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Remember that box I got from Bob’s Red Mill a few weeks ago? I’ve been making my way through it and have now fallen in love with 3 out of the 4 products already!


I’d been seeing so many recipes using buckwheat groats lately and knew I wanted to try them – I’m happy I picked those to sample!

They’re delicious and I love that you can eat them raw, sprinkled on yogurt, too. It’s nice to have grain options that don’t have to be cooked in advance.



I used the masa to make my corn tortillas a few weeks ago (which were amazing) AND I finally tried some Xanthan gum!


My smoothies had been missing out.

Xanthan gum is so….weird? But it’s incredible! It makes smoothies so smooth. And a smooth smoothie is definitely better than a not so smooth one.


And also.


If you make these browned butter cookies and just happen to have extra confetti icing laying around…


they make a pretty good cookie sandwich. And that’s all I say about that.


What are you loving right now? Have you tried buckwheat groats or xanthan gum?


  1. Bob’s has the best products! I haven’t tried the groats or the gum yet. Love the idea of mixing the groats into yogurt. I actually have a couple new Bob’s products I need to test out !

  2. Bob is the MAN ;) haha I am loving scallops and popsicles currently….its so HOT. Never tried groats or xanthan gum….looks interesting!

  3. I’ve tried both buckwheat groats and xanthan gum and love them both. Bob has great products!

  4. I really need tot try using xanthum gum! And your cookies are still calling my name…

  5. That hazelnut meal sounds so unique – I can’t wait to see what you make with it!!!

  6. Holy moly that cookie sandwich looks divine!

  7. What an awesome box set! I’ve never tried either, but I’m dying to give xanthan gum a try for smoothies!!

  8. I’ve been dying to xantham and guar gum in my smoothies ever since seeing how thick Julie at PBFingers smoothies come out! That looks incredible!

  9. The gums seem to be a common ingredient in foods today. My mom just discovered that she is allergic to the whole family of gums. She has neuro-toxic reactions to them. So just be wary who you serve it to!

  10. love their products and all the ones you’re been trying are ones I haven’t tried but have been meaning to–esp xantham! glad you’re having fun with them :)

  11. I was going to say that I’m excited you liked the groats because they just showed up at my co-op and I’ve been eyeing them. But then it took me five minutes to remember to write that because my eyes glazed over at the sight of that cookie. Holy cow! (holy cookie?!) You’re lucky I don’t live within a reasonable driving distance because I’d probably be knocking on your door to steal a bite of one :D

  12. Oh my word. That cookie and icing sandwich is calling my name. :-)

  13. totally awesome BRM goodies! and i’ll take one of those cookie sandwiches… asap.

  14. Cookie sandwiches are the best types of sandwiches. Even better with ice cream!

  15. I have been dying to try Xantham forever now. I just need to buckle down and spend the money because I know it will be worth it.

  16. I’ve never tried using gums before… They’re so dang expensive! Love Bob’s products. Buckwheat groats are some of my favorites!

  17. Oh yes, cookie sandwich! I’ll take one (or two)!

  18. We’ve been loving out coconut oil and palm shortening. Things taste so much better! Especially when you know it’s not bad for you. :-)

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