Savvy Julie: The Little Things

Day 2 in Honduras, and we’re probably already on our way out of the city for our first full day of work.

Thank you to Julie for putting together this post for me. I love reading the Little Things series and will definitely be counting my blessings today and thinking of the little things making me happy.

Hi everyone!  Julie of Savvy Eats here, and I’m thrilled to be guest posting for Brandi today.  On my blog, I focus on eating locally and in-season, gardening and cycling.

Every week or so, I post about the little things in life that are making me happy.  These posts always brighten my day and make me smile.  And I love when readers send me photos of their “little things” for my reader submission page!

The Little Things Making Me Happy Today Are…

1.  My growing collection of preserves.  Having local fruit that was preserved in-season this winter will be wonderful!

2.  Our window air-conditioning unit.  We just put it in last week, and it was a lifesaver on the day the temperature was over 100F!

3.  My puppy, Max.  Working from home can get kind of lonely, but Max keeps me company.

4.  Chai tea.  I have a chai “problem,” and drink some nearly every day.  I even love to bake and cook with it, as you may have noticed.

5.  Living within walking/biking distance of nearly everything.  Built-in exercise, right there!

What little things are making you happy today?


  1. Glad your having fun! your puppy is adorable!! waking up to the sun make me happy :)

  2. Max is absolutely precious!

  3. HOLY…. That is the cutest puppy EVAH!!

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