Midweek Harvest

My best dream and worst nightmare have come true: the garden is now overflowing.

It’s great because we have plenty of fresh vegetables, from our own yard, whenever we want.

But it’s also a bit overwhelming when, on Tuesday, I picked about 8 cups of green beans from just one row of our plants. And we have 3 more rows.

Guess I’ll be learning to can beans soon! Or at least freeze them.


Tuesday night’s haul:

8 cups green beans

3 zucchini (and there’s plenty more)

5-6 cups salad greens

5 more radishes


3 ripe figs!


They seem to be ripening just a few at a time, which is fine with me.

So the big question is: what’s your favorite way to eat figs? This week was the first time I’d ever had a fresh one and I’m excited to have more.


  1. I love roasting figs and putting them in a salad! So delicious!

  2. to me, there is nothing better than just eating a super ripe fig raw

  3. I remember when my garden got to this point. I was thrilled yet so overwhelmed at the same time. It’s a bitter sweet accomplishment! :) SO happy that you have so much but yet so fearful that some will go to waste.

  4. wow! congrats on the garden :) I love figs fresh with toasted bread, olive oil, tomato and basil. Cheese is really good with them too!!

  5. So stinkin’ jealous. Our green beans look pathetic and we’ve only harvested about a handful so far.

  6. I never buy figs, but I don’t know why. I love them! I just rarely eat them. The only way I’ve eaten them is plain or with goat cheese:)

  7. Look at all those veggies omg girl – can’t say i’m not a bit envious!!! ;)

  8. Wow! Your garden is doing awesome! We are still waiting for beans and figs here. I plan to enjoy warmed figs drizzled in balsamic and maybe some honey over ice cream asap!

  9. Wow! I’m so jealous of your garden! ;) You have lots of great veggies!

  10. Soooo jealousss. I harvest my 6 plants of lettuce and they’re still naked for days ;) I should definitely grow beans next year; do you grow from the plants or from seed? I want to grow from seed but I don’t know how viable they are. The good news is that my tomatoes are coming in nicely but they all fell so I have to tie them to the stake – and get bitten by mosquitoes for my hard earned work :(

  11. Wow! Our garden is just really starting to bloom, although the lettuce has been coming for several weeks and I haven’t had to buy any at the store. But only one little tomato is ripening so far, and the pepper are there but not ripe yet. Tons of basil and cilantro, though!

  12. i have this recipe for fig scones on my blog that i LOVE!!! http://www.thehealthyeverythingtarian.com/?page_id=564

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