New Stonyfield Activia (Giveaway)

You guys know I love Stonyfield.

We almost always have Oikos in the fridge. Their frozen yogurts are amazing, and I can’t wait until I can get their frozen yogurt bars around here. I’m happy to spend my money on a company I believe in, and I’m really excited about this new item!


If you’ve been watching the yogurt section at your local grocery store lately, I’m sure you’ve noticed it growing every week. It seems like there are new brands and flavors and varieties popping up on the shelves every day.

But – until now – there hasn’t been an organic “activia” yogurt.


Stonyfield Organic Activia is the first organic yogurt with the exclusive probiotic culture Bifidus Regularis® (Bifidobacterium Lactis DN 173-010), which can help naturally regulate the digestive system when eaten daily for two weeks as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.  

Stonyfield – after hearing that many of their customers wanted an organic option – made it a reality. 


Stonyfield’s Organic Activia tastes similar to Stonyfield Smooth & Creamy low fat yogurt and offers all the benefits of regular organic yogurt.  Like all Stonyfield products, Organic Activia is made from certified organic milk and other organic ingredients produced without the use of toxic persistent pesticides, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones.  It’s also made with no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners!

And since they want organic lovers everywhere to be able to try Stonyfield Organic Activia they’re offering to refund to anyone who purchases Activia and doesn’t love how they feel. (up to $12.00, offer good 5/1/2011-9/1/2011)*  


My favorite way to enjoy it so far? Either with a local peach or berries OR with some Love Grown granola. This has been my favorite afternoon snack lately – so, so good!

I ate it for a week before we left for Honduras, and I’m getting back on the yogurt schedule now that I’m back home. I will say – having yogurt every day definitely makes me feel good. It fills me up without weighing me down, and those live cultures and good bacteria keep my tummy happy.

Right now, it comes in Vanilla and Strawberry, and while I normally choose plain yogurt over flavored, I do like that these aren’t too sweet. With some fresh fruit and/or granola, it makes a great breakfast, snack, or dessert.


And lucky youSmile 

5 of you(!) will get the chance to try 2 weeks of the new Stonyfield Activia yogurts for free!

Want to win your own coupon pack for these new yogurts?

Leave me a comment telling me one healthy thing you’re doing today.

Want some extra entries?

  • Like Stonyfield on Facebook and leave them a comment telling them I sent you. Leave a comment here saying you did.
  • Like my Facebook page (there will be more chances to win posted!) and let me know you did
  • Tell me YOUR favorite flavor of yogurt

Good luck!

I’ll choose the 5 winners on Monday, August 15th.


  1. I will be teaching my first RPM class tonight!!! :)

  2. There is a blitz of Activia on blogs! Doing spinning today at the gym.

  3. I will be biking to work, then the dentist and then back home today!

  4. My fave yogurt flavour would have to be strawberry! I love the Activa and Stonyfield brand :)

  5. My favorite flavor of yogurt is vanilla!

  6. Also, one healthy thing I am doing today is de-cluttering my house and my office! It’s amazing what a little cleaning can do for your mental health :-)

  7. Today is strength training for me as well as menu planning day. I find that planning out the weekend meals helps me stick to healthy choices.

  8. I’ve already taken a spin class today!

  9. I am going to have fresh fruit as a snack today instead of chips!

  10. I’m eating organic almond butter for some extra protein! Yummm :)

  11. I’ve got a healthy dinner planned–turkey quinoa meatloaf + veggies :)

  12. like you and stoneyfield on facebook

  13. favorite flavour is plain slightly sweetened greek yogurt. that way i can share with the dog and use it in baking or on perogies/in smoothies.

  14. I went swimming this morning!

  15. My favorite flavor of yogurt is the strawberry.

  16. today i plan to eat kale. (before i go eat at a restaurant called “animal”)

  17. I’m buying fresh fruit for our beach vacation today!

  18. My favorite yogurt flavor is Chobani’s raspberry. I could seriously eat it every single day (maybe even twice a day!).

  19. Oh, and I already like you on FB. :)

  20. We are going on a bike ride today.

  21. I’ve already done some strength training this morning, so for the rest of today I’m going to make sure I drink enough water, allow myself to breath, and cuddle with my husband and dog when I get home :)

  22. Today I plan on walking with Andy, drinking lots of water and weight lifting a little bit!

    And cooking. Cooking is a great stress reliever!

  23. I biked to work today – I try to do it at least 2 times a week. I’ve never done destination exercise before this summer and I love it!

  24. One healthy thing I am doing today is keeping myself properly hydrated!

  25. I worked out this morning.

  26. I like you on facebook.

  27. I like Stoneyfield on facebook.

  28. I love strawberry flavored yogurt.

  29. i brought my lunch from home and went for a walk

  30. Today I’m trying to drink a lot of water and get all my servings of veggies.

  31. My favorite flavor is always raspberry.

  32. I ran with a buddy this morning. tonight, it’s a family party with lots of food – good for the mental health ;)

  33. Drinking lots of water!

  34. My favorite flavor is usually plain. I like to doctor it up!

  35. walked the dogs and am planning on having some yogurt w/ fresh fruit in a little while.

  36. my favorite flavor is plain – like to add my own fruit and a bit of granola

  37. going for a walk in the woods :)

  38. Fixing a big batch of beans in the crock pot for the freezer, serving sourdough pancakes for lunch, fixing whole wheat couscous with peppers for dinner.

  39. I am replacing my daily diet coke with flavored seltzer today!

  40. I liked you on fb, also.

  41. My favorite yogurt flavor is strawberry banana.

  42. I did cardio and strength training at the gym this morning.

  43. I like plain yogurt the best so that I can really taste the bits and pieces that I mix in.

  44. I had plain low fat stonyfield yogurt on fresh blueberries from the farmers market for breakfest

  45. Like Stonyfield on Facebook

  46. like you BranAppetit on facebook

  47. my favorite summer breakfast is fresh fruit from the farmers market with plain yogurt. Had peaches last week and blueberries this week

  48. I will be taking a long bike ride with my husband!

  49. My favorite flavor is anything berry…strawberry, mixed berry, blueberry, etc

  50. I like BranApetit on FB!

  51. I like Stonyfield on FB!

  52. I ate a salad and drank lots of water. Also did some walking around, although it wasn’t hardcore exercise — every little bit helps though, right!?

  53. I just got back from the gym and am drinking a smoothie…great way to start the day off :)

  54. And as far as flavors: if I’m just having yogurt I like strawberry or pomegranate or I love plain yogurt with a drizzle of maple syrup, walnuts, and fresh peaches or other fruits :)

  55. I want to try these yogurts!! They look great!

  56. i like stonyfield on FB

  57. I am your FB fan too!

  58. my favorite yogurt flavor is strawberry or caramel.

  59. Shopping for new runners! – that counts as healthy, right?

  60. My favourite is plain :)

  61. I lightened up 2 very fattening recipes for a healthy dinner party.

  62. My favorite flavor yogurt is good ol’ vanilla.

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