Welcome to Moe’s! (Giveaway)

A few weeks ago, I got an email from someone at Moe’s asking if I wanted to try some items now that they’ve released their new food mission.


To tell you the truth, Nick and I don’t eat here very often, but after seeing their new advertisements and information about their new food mission and what they offer, I thought it would be fun to check them out.


Part of the new food mission is this wheel that helps “steer” customers toward healthier eating options. I was happy to see that they make many of their toppings fresh daily and that they have a lot of gluten free items and vegetarian choices, too.


After looking through all the information, Moe’s sent me a gift card to use at any location so I could try the food. Nick and I went this past Sunday night with some friends, and we had a great time!

For my meal, I got the burrito bowl filled with rice, beans, grilled veggies, lettuce, salsa, guacamole and cilantro.

The chips were hot, the salsa was spicy, and I loved all the fresh cilantro and guac on top of this bowl.

While I don’t think Nick and I will eat here once a week (it’s not in a convenient place for us and I think it’s more fun to make meals like this at home), I’m really happy to see Moe’s making changes to their menu and offerings and am proud to see places making an effort to give customers healthier options.

Lucky for you, they’ve offered to give one reader a $25 gift card to use at your local Moe’s so you can check out their new Food Mission, too.

To Enter:

  • Leave a comment telling me your favorite thing to get at Moe’s

I’ll pick the winner on Monday, June 27th – Good luck!


  1. My favorite thing to order from Moe’s is a chicken burrito bowl! :)

  2. I love that they are being more conscious of the food they feed us.
    I have not been to Moe’s in a long time. I used to get a salad bowl with lots of black beans yum!!

  3. The burrito bowl is great!

  4. I love Moe’s and I definitely don’t go there often enough. I like the veggie burrito. And now I’ll be dreaming of guac for the rest of the day….

  5. I’ve never tried Moe’s before but their salad bowl always looks good to me :)

  6. OMG, I LOVE Moe’s! Sadly, there’s not one close by! Boooo!

  7. I didn’t realize they were changed things to add a healthier spin- good to know! I usually get a chicken burrito when I go!

  8. My cousin and I go almost every Monday for Moe’s Monday! I get a Joey Bag of Donuts with chicken but can’t forget the southwestern ranch!!!

  9. I’ve never been to Moe’s, but I’ve been wanting to try them out! I love anything Mexican!!

  10. I more than love Moe’s- the husband and I go way too much, even though lately their portions have been really small and they bumped up the price. I always get the Ruprict nachos with jalapenos and tons of salsa! :)

  11. LOVE their tofu rice bowls!

  12. I love their burrito bowl!

  13. I love to see restaurants offering more healthy options! I get the personal trainer at moe’s

  14. I too go for the burrito bowl! With black beans and pretty much every veggie they offer, topped with the mild salsa from the “salsa bar”. and if its dinner time, a corona with lime of course!

  15. There is not a Moe’s close by but I LOVE it!! The homewrecker w/ chicken!!!!!

  16. Gah, I would LOVE to enter! I haven’t been to Moe’s since last summer – I worked across the street from one, and I always used to get away from my kids on my lunch break with a good book and a veggie burrito – extra guac! Good times – I’m sure I’d order the same deliciousness this time around!

  17. I’ve never eaten at Moe’s?! Whenever my work group goes out for burritos Chipotle always wins out… I’d love to try it though, there is one right down the street from my house!

  18. I LOVE Moe’s!

    I’m a sucker for their burritos… they’re massive!

  19. OMG, Moe’s is our most favorite EVER! And they’re opening one right down the street (which could be dangerous)!
    I’m in love with the Art Vandalay streaker. With extra cucumber! :)

  20. chicken burrito! I lived here in college

  21. I haven’t been to Moe’s in a while but they used to have the BEST tortilla soup!

  22. My favorite dish would be EXACTLY what you ordered–no lie! Great choice and great taste! Hope to winnnn :)

  23. I’ve actually never been to Moe’s but just realized one opened up near my hometown. The junior burritos all look great!

  24. I love their naked burritos (aka burrito bowls) eaten with lots of chips and salsa. Yum!

  25. My family and I love Moe’s. I always get the Joey Bag of Donuts Jr. It’s just the right size and since I can’t resist their chips and queso, I save a little room for a few.

  26. I love that you prefer making your own burrito bowls at home! Moes looks delicious but I am sure it won’t compare to homemade!

  27. I love the burrito bowls! Guacamole, be still my heart!

  28. Probably their burrito bowls with chicken or tofu!

  29. I’ve never been but just realized we have one close-ish by!! Sooooo I’m guessing my favorite thing will end up being a bowl of sorts!

  30. Joey Bag of donuts with beef. Oh yeah and their cheese dip. Oh my, my mouth is watering just thinking about it…….

  31. I like the ‘Joey Bag of Donuts’ burrito, with chicken, black beans, rice, a bit of cheese, lettuce, and pico de gallo. It’s huge, but tasty :)

  32. Well, if I’m in the mood for a burrito, I get the junior sized Art Vandalay. And if I’m in the mood for a taco, I get the unanimous decision! I love, love, love Moe’s!!! I love how fresh everything is & I love that they always seem to be changing up a salsa! Right now my fav salsa’s are the tomatillo and the ancho lime!!

  33. I like the burrito bowls, but I haven’t tried to one with tofu yet. Sounds good!

  34. I usually get the “HOMEWRECKER”.

  35. Chicken burrito bowl, hands down!

  36. There is a Moe’s pretty close to me and sometimes before we go to the movies we will stop there. I like to a salad and make my own by adding all kinds of ingredients!

  37. I used to go at least once or twice weekly in college with my girlfriends–I loved the Joey Bag of Donuts with chicken. Yum! At least it’s healthier now, right?

  38. I’ve never been to Moe’s. Is it sorta like Chipotle? If I won this, it would go to my sister who lives in Lexington.

  39. Moe ‘s having a healthier option is fabulous!!! The dishes pictured looked yummy!!!

  40. The rice bowls or a grilled chicken taco salad!!

  41. I love the salsa and guacamole!!

  42. honestly i don’t think i’ve been to moe’s in YEARS so i don’t have a favorite…but i could use a giftcard there–no time to cook lately! :)

  43. Every time my husband and I go to Moe’s he stuffs up his Homewrecker burrito and sits down with a grin of confidence, certain he will eat the whole thing. Yeah, right. He gets halfway through and is groaning! I still love the Homewrecker burrito — best if I cant split it with a friend! I also cant get enough of their amazing salsaaas!

  44. It really makes me happy to see that Moe’s is changing the way they do things a bit! I have to be honest: I started to shy away from going there; I was leery of the quality of their ingredients.

    I do love a homewrecker with chicken…no sour cream though! I always get it “naked,” or whatever term it is they use…no tortilla and lots of lettuce! Yum…

  45. i’m tight on my eating out budget, so i have not yet made it to moe’s. would love to try it though!

  46. My favorite is the kids quesadilla!

  47. Veggie burrito with tofu!! yum!!

  48. I love the Home-wrecker :)

  49. I love to get their Art Vandalay vegetarian burrito – yum! :)

  50. I love (love love love) the home wrecker burrito. OH and the green salsa, can’t tell you what it is, but man it is DELICIOUS :)

  51. Love their nachos!

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