7 years later

…and I finally made the perfect loaf of bread.


There’s hope for me yet.



Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

See you tomorrow with a fun Memorial Day (and pretty healthy!) recipe Smile

I’ve got a date with my husband and parents, the two dogs, the porch, a burger, and maybe some s’mores cooked over the grill.

Thank goodness for a 3 day weekend.


  1. Geez, the does look like a perfect loaf! It reminds me of the stuff they give at one of our favorite restaurants. Sooo doughy and with that perfect yeast flavor. Yum! Enjoy your date!!

  2. What a perfect loaf and a perfect day you have planned for tomorrow!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Looks like the perfect loaf of bread to me!

  4. :) Happy Anniversary! Your husband is a lucky guy !!!

  5. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo

  6. Happy Anniversary!!! So fun that we share the same one :)

  7. Go you with that perfect loaf of bread!! Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with your family :)

  8. That loaf is gorgeous! So incredibly super fluffy! Carb perfection.

    • carb perfection = carb addiction. i ended up making 4 loaves this weekend. and there’s 1 left.

  9. happy anniversary!! that does look like an amazing loaf :)

  10. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

  11. congrats on perfect bread…and on 7 yrs of marriage!!!

  12. Happy belated anniversary! And hooray for anniversaries falling on 3-day weekends!

  13. Happy anniversary you guys!!!

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