28 and counting

Today I turn 28.

I don’t feel any older. Once you hit 25, birthdays seem to feel the same, right? I know 30 will feel different, but today feels like any other Friday.


Today I wish I could give you this recipe, but you’ll have to wait a little while.

I also wish I had the day off of work to do whatever I wanted.


Today I’m drinking this new coffee my little sister sent me from Memphis. Ugly Mug coffee has the most entertaining packaging I’ve ever seen! They seem like a fun company.

I think 27 was a good year.

We bought our first house. I got to go to another Celebrity Chef Tour dinner. Maggie has kept us entertained. We watched a lot of football. We planted a huge garden.

I don’t know that I have any set-in-stone goals for 28.

There are definitely things I thought would have happened by now, like quitting a job, having a baby (or two), traveling more.

I still want to have kids. To write a book. To travel as much as possible. To spend as much time with friends and family as I can. To make the perfect layer cake. To find the job that was made for me. To be the best wife/daughter/sister/friend/person I can be. To finally make pretzels and bagels at home.

Think it will all happen this year? I don’t know, but I have a good feeling about 28.


and Happy Birthday to my b-day twin, Heather!!


  1. Happy happy birthday!!! Sounds like a wonderful year:-) I have faith that you will be able to do some if not all of those things you are hoping to get done this year.

  2. Happy Birthday!!

  3. Happy Birthday! I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day! :)

  4. Happy birthday Brandi!!! I hope it’s fabulous! :)

  5. A BIG happy b’day to you miss Brandi! I hope you have a year filled with all those things you wish for :) xo

  6. Happy Birthday!!!!! Its funny when you look back at where you thought you would be at a certain age vs. where you are. You definitely had an amazing last year and I bet this one will be even better. ENjoy your day- treat yourself extra special!!

    • I know it – it’s crazy to think that I’m 28 already! Life turns out so different than we imagine when we’re little kids :) Thank you Erica!

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART!!!!!! Hope it is magical. :)

  8. Happy birthday lovely! I hope you have a wonderful and delicious day! And that all of those birthday wishes of yours come true!

  9. Happiest of birthdays! cant WAIT for that breakie recipe :)

  10. Happy Birthday, Brandi!

  11. Happy birthday! We are so alike in what our 28 year expectations are or could be. Kids, book, perfect job…. here’s hoping some of those things come into fruition ;)

  12. Happy Happy Birthday My Dear! :) I hope that it is the most wonderful one yet! :)

  13. Happy Birthday Brandi! May your 28th year bring you much joy and happiness. Enjoy your day.

  14. Happy Birthday, Brandi! 28 will be a great year for you…I can feel it! :-)

  15. Happy Birthday!!! And it definitely sounds like year 27 was a success! Hope year 28 is even better :)

  16. happy birthday lady!!!!! enjoy your day :)

  17. Happy Birthday Brandi!! I think 28 will be the best year yet :)

  18. Happy birthday, Brandi! I’m sure 28 will be fabulous year for you!

  19. Happy happy birthday Brandi!!! Don’t you love being in your late 20’s? I absolutely do (and am notttt excited about hitting 30 next year lol) – such a fun time in your life! Have a wonderful day :)

  20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Brandi! you share a birthday with my Jason… as soon as I get back home I’m starting on his birthday cake! :D

  21. Happy Birthday! I hope we’ll get a chance to finally meet in your 25th year!

  22. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Brandi! May all your birthday wishes come true. :)

  23. Happy happy birthday! Cheers to a fabulous year :)

  24. Happy happy happy birthday!!!

  25. Happy Birthday!
    I know we are only cyber friends, but I wish you the best!

  26. Happy birthday, Brandi!!
    I feel pretty confident that 28 is going to bring many wonderful surprises. Have a great day! :)

  27. happy happy birthday! i hope you celebrate with lots of yummy foods :)

  28. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 27 was a good year for you :) and I bet there’s much more in store for 28!!

  29. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET BRANDI-GIRL!! May God bless you with all your heart’s desires and have a fun day!

  30. Happiest of birthdayness to you!

  31. Happy Birthday, Brandi!!! 28’s a good age! The next milestone will be 30. 30, fun, and flirty! haha ;)

  32. Happy Birthday! Hope you are having a fantastic day!

  33. Happy, happy Birthday! Hope you are having a wonderful day!

  34. Happy Birthday, Brandi!

    27 sure does sound like it was a great year:) This year will be too!

  35. Not sure I ever commented on your blog before, but I know you are friends with some of my “real life” blog friends so I thought I’d pop in and wish you a happy birthday.

    Savor your twenties because its the only time you can be immature and accepted by society.

  36. Happy Birthday!!!

  37. You want to have children and travel more?! Keep dreaming! Once you have kids, fabulous vacations are gone. Get ready for Disneyworld over and over.
    — Married, Happily Child-Free and Traveling Like There’s no Tomorrow

  38. Happy birthday girl widh we could have been there to help celebrate, remember you are still my favorite MD

    Love Ya

  39. Hope you had a fabulous birthday!! 27 sounds like it was pretty awesome (plus, we got to hang out) and I’m sure 28 will be even better! I’m turning 29 in just a few months, eeek. But it will be the year I get married, so I think it will be a good one :)

  40. I hope your b-day was amazing Brandi!

  41. Happy belated birthday! I know that 28 will be a great year. Hope you had a wonderful day! =)

  42. ahhhh happy birthday again! one day, when i come visit you, let’s make bagels from scratch. everything bagels, if we can. that is my dream too :)

  43. Happy birthday! We are a couple years off, but only a day away… and I can tell you that turning 30 is no birthday different than the rest…. except your mom may want to throw you a party you don’t want. ;)

  44. I am totallllly late saying this but just now playing a little reader catchup ~ Happy Birthday!!!!


  45. my favorite way to start the day is with coffee, oatmeal, and sitting in a sunny spot reading the news.

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