Thirty-One Giveaway!

I’m always a little late on new trends or products. Especially if it’s something to do with fashion.


Living in a small town with not-so-great shopping has its good and bad points: good because without many shopping options, it means I’m not shopping very often and saving money; bad because I miss good shopping!

Thankfully, I have lots of girls in my family that help keep me up to date on things.

This past Christmas, I received my first Thirty-One bag as a gift from my sister-in-law. Maleasa got me this awesomely big polka-dot lunch tote, and I use it every day.

Since I’m always carrying my lunch and snacks plus Nick’s lunch (we eat together every day), I need a larger lunch bag to carry to the office. This lunch tote is perfect! It’s insulated, flexible, lightweight, and – most importantly – cute.


My second Thirty-One bag came as a birthday present from my mother-in-law, and it’s my new favorite. I love how soft and durable the material is, the straps are the perfect length, and it’s a good size for me. For how much I love gigantic purses, I’m surprised how much I like this one Winking smile


And now I have even more reason to buy more of these bags!

My older sister is now selling Thirty-One bags and she wanted to hold a fun giveaway on the blog so that one of you could try out your own thermal lunch tote.

Want to win a thermal lunch tote?

Tell me what you’d pack for lunch in this & it could be yours! You can even pick the print & have it personalized if you’d like!

I’ll pick a winner on Thursday – good luck!

I’ve already got my eyes on that cupcake print and the coffee + tea…


  1. What a fun bag!!! Id love to pack a lunch of hummus and veggies, greek yogurt, and cheese and crackers

  2. Love Thirty-One bags!! I ordered my sister a diaper bag for Christmas and she absolutely loves it!

    This lunch tote would be perfect for salads, hummus, veggies, and fruit. (what usually goes into my lunch)

  3. So cute! I would definitely pack up leftovers or a prepared salad for lunch!

  4. How have I never heard of these? Sometimes I think I live in a black hole.

    I would pack…many PB+J’s! But probably mostly a lot of pasta!

  5. How cute! I would love to take my breakfast oats and salads in this tote to school! I pratically live there this fall haha :)

  6. my typical lunch is trailmix and an apple for snacks and a hummus wrap, greek yogurt with fresh fruit and granola, and some red pepper slices for lunch! yummm. these bags are super cute!

  7. I would pack all the things I’m normally too afraid to pack since I never use a dedicated lunch bag and always just shove my lunch next to my laptop! A mason jar of soup, salad with dressing, a smoothie… no more “dry” things in case they spill!! Not that I would want to harm anything this cute…

  8. What a fun giveaway! I’m a boring lunch person, usually a sandwich or leftovers.

  9. These bags are so cute!! I am in need of a new lunch bag! :) I would love to pack a turkey, cheese and hummus sandwich, a 100 calorie pack of cottage cheese doubles and some fruit in the lunch bag!

  10. Now that Im back on WW’s I could really use this.
    I would pack a Turkey Sandwich with a Summer Salad…
    Biter and Sweet Field Greens, Fresh Strawberries, Fresh Blueberries with shaved White Chocolate and Vanilla Bean Viniagrette on the side.

  11. I bring my lunch to work every single day – would love a cool tote like that – our office fridge isn’t the coolest for some reason – it always seems to be in a state of repair!

    Today I have a loaded chili baked potato with broccoli – yum!

    Have a great day Brandi!

  12. I would love to win this. I would give it to my daughter she takes her lunch to school everyday to avoid eating the unhealthy school lunches.

  13. Oh man… I need a new lunch tote so bad!

    I’d be using it for salad mix stuff and leftovers. I’m so boring during lunch. Whomp whomp…

  14. I would love to use one of these cute bags to pack up my meals for the day! I eat breakfast and lunch away from home, so I need something big and would love something fun. (This morning I used a reusable shopping bag from Whole Foods…yawn!)

    A sample of what I would pack: Today I brought some black beans and rice, some shredded cheese, and a whole wheat tortilla for a breakfast quesadilla. For lunch, I’ll have leftover ratatouille and pasta, with a sugarless peach and apple crisp for dessert. Yum!

  15. I’m a PB&J girl, with chips, fruit, and carrots. Nothing brings me back to my childhood more than packing a PB&J.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. Great giveaway! I’d pack my usual sandwich or leftovers. :)

  17. I love love love 31 bags. I have several. What a fun giveaway.
    I usually pack some sort of sandwich and fruit in my lunches!

  18. I love to take all the components to assemble a burrito or taco salad at work. Of course since I don’t want anything to get soggy and somethings need to warmed while others need to be cold this calls for lots of little containers. This bag would be a great way to transport them all.

  19. I need one of these! I always pack my lunch and whatever cold food I have, they just drip in my bag :( I would pack my leftovers (rice, tofu, and veggies are the usual norm) to heat in the office, but also fruit! :D

  20. Adorable bag! For lunch, I love to bring some spinach & olive hummus with carrot sticks and pita chips for dipping and our leftovers from the night before (today happens to be shredded chicken tacos. Yum!

  21. These are adorable! Since it’s summer I’m all about having tomato sandwiches….yum!

  22. I keep hearing about these bags from random friends who are starting to sell them. They look cute tho! And I pack pretty much the same lunch every day: a salad in the summer or soup in the winter/fall.

  23. What a pretty tote! I would actually pack my breakfast — chobani yogurt, granola and a fresh banana.

  24. I’m still using my husbands company “tool” insulated pack. I NEED one of these bags, LOL. I would pack shredded brocolli slaw with spicy peanut dressing!

  25. so cute. i like the pink colour! :) i usually always pack leftovers, 2 pc’s of fruit, yogurt and perhaps something a little sweet. this usually makes my purse very heavy, so a seperate bag for my lunch would be great.

  26. I’d pack a nice grain or noodle salad.

  27. I bring my breakfast and lunch to work everyday – so I’d pack greek yogurt, salad greens, tuna, and tons of veggies for the salad! And string cheese and an apple for snacks!

  28. I’ve been on a huge salad kick for lunches this summer. Undoubtedly, that’s what would go in that cute bag.

  29. those look great! today i brought some baby spinach with tomato basil-chickpea vinaigrette and a bunch of roasted veggies to go on top… i should get to it :)

  30. Ohh I have been thinking that I need a lunch tote lately! I’ve been throwing all my lunch stuff in a regular tote and by the time I get to work, things are never the correct temp! I would def be putting salads in this- I love to make salads with lots of ingredients and then combine them when I get to work!

  31. I’d fill one of those pretty floral bags with a wrap filled with veggies, avocado, and cheese, a juicy peach, a bottle of water, and something sweet to top off the meal.

  32. How cool! And I just happen to be looking for a new lunch bag… ;-) I’d pack a bottle of Kefir for my dairy, a swiss/turkey sandwich on marble rye, some crisp sugar snap peas and a clementine orange for a post-lunch pick me up. YUM!

  33. PB&J? Ham & Swiss? It would certainly taste great if it was packed in a super cute lunch bag from 31!

  34. I just bought a new pack of thai rice so… thai rice salad it shall be!! :D

  35. What an adorable lunch bag! I’d pack myself some low-carb lasagna using zucchini strips instead of pasta! plus a peach, because I love summer produce!

  36. How cute! As I usually eat breakfast and lunch at the office, I would pack the usual greek yogurt for breakfast; some fruit for a snack and then a super healthy salad for lunch with a little sweet treat and of course, ice tea–all of which I would totally have room for.


  37. I must be living under a rock, because I’ve never heard of these bags. My lunch bag would probably be filled with a huge salad, yogurt and some fruit.

  38. Great bags :) I bring my lunch to work everyday, so I would pack my homemade soup, a salad, pita and hummus.

  39. I’d pack some healthy vegetarian options!! Maybe hummus wraps or egg salad. My college has ZERO vegetarian options outside of salad and a lettuce sub!

  40. I would use it for picnics with my two kids…that always involves string cheese and yogurt!

  41. I love 31 bags! For myself I would pack a green salad with chicken. Kids usually take a sandwich of some kind.

  42. I love a warm lunch like chicken with veggies or soup and salad. These bags are so cute!!

  43. I’d love to pack crackers and hummus, carrots and a turkey sandwich
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  44. Love 31 bags!! They are sooo cute! I pack an awesome taco salad

  45. hmmm…hummus and cheese sandwich, an annie’s frozen dinner, and dessert to share :)

  46. Well beings that it is a good size, I’d finally be able to bring a deconstructed salad to work! Finally have enough room to seperate everything so the lettuce wouldn’t get soggy!

  47. Since I work 10 hour days, I bring lunch, dinner and snacks with me every day. I usually make up something on Monday (my day off) and bring leftovers most of the week.

  48. I’m late on this trend too but these are super cute. At work we sometimes do healthy potluck picnics at a local park. I would love to use this cute tote to bring my fruit salad or hummus and veggies to share!

  49. mmm I would pack a tuna fish sandwich ,pretzels,some fruit and water ;)

  50. These are adorable. Much good luck to your sister in her venture. I would pack my usual salad and hummus and crackers!

  51. I know what you mean about needing a bigger than normal bag. Since I often pack breakfast and lunch, often, a normal-sized bag just won’t do for all the days meals and snacks. And most lunch bags are no where near this cute! Thanks to you and your sister for a great giveaway!

  52. bring my lunch daily – and breakfast – also so an insulated bag would be great since food for the day always includes some type of veggies and cheese.

  53. Those are really cute! I would probably pack my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in my tote bag, along with fruit, yogurt, granola bars and a bunch of other goodies :)

  54. turkey sandwich and a bunch of fruit!

  55. What a cute bag! I would like to pack it with a PBJ sandwich, an apple, a homemade granola bar and some hummus and carrots.

  56. Love those bags…lunch would be an avocado and garden tomato sandwich with hummus on whole grain bread…with big green grapes for dessert!!!

  57. I probably wouldn’t use it for myself. I’d give it to my sister who is in med school. :-) She’d most likely pack leftovers in it.

  58. How adorable! I would pack it with veggie wrap, fruit and yogurt with granola.

  59. Ahhh I LOVE lunch bags that are as stylish as purses! I try to pack my lunch every day to save money, but it can get boring. I’d pack a turkey and sprouts sandwich with spicy mustard on rye bread, and some carrots with hummus for dipping. And maybe a large oatmeal chocolate chip cookie for dessert.

  60. How cute are these bags! I’ve started packing a lot of fresh fruit and veggies for lunch and a large insulated bag would be great for getting it all in to work!

  61. I need something that I can carry because I’m sick of putting my lunch in my large handbag. This is perfect and adorable!

  62. I have to bring my breakfast lunch and snacks to work so I am normally bringing 2 lunch bags also. I tend to have my oatmeal and a salad of almost everythig I can find in the house!

  63. I would LOVE to win an insulated lunch tote! I was just about to post something about my lifetime lunch totes in preparation for going back to school in less than two weeks. I’ll be a first year teacher and IDK if I can have a personal fridge in my classroom or have to use the communal fridge in the teacher workroom…

    Biggest problem: I have had a hard time finding a big enough tote to hold all of my containers, etc. I’ve gone through three in the past year and half [oops]! I typically bring a couple of containers [salad/ entree, dips, yogurt], snack baggies [chips/ pretzels, veggies, fruit, nuts], and a power bar :)

  64. I would load mine up with sliced up veggies, cut up fruit, yogurt, cereal, whole wheat english muffins and almond butter.i love these totes.

  65. Super giveaway. I would fill it with my morning smoothis and my afternoon snacks of fruits and nuts.

  66. I would pack a thermos of good old water, Chobani greek yogurt, meat roll-ups with Alpine Lace cheese and lettuce(no bread), Fiber One 90 calorie snack, banana, apple, or grapes.

  67. Those are so cute and the container I have right now is not. I like to bring fruit, veggies, hummus, leftovers and yogurt most days. I could fit it all in there.

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  69. I would stuff my with veggie sandwiches and lots of yummy fruit.

  70. My lunch would be a pretty boring turkey sandwich, but at least my bag wouldn’t be!

  71. I’d pack my summer berries quinoa, some ginger cashews, blueberry mint tea and coconut yogurt with walnut apple granola.

  72. So cute! Love this lunch tote. I would pack a salad and fresh fruit.

  73. I love thirty one but I am on a tight budget I would be able to take plenty of fruits, veggies and yogurt to work if I had one of these wonderful lunch totes

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