life unplugged


It’s been 5 days since I’ve posted.

5 days since I’ve really been online.

This was definitely not on purpose or a planned “break”, but I did enjoy my weekend.


Our internet went out (again) on Thursday and has not been working since. So, that’s frustrating. And it makes it hard to blog or work or do anything other than laundry, cleaning, baking, weeding, and eating. But I like all of those things (except the cleaning), so it hasn’t been too bad.

I have some new recipes to share and no internet at home to work with.


A lot of has happened in the past 5 days with no internet.

Our nephew turned 1. We traveled to Maryland to celebrate his first birthday and had a blast. I got at least 3 huge drool spots on the sleeves of my shirts while trying to get him to sleep. Totally worth the soggy shoulders.

I found out that I am not gluten intolerant/don’t have Celiacs! Exciting, for sure, but a little frustrating that I still don’t know exactly what makes my stomach so weird sometimes. And thank goodness I’m not because I’m getting pretty good at this one bread recipe, and I have no plans on giving that up.

I’ve got new pie recipes to try soon, and Nick’s big birthday bash is this coming Saturday which I’m excited about! It’s the first time we’ll have more than just a few people over (besides family) to see the new house.

So what’s going on with you? I feel so disconnected with everyone!

Here’s hoping that our internet is working soon.

A blogger without internet : a kayaker without a paddle


  1. I am happy to hear you got good medical news! That loaf of bread sure does look delicious!

  2. :) Sometimes it is so wonderful to disconnect (even when its forced upon us). Sounds like a great weekend. Always good to spend time with a peanut ;). Nothing too exciting going on here. Praying for rain! We’re in a droughty situation in SC and my garden is NOT doing well!

  3. I remember not having internet for a few days and at first, it was really tragic. I mean..we’re bloggers! Our life isn’t the internet, of course..but it’s sure how we tell it! haha But after a while it was enjoyable being unplugged and not having to worry about checking emails, Facebook, or any of that.

  4. Good for you for taking a break (albeit unplanned)! Our internet has been craptastic as well lately. booo!

  5. I was wondering what happened!! I hope Al and I can come see the place soon! Glad you go to see your nephew!

  6. Nice to read/hear from you! Suave Slav and I were in a dance showcase this past weekend – 24 dances. So that’s what’s up with me :D

  7. I just got tested for celiacs. Today actually. I’m hoping that it’s not positive because I love bread but I’d love to have an answer to my weird tummy. Hopefully you can figure yours out soon.

  8. Yes..Its nice to be unplugged every once in a while!

  9. so glad to hear you’re not gluten intolerant!! but hope your tummy troubles get resolved soon!

  10. I’ve been on and offline all week! It was giving me anxiety, but lately hasn’t bothered me so much. Unless of course I’m trying to name a movie and can’t get to! ;)

  11. Sometimes it’s nice to unplug! (though, I guess yours isn’t on purpose!) :)
    Congrats on the good medical news! I know there’s no way I could ever live without bread…..hehe.

  12. I hate when our internet is out. I feel your pain sista.

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