a perfect Sunday


Cookies are being made.


Bread is cooling for dinner. (PS: I made this batch with 1/2 bread flour and 1/2 white whole wheat flour – they look great!)


Maggie is napping.


And I’m determined to teach myself how to play the piano part for November Blue.

Hope your weekend is ending on a good note.


*Last chance to enter the Stonyfield giveaway – I’m picking the winners tomorrow!


  1. Everything looks SO good! I thought the first picture was applesauce! Enjoy the rest of the weekend

  2. Looks fabulous! I can just feel the contentment :)

    • Thanks Kacy :) now if only college football had started already… then it would be the absolutely perfect weekend!

  3. Such a relaxing day in the Appetit house. :-)

  4. Looks like a perfectly relaxing weekend!!!

  5. Sounds like a productive weekend! that bread looks amazing :)

  6. What a lovely Sunday indeed! I bet those cookies turned out good:D

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  8. Aww that does sound like the perfect Sunday! Mine was spent running errands, but some were fun and it ended up being a nice day. I wanna know what those cookies are :)

  9. Your tranquility astounds me! [In an “I am envious of your adorableness” kind of way. ;)]

  10. Definitely looks like a great Sunday :)

  11. dude. i just realized i never asked if you ever got the package i mailed? i hope it got to you!

    • yes, I did! i’m planning to post about it soon, but thank you thank you!!! i was so excited when i opened the box :)

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