a new kind of workout

This morning, I ran 1 mile around the track.

Then…I walked and ran for another 30 minutes around our yard and the neighborhood looking for Maggie.


Sometimes, when Maggie sees something – like a bird or bunny or a leaf blowing across the yard – she can’t stop herself from going after it.

So, she ran off this morning. And was gone for almost an hour, which is the longest she’s ever been gone.

I was worried. I paced around the yard, yelling her name, which I’m sure the neighbors enjoyed at 6:30 this morning.

Then finally, around 7:15, Nick got a call that someone found her.

Quite the eventful morning. My breakfast was not the big bowl of oatmeal or eggs + veggies I wanted, but a cold and tasty bowl of cereal.


And coffee. Lots of coffee. We’ll see how long this holds me. I normally have cereal for a snack, not a meal, because it never fills me up.

Not the start I wanted today, but I did get a workout in! And I’m just happy she’s home.

How’s your day going so far? Did you have a good breakfast?


  1. Oh My, Im glad she’s back.
    I feel for you, I know that feeling!

  2. Oh man!! Glad you found her! So far this morning i washed frank, gave the baby a bath and took a shower!

  3. I am soo tired right now! haha. I had a bomb breakfast though. Carrot cake oatmeal with blueberries and almond butter :)

  4. Glad she’s back safe and sound. Living in the country I’ve had that panicked feeling time and again. Now our dogs are on an invisible fence so they can’t go farther than our property line.

  5. Oh my gosh, glad you found Maggie! I’d be freaking out too..but I’m sure she had fun running around the neighborhood for a little while.

  6. I’m so glad you found her!!! Having your dog run away is so terrifying, I remember the night it happened with Lucy when I lived in the city and we were searching the streets in a thunderstorm in a panic because the gate was slightly open and she got out. I was hysterical in tears until we found her :( So happy Maggie is safe n’ sound back with you!!

  7. Oh gosh, how scary!!!!!! I freak out when my pup just runs out in the front yard!
    Glad she’s home safe and sound.

  8. Oh gosh, glad you found her!!!
    Everytime my pup ever got away i would sit in the grass and hyperventilate i was soooo worried and yeah blowing leaves are often culprits for going on a mad dash, my arms sockets are usually in danger every autumn :)

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