Pie on the Brain


I don’t have a recipe today.

Seems that life is catching up with me, and I’m not keeping up with the cooking part.

Or, rather, life is happening. And that doesn’t always leave me time in the kitchen. I’m okay with that.

The next few months are going to be crazy – I hope for it’s all the good kind of crazy – but crazy, regardless.

Yesterday was Nick’s birthday. This weekend is our nephew’s first birthday. We’re celebrating Nick’s birthday with a cookout in a few weekends, then my birthday a few days later. Our Honduras trip is coming up in July, and even though I’ve been 3 times, I never feel totally ready for that trip.


And even though I can’t share this recipe just yet, I did make a pie a few days ago. And it’s good.

I entered this into the the Nestle Kitchens “There’s Always Room for Pie” contest – have you entered yet?

I’ve got a couple more ideas to try out and see if they’re worth submitting – it’s been fun! But I hate not being able to share this yet. As soon as the contest is done, you better be ready for pie recipes.

Since all I’ve been thinking about lately is birthdays and pies, what is your favorite pie?


  1. What a tease! This pie looks so good! I like peach pie, and fresh blueberrie pie.

  2. There is always room for pie. I’m still trying to perfect the coconut creme for Hunni. I like lime in mine but he doth protest. Back to the drawing board.

  3. Sour Cream Apple Pie!!! has all of the flavor of an apple pie but soooo much creamy goodness!

  4. yum..this looks dreamy! pie is one of my favorite desserts!

  5. Now I want pie! In the summer I love blueberry pie:-)

  6. I’m actually not a huge pie fan… but apple is probably my favorite, as long as it has enough cinnamon and sugar in it!

  7. Looks awesome. Good luck in the contest! Looks like a winner to me!

  8. You pie looks so good! My favorite is strawberry rhubarb – hands down my mom makes the best pie.

  9. Apple or blackberry pies are my fave fruit ones. Oh, and definitely peach.
    I also love coconut and banana cream pies. Mmmmm.

  10. I love fresh strawberry pie and REALLY good key lime. :)

  11. KCRW, our local radio station had a series of Pie A Day where the radio host made a different pie every day. You should check it out. ;-)

  12. I love chocolate cream pie with lots of whipped cream

  13. pumpkin pie or chocolate fudge pie, depending on the season!! can’t wait for your recipe :)

  14. Mmmm pie…I love the classic apple but raspberry pie is my favorite by far!

    Happy bday to Nick!

  15. yes, life certainly has been “getting in the way” lately, but that’s ok :) i would love a slice of pie now!

  16. i hear you on the crazy life…i am drowning lately it feels! enjoy the exciting stuff coming up though!

    off to check out that pie contest :)

  17. Pecan… Or apple! YUM

  18. I think its just a crazy time of year! I feel like I barely have time to take a breath right now! The pie looks awesome. I hope you’d win- that would be so fun. Favorite kind of pie? Probably key lime

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