A Sweet S’mores Ending

Did anyone know today is National S’mores Day?

How did I miss this?

I could have made s’mores oatmeal for breakfast. Or ordered a s’mores latte this afternoon instead of a plain one. Or…just had s’mores for dinner instead of the leftover chicken and new potato recipe.

But it’s not too late!

It’s still light outside, the weather is perfect, and s’mores are quick and easy to make!

Sadly, I have no graham crackers in the house, but I am thinking about all of these recipes I’ve seen lately.


S’mores Pancakes from two of my favorite girls at We Are Not Martha. So sad I didn’t have these for breakfast.


This S’mores Dip I made – I almost forgot about this! Maybe that’s a good thing.


Want a healthier spin on some s’mores? These S’mores Brownies are all whole wheat!


How about these S’mores Bars from Becky Bakes? That melty filling looks perfect, doesn’t it?


If you’re not drooling yet, you will be now. Have you seen this S’mores French Toast from Karly at Buns in my Oven? Holy moly.


And if those aren’t enough, definitely check out these Smashing S’mores from Jessica at How Sweet It Is.

Happy S’mores Day to you! Hope you have a sweet treat and enjoy it Smile


  1. I did not even know today was Smores day….I need one now! haha. All these recipes look amazing :)

  2. How did I miss this day, too?!

  3. Mm now im hungry! Love the pancake idea

  4. Holy s’mores goodness!

  5. LOVE everything s’mores! Thanks for linking me. :)

  6. I missed S’Mores Day, too! I could really go for some of your dip right now :-D

  7. Omg this post literally had me salivating… all those yummy s’mores dishes look fabulous!!!!

  8. Aww thank you for featuring my s’mores pancakes!! Now I suddenly want them again… It is breakfast time after all!

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