Garden–1. Brandi–0.


The green beans are taking over!


As of right now, we have two of our largest bowls and a metal ice bucket completely filled with green beans.

There’s also a colander and my salad spinner bowl filled with beans that I have already washed, trimmed, and cut so they’re ready for canning.


The plan for tonight? Nick and I are going to try our hand at canning green beans for the first time. It should be interesting.IMG_4002

We definitely want to can a couple batches of beans, but we’ll still have some to use…so…

What is your favorite way to have green beans?


  1. Haha attack of the beans :) I love beans raw actually, but if you roast them with olive oil, salt and pepper for abit they are sooo good.

  2. I love roasting green beans with either some garlic salt or Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute. I have a ton of green beans that I bought from the Farmer’s Market. So I totally know how you feel ;)

  3. Here’s an easy recipe that I picked up from the farmer’s market that I love, it’s spicy and yummy!

  4. I love my orange-glazed green beans – a touch of sweet is awesome!

  5. good luck canning!! i also love roasting green beans with cut up red peppers (and olive oil, salt, pepper) :)

  6. My dad used to steam green beans then pour tomato sauce over them when I was little – it’s really good!

  7. I saw a recipe in a Trader Joe’s cook book that I tried this weekend: boil green beans, then add in some salsa and feta cheese. It was really good!

  8. Can you freeze them?

    • yup, we plan to freeze some of them, too, but we want to can as many as possible since they’ll stay better (i.e., not have the chance to get freezer burn)

  9. the July issue of Cooking Light had some great green bean recipes in it! I made the sesame soy one (not posted yet) and it was delish!

  10. Oh I love green beans!! You can send some over my way if you want someone to take them off your hands! :) And I like them simple with some almonds sprinkled on top, but Julie over at Peanut Butter Fingers roasts them, which sounds delicious and I’ve always wanted to try them that way!

  11. We love to gill them with cherry tomatoes. Toss everything in some olive oil+salt+pepper. Throw the beans in a grill basket until they are almost done (10 minutes or so) then add the tomatoes for a couple of minutes.

  12. Lucky girl! I just have green beans raw or steamed, but maybe sautéed in Chinese seasonings would be good, too!

  13. Oooooooohhh……you’re so lucky!!! We LOVE green beans! I like to make them with tomatoes, roasted potatoes, and almonds. Yum!

  14. Take lots of pictures tonight!

  15. Yum! My favorite dish with green beans (besides steamed crisp with just a touch of real butter) is to make rotini pasta, and when it is done cooking mix in basil pesto, toasted pine nuts and crispy, steamy beans. Add shredded fresh parmesan and a sprinkle of salt to taste, then eat hot or – on a hot, summer day – chilled. It is to die for!

  16. I pickled green beans last year (just using our dill pickle recipe) and they were by far our favorite! I made half just dill and half spicy dill (with thai chilies). Yum!

    • Now those sound great. Would you be willing to share the recipe? We want to try making some “dilly beans” with some of them, but I haven’t found a recipe to use yet.

      • Sure, here is the recipe(my mother-in-law’s). We also used the brine for giardiniera and banana peppers.

        Garlic pickles (or beans, peppers)

        1/3 C pickling salt
        2 C water
        4 C white vinegar
        * You can double this batch, but not triple.

        Bring above ingredients to a boil and reduce to a simmer. Meanwhile, put dill, scrubbed beans, 2 cloves of garlic, and 1/4 teaspoon of alum in warm jars. Pour hot brine over the beans, make sure lip of the jar is clean and seal. In a hot water bath, boil for 5 minues. After the jars seal, take the rims off and let sit for 6 weeks (if you can wait that long)!

        • Awesome – this sounds so good! Thanks so much! I bet the banana peppers are delicious like this.

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