Garden Update

Happy Monday morning!

Our garden is sprouting up all over the place, and I know some people asked for garden updates.

The yard has changed quite a bit since the last one.

First of all, Nick built our raised beds – and they turned out great. He is awe-some!



These first 2 beds don’t have anything coming up in them yet, but they are planted.

In the first bed (with the sand on the right):

  • 2 types of radishes
  • rainbow carrots
  • romaine lettuce
  • mixed green lettuce
  • cilantro
  • parsley

The second bed was actually our third type of strawberries, but nothing is growing because Roxy peed in the plants when they were on the porch, using the box of berry starts as her own personal litter box. Wasn’t that sweet of her?


But the last two beds, our strawberry beds, are doing great!


And the fig bushes are going crazy.


We’ve got figs!IMG_3514

They’re not ripe yet, but there are a ton of little baby figs on the bushes. I’m hoping they’ll ripen soon.


Our big tilled garden area is where the rest of our vegetables will be planted, and it’s just that – big. This spot is at least 5 times bigger than our gardening space we had at our last house.

In this spot, we have:

  • tomatoes (lots!)
  • zucchini
  • green beans
  • peas
  • corn

So, in the past, we might have had 5-6 tomato plants at the old house.

Here? We planted 20. Over ambitious much? That was all my fault. When we went to the greenhouse around the corner to get plants, I just couldn’t resist the tomatoes!


Our berry bushes are really starting to come in, too, which is fun to watch. We won’t have any berries this year, but it will be fun to see them filling in this year.

With 20 tomato plants, I’m definitely planning on trying my hand at canning tomatoes and some different methods of freezing.

If you don’t see me or hear from me in August, now you’ll know why.


What’s growing in your yard?


  1. You will never have to go to the produce aisle all summer! This is awesome!

  2. that’s what we’re hoping! It will be crazy, but I’m excited to have so much fresh produce in our yard.

  3. I think you win for best garden. Can’t wait to see it in another month!

  4. You have such a big yard, it’s so lovely, I definitely wish I had that for a wonderful garden like this! Can’t wait to see everything that you make with all the garden bounty, so exciting. And p.s., totally wish you lived closer too so you could come hang out at foodie events with us!! :)

    • thanks so much! it’s great having more space for a garden, but it’s SO much work, too! This is basically our weekends now :)

      I know – it would be so fun to do all these foodie outings with you guys!

  5. Unfortunately we dropped the ball and only have tomatoes and sweet potatoes growing.
    Your fig tree is beautiful! I want one!

    • thanks so much! We were lucky that this yard had the fig trees already here. I’ve never had a fresh fig, so I can’t wait!

  6. so jealous of your fig tree!! what a gorgeous garden brandi! :)

  7. We have tomato plants coming up volunteer where we had them planted last year, plus the ones we planted this year. We’ve also got the beginnings of green beans, cucumber, zucchini and cantaloupe. Plus lots of herbs! I’m so excited for summer!

  8. You have SO much garden space! I’m jealous!! Strawberries? mmm. We have yellow squash, watermelon, cantaloupe, green beans, jalapenos and tomatoes!

  9. I was lucky enough to stumble upon a garage sale years ago – the woman was selling ALL her canning equipment – canning pots, rubber tongs, steaming inserts, tons and tons of jars (which I still haven’t run out of – I must have 150 jars in my basement as I type this!) and I got it all for $20!

    Turns out the woman’s daughters thought canning was old fashioned. There is nothing like opening up a can of fresh tomatoes in December to remind you of summer!

    Hope it goes well! The damn deer and bunnies always got our loot before we got it. :(

    • wow – that’s such a steal for all of that stuff. Awesome!

      Yeah, our yard is FULL of rabbits. Not sure how it’s going to go :)

  10. What an incredible garden. I live near the beach and have virtually NO yard. I’m soooo envious ;)

  11. If it makes you feel any better, you aren’t the only one who planted approximately 20 tomato plants….

    I may or may not have a basil problem as well. As in, I have 6 Genovese basil plants, 1 purple basil, 1 lime basil (seriously, it smells and tastes like lime! How could I resist that?) and about 4 more Genovese seedlings that aren’t quite ready for planting yet…

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