celebrating moms

I know I’m a lucky one. I still have my mom, and I also have an amazing grandmother and a pretty awesome mother-in-law and a sister-in-law who is celebrating her first mother’s day today.

And I try to not take that for granted.


After some scary things happened with my mom a few years ago, I know how fast things can change.

I want every day that I spend with them to be filled with love, and I try my best to absorb every moment we have together. Good or bad, I want to remember those memories and store them away in the depths of my heart and mind.

Take some time today to celebrate your mom – in presence or in thought. And if you aren’t with your own mom today, share some love with someone you know that is a mom or has a mom or lost a mom or wants to be a mom. It’s never possible to give too much love.


  1. Happy Mother’s Day to your mom!! She sounds wonderful. :)

  2. BEAUTIFUL words, dear Brandi.

  3. Great post, your mom is so gorgeous!! We need to soak up every minute we have with our moms!!

  4. I think your Mom is pretty amazing too

    Love ya

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