the blogging pants + blends

A few weeks ago, I received one of the best packages in the mail that I’ve ever opened.

The Blogging pants. Have you heard of these?

So far, the pants have gone from Faith –>Hangry Pants –> Chandra –>Run, Eat, Repeat! –>Healthy Tipping Point –>A to Pink –>Then Heather Said –>Healthy Ashley –> Ashley–> Julie –> to me, and now… they’re on their way to Susan!


These blogging pants were started with a similar idea to the traveling pants, and each recipient is charged with writing an encouraging message, affirmation, sentiment of wisdom, and then to send them on to another whom they feel needs some encouragement along the way.

Rules of the pants (some borrowed from the book):

  1. Be your beautiful self and live vivaciously! Have fun!
  2. You must never say the word “phat. You must never think to yourself “I am fat.”
  3. Remember, pants=love. Love your pals, love yourself.
  4. Write your quote, blog, take your pict and send it to Faith, and choose another blogger to send it on!


The quote I left on the jeans is one of my favorite lyrics from The Avett Brothers.

“If you’re loved by someone, you’re never rejected. Decide what to be, and go be it.”

The pants have been mailed to Susan, and I honestly couldn’t think of anyone else I wanted to send them to. Her spirit and honesty throughout everything she’s been handed lately is incredibly encouraging and just flat out inspiring.

I can’t wait to see where the pants end up next!


And as for the “blends”…I’ve never used that word before, but after seeing Heather use it so much, I think it really sums up the friendships I’ve made with other bloggers.

I got another package in the mail a few weeks ago from Janetha, one of my favorite bloggers AND a blogger friend that I have met in real life!

She is just as sweet and funny in person as you would think from reading her blog and I’m so sad we don’t live closer. Well, Janetha decided that since I couldn’t find these things near me, she would send me some PB&Co Mighty Maple (!) and some nutritional yeast, just because.

And now I have a new addiction. That maple peanut butter is all kinds of trouble Winking smile


Happy Monday! I’ll be back later with a garden update – it is officially exploding.

How was your weekend?


  1. What a great idea! I hope the pants find their way to me one day!

  2. Cool! The blog pants…haha I love it! What a great idea :)

  3. Genius. I read all of the Traveling Pants books, and I loved them.

  4. Awww janetha is so thoughtful! Enjoy your monday

  5. Isn’t mighty maple addicting? I’ve made my own maple peanut butter before, but I’ll be the first to admit it’s not quite at the level of Mighty Maple.

  6. Hil-ar-i-ous! PS… I love the Avett Brothers. Saw them in concert a few months back. :)

    • They’re my FAVORITE!!! I’ve seen them twice and am seeing them again next month. They’re so incredible live.

  7. Love the lyrics you put on the pants!

    Janetha is so sweet, that PB looks good!

  8. <3333333333

  9. How adorable are those pants. Love the sentiment and the real life embodiment of the book.

  10. That is such a fun idea! See, this is just another reason why I love this community- it is full of such an incredible, supportive people! And I’m so glad you sent it to Susan- I hope it brings her hope and support during this difficult time!

  11. What a great idea, and sending them to Susan is brilliant! She is such an inspiration!!!

  12. What a great idea! :)

  13. I totally forgot about those blogging pants. You are a very deserving blogger to receive them!

  14. Oh that Maple Butter IS trouble. So is nutritional yeast. :)

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