S’mores Dip


My little sister used to make the craziest after school snacks.

The one I remember the most was the one she called her “s’mores plate”.

She put a layer of mini marshmallows down, squirted on some Hershey’s Syrup, added a few dollops of peanut butter, and then put it in the microwave until the chocolate and peanut butter melted and the marshmallows puffed up, swelling and dripping onto each other and everything else.


I may have swiped a bite once or twice, but I usually stuck to my own after school snack choices: cookie cereal or sunflower seeds or lettuce or a hot pocket.


But yesterday, I saw half a bag of jumbo marshmallows that Nick’s parents brought up last weekend to make s’mores. And I found lots of dark chocolate chips.

And I had the best. idea. ever.


S’mores, but a little less messy.

S’mores, but not on a stick.

S’mores, without me having to light a fire in my backyard at 3 in the afternoon while the high school baseball team is practicing across the street.

S’mores Dip. For graham crackers. For apples. For more chocolate. For whatever you want.


This – this – is a good idea.


S’mores Dip

Makes: 1-2 servings


  • 1 jumbo marshmallow or 3-4 regular marshmallows
  • 1 Tbsp chocolate chips
  • graham crackers, for dipping


  1. Place marshmallows and chocolate chips in microwave safe container or bowl.
  2. Put in microwave and heat, 5-10 seconds at a time, until the chocolate chips begin to melt and the marshmallow softens and is expanding each time you turn the microwave on. Make sure you’re watching it while it’s heating – the marshmallow will completely bubble over if you look away, even for a second.
  3. Stir the chocolate and marshmallow together a bit, and serve on crackers.


  1. I admit to using a fondue fork and my gas stove to toast marshmallows for late night s’mores…. Great idea!

    In other news, our rhubarb patch was so flooded this spring that it all rotted — so now I have to see if I can get some at the markets to try out your cake recipe. Grrr! Mother Nature can be cruel.

  2. Great – super easy – dessert idea! And I think I would try adding a little peanut butter like you mentioned your sister did. Mmmmm…..

  3. Wow.
    All I can say is I want this immediately.

  4. whoa, this looks totally awesome! i love dips!

  5. These seem like a GREAT idea.

  6. Portable and less messy treat for a campfire :)

    • Exactly! The mess is half the fun when camping, but these are better for any other day :)

  7. This is a very good idea! And I like how your sister’s version incorporated peanut butter:-)

  8. what a great idea for kids..and adults! everyone loves dips! this looks great brandi.

  9. This is SO fun! I love it!!!! And I agree- totally adorable for kids and adults alike.

  10. I wish this weren’t so easy. That way I could avoid making it all the time. :)

  11. Yuuuuuum, ‘Smores!!! And those certainly look better than yesterday’s cookies. ;) Did you call your sister to tell her she’s a genius?

    • definitely better than the cookies!

      I didn’t call her, but I did send her the link :)

  12. Excuse me, I need to hop on over to the kitchen for a minute….

    [Yum! As usual. ;)]

  13. This is pure genius!!
    And I still can’t get over your “cookie cereal” snack – that is so fun! :)

  14. My brother and I used to make crazy after school snack concoctions too….like individual servings of cookie dough that always just tasted like nasty flour and margarine. But never lettuce.

    • yeah, we had some weird ones, too :)

      I would seriously sit on the floor in front of the tv with an entire head of iceberg lettuce, just chomping away. <--- weirdo.

  15. Such an easy fun dip! Have a nice weekend!

  16. Oh my, do I want this now!
    I would have hot pockets too, and I would make nachos with Velveeta cheese.
    We would always have that 3lb yellow box in our fridge

  17. Awesome idea! Much less messy :)

  18. Oh no you didn’t…oh yes you did! You bet be sending a jar in the mail.

    • I totally would mail one…but I’m pretty sure the post office would not be happy with me. It would be a mess! Delicious, yes, but a mess ;)

  19. Your sister is a genius! As are you for making this dip. Best after school/any time snack EVER.

  20. Now that IS a great idea!!! YUM:) I need to go get some marshmallows!

  21. Brilliant!! Have you ever tried making cookie dough dip!? Everyone always loves that and this reminded me of that. I actually made smores last night using votive candles so I’m going to have to tell my friends about the smores dip…a lot more tasty :)

  22. this is a REAL good idea! cute, too

  23. Um …. YUM! Such a good idea!

  24. I showed Jeremy this post. He’s pretty excited to give s’mores dip a try.

  25. That sounds amazing!!! You and your great ideas!!!

  26. This is a VERY good idea, indeed!

  27. I know a lot of people who would find this idea genius.
    I’m not really a marshmallow fan, unfortunately. I do eat s’mores when I’m camping though because, hey, when in Rome. . .

  28. OH MY GOSH. can’t wait to go home and make this!!! :)

  29. ridic good. a crime, actually. it looks amazing! i just posted about smores today! haha!

  30. This is an amazing idea! Sometimes I microwave chocolate chips, then dip marshamallows in the melted chocolate. But this sounds even better! :)

  31. S’mores are amazing in any form–count me in! ;-)

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