Chicken Spiedies

At our party this weekend, Nick and I took care of the main dish and had all our guests bring sides to share.

That kept us from being overwhelmed and we ended up with a great mix of food.


As soon as we talked about finally having this get together, Nick knew exactly what he wanted to make for the main dish.

Last summer, a friend introduced us to chicken spiedies at a cookout at his house, and we’ve been wanting to make them ever since.

From everything we know, this dish is really popular in areas of New York, and even though it sounds like a mix of things I would never put together on my own, it’s delicious!


For our spiedies, we marinated the diced chicken for 2 days in a mix of olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and spices.

On the day of the party, Nick put the chicken on skewers and grilled them to perfection.


When the chicken is done, you take a slice of bread (I made my farmhouse bread for the party), spread it with some butter (Kerrygold is the best!) and add your chicken.

Fold, eat, repeat.

I know – bread, butter, and grilled chicken? Not something I would think to eat together like this, but it works! It’s so simple, but so good.

Do you have any dishes that are regional to where you live or grew up?


  1. I actually have gone to a spiedie party! The hosts made tons of them. I grew up in a few different spots. New England is obviously known for lobster and chowder. Now I live in SC which is more known for grits!

  2. Cool! I’ve never tried these…sounds great though!! Where I’m from it pretty diverse so we are known for alot of different cuisines and foods.

  3. Interesting! I’ll bet the chicken had great flavor after marinating for 2 days.

    I’m from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, which is known for its pasties. It’s basically a meat pie.

    • I’ve heard of pasties, but have never tried one! We don’t really have anything that we’re known for here.

  4. This sounds so good! My husband would LOVE it!

    • They’re SO good and so easy! We just made up our own marinade after finding a few online. I think they’re our new favorite thing :)

  5. I’ve never heard of this but they sound good! And I love the way you did your party–it must’ve eliminated so much stress!

  6. What a fun idea! I must try this

  7. I was wondering what these were! They sound oddly delicious though!

  8. I wouldn’t think that those would go well together too but I certainly trust your opinion! It looks yummy.

    And our group always does get-togethers that way where the host handles one main dish and everyone else contributes other components. We have a lot of group parties because its never a huge hassle for one person. A great way to do it!

  9. What a tasty dish!

  10. I just made spiedies the other night, we love them. Hubs has them on hoagie rolls and I eat them with couscous. :)

  11. bread + butter + chicken sounds like a total winner in my book! simple and delish!!

  12. I have made speedies for almost every family occation! I grill them up in the morning and then put them in a crock pot with an additional bottle of marinade and they stay juicy and warm for the whole party and i’m not stuck over a hot grill the whole time!

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