ManPans for Father’s Day

Still looking for a gift for Father’s Day?


If you are – and if your Dad likes to cook – you should definitely check out ManPans!

I was lucky enough to meet the man behind the ManPans at BlogHer Food this year, and I’m so happy to now be involved and supporting their company.


If you haven’t heard of them, you should!

Some of my favorite things about them:

  • ManPans were designed by a team of top engineers and industry experts, crafted with pride in Spokane, Washington USA using high-tech, clean manufacturing and tested to approval by a number of top chefs.
  • ManPans don’t change the taste of your food like other pans do!
  • Their unique CoolGrip handle design minimizes the amount of heat that can be conducted from the hot pan. You can sauté or fry on the hottest temperatures and the handle will always be cool enough to handle without a hot pad.
  • A flat rim adds incredible strength to keeping the roundness of our pans.
  • Dark anodized aluminum is a very efficient heat conductor so our pans transfer heat with little loss of energy. You can turn the heat down as much as 40% and still be able to hot sear or sauté, which means you can use less energy!
  • Since they manufacture, anodize and finish all our pans in one US location, we save carbon by reducing transportation. Our anodizing process is very clean both in sewage and air quality and receives high marks from the Washington State Department of Ecology. Our finishing technology contains no petroleum products, no PFE or PFOA, is water based and completely non-reactive. From manufacturing to our finished product, we are truly embracing the most eco-friendly cookware available.



They are not kidding when they say their pans are lightweight.

When this arrived a few weeks ago, I thought they shipped me an empty box. It feels like a feather compared to my other pots and pans.

If you’re still looking for a Father’s Day gift or just in the market for a new pan yourself, ManPans is running a Father’s Day promotion through Wednesday 6/22.

Use “FathersDay2011” in the coupon code box at checkout and you can get 19% off your order!


Hope you’re having a great start to your weekend! I’m just hoping my internet will be working when I get home Smile

See you tomorrow!


*I am now participating in the Affiliate Program for ManPans, but am not compensated in any way for my opinions on their products. I am happy to be part of their affiliate program and to help spread the word about their products. I love my ManPan!


  1. haha sounds like a great gift :) I would probs just end up using them instead of my dad though haha. PS- I like how you thought they shipped you an empty box :) hee hee!

  2. How cool is this? Such a great idea. I’m sort of thinking about getting some new pans. Maybe I’ll get a manpan :) Happy weekend

  3. What a wonderful and very different gift!

  4. Love the handles on these!

  5. Love the term “manpans” :D Great appliance!

  6. those sound awesome! i love the idea of a lightweight pan that sounds like it’s “for men”

    • It’s really crazy how lightweight they are – I should weigh it and see how much it actually is. It feels like nothing!

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