Mouse? That’s a Mortgage Lifter – they are insanely big. And tasty!


Cue Tuesday:

I went out to pick some figs, thinking I would just have a handful, and ended up having to use two bowls to get them all. Jam is happening!


And then, I decided to pick some green beans. Nick had picked two of our rows the week before so I figured I would pick the other two rows and that would be that.

As soon as I got down there, I saw that all four rows had beans ready.

So now, as I type this, this overflowing mail bin and our colander are sitting on the porch.

I want to weigh this thing, just to see how many pounds of green beans we have.

These will hopefully be frozen soon. And we’ll be giving some away, too. There’s just so many!


And when I thought the zucchini was done, they proved me wrong, too.

Tuesday night, I picked about 20 more tomatoes, plus 4 massive zucchini. And there’s more coming.


These pictures make me very happy but very tired.

Today’s agenda: work, freeze green beans, can fig jam…and maybe some tomatoes. We’ll see how it goes.

PS: I’m picking/announcing the winner for the Thirty-One giveaway at lunch! Last chance to enter!


  1. Wow! Garden explosion!! I want those tomatoes

  2. Can you ship vegetables?
    I think you should open an online Farmers Market…

  3. Jealous of all your garden loot! While I know it takes time to harvest, it’s so worth it when you cook fresh green beans in the dead of winter. :D

  4. Fig jam + pizza crust + goat cheese + caramalized onions. What time should I come???
    Also: Stuffed zucchini!
    Lovely garden!

  5. I am Sooo jealous of your fig crop!! I would be soo excited to eat them :)

    • Thanks Lauren :) considering i had never ever had a fresh fig before moving into this house, i’m very excited to have them growing in the yard.

  6. I am so so jealous of your fig collection! I want some!!!

    You make me so excited to grow a garden one day, seriously! I yammer on and on to Andy about it! Everything looks delicious.

  7. Wow! What a great selection of produce you’ve grown! I truly admire your ability to grow such a variety. I would love to have a garden similar to yours someday soon!

  8. Holy moly that’s a lot of produce! Gosh I wish we had a fig bush. I’ve never even had a fresh fig, but I can just imagine that it’s amazing.

  9. Wow your garden has exploded! I wish I could have that many beans sitting around my house. Beans with ham hock and small red potatoes would be at every dinner :)

  10. Woah the garden is explodinggggggggg!! Lucky lady. If I was close by I’d definitely take some of those off your hands ;) Oh p.s. pretty sure I’ll be in BBurg for the VTech / Arkansas game Sept 17 so if you have plans to go too (I know ya’ll are big fans!) then we should meet up!

    • Fun! :) I think we should be here? We’ll be in C’ville on the 16th for a concert, but I’m pretty sure we’ll be coming back for the game. Remind me once it gets closer so I can see what our plans are!

  11. Your garden is simply wonderful!!!! I wish we had space to grow more. I know it’s a lot of work, but you’ll enjoy all those frozen and canned fruits and veggies soooo much in the fall and winter!!!

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