this is how to start the weekend.


Family time on the porch.


Did I tell you guys we finally got some furniture for the porch? We love it! It’s nice having more than 2 chairs out there, and even though we love our rocking chairs, it was kind of hard to eat while moving the whole time.

We picked up this set from Bed, Bath, and Beyond a few weeks ago on sale AND used a 20% coupon – score!


Maybe, just maybe, if you’re nice enough to my new friend Carrie at Fields of Cake…she might be willing to send everyone some of this insanely delicious chocolate and peanut butter COOKIE DOUGH filled fudge.


Yup. You read that right. Cookie dough. In the middle of peanut butter chocolate fudge.

This stuff makes my heart beat faster after just one bite.

I’m so happy for a long weekend. My parents are coming up tonight, Nick’s are coming for dinner tomorrow, and we’ll be celebrating 7 years of marriage on Sunday! I can’t believe that.

What are you up to this weekend?


  1. That fudge looks amazing! Have a great weekend! We are getting ready to head off on vacation for the week!

  2. Happy anniversary! Enjoy the visits with your family. Yummy looking fudge!

  3. Now that’s the way to start a weekend. I love your porch. Now I need to bother Carrie for some fudge. :)

    • Thanks! We fell in love with this house, mostly for the porch :) Yes, bug Carrie! It is INSANE.

  4. The porch looks gorgeous and what a beautiful face on your pup!

  5. OMG that fudge looks amazing!

  6. 1. I’m so sad I won’t be there this weekend. 2. Love the furniture! 3. Can you send home a piece of that fudge for me?

  7. Amen girl! Screw happy hour, I would like one of those at 5:00!

  8. i am SO JEALOUS of your porch. that just screams summer to me.

  9. What a perfect Friday night!

  10. OMG that fudge.
    LOVE the patio furniture! Happy early anniversary!

  11. Oh my, fugde looks fantastic!

  12. Have a great weekend and enjoy your new furniture! That fudge looks killer… need to check it out immediately!

  13. That porch looks so welcoming. You really got a bargain with the furniture. T20% is not small change. I hope you have a great holiday. Blessings…Mary

  14. A perfect way to start the weekend; so relaxing…and loving that cookie dough…I need a bite, hehe..
    Enjoy your weekend!

  15. Happy early anniversary!!! Enjoy the long weekend.

  16. aww- happy anniversary!! Enjoy it :) That fudge? Ridiculous- I need to make! And I love your puppers :)

  17. My heart skipped a best just reading about that fudge! Yum :) happy early anniversary to you two!

  18. Happy Anniversary!!!

  19. Oh my goodness, your pup is absolutely precious!

  20. yes, yes, and yes. perfect :)

  21. happy 7 years dear brandi and nick!!

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