a presidential bloom

I found out exactly what this plant in our yard is!


It’s the President Lincoln Lilac, the truest blue lilac bush you’ll find.

Amazing what you can learn when reading Better Homes & Gardens over breakfast.

Sadly, the blooms are already gone! I guess the season is over for lilacs, but all our roses are just now blooming so I’ll be out taking pictures of those soon – we’ve got two different pinks and a yellow rose bush that are just gorgeous. I’m happy the people before us planted such beautiful flowers – it’s making our yard so much fun to discover!

I’m off to the farmer’s market and grocery store before coming back to help plant our strawberries. And I’ll have pictures of that process, too, if my hands aren’t too dirty to snap a few pics.

PS: Thanks for the meal suggestions! I have a grocery list made, and I’m ready to cook. And shop. And eat.

Happy Saturday!


  1. GORGEOUS flower!!! Too bad it’s gone though :(

  2. We have a similar lilac in our back yard, and it hasn’t even budded yet! It’s amazing how different our climates are! What a gorgeous flower :)

  3. I love lilacs!! There is a lilac festival here every may and it is gorgeous.

  4. I’m so excited for my roses to bloom and I just bought a peony bush today which I can’t WAIT for :) God I’m old now… glad I’m not the only one who gets this excited about gardening :)

  5. I love lilac’s. We have a huge festival every year in honor of lilac’s. Check it out!

  6. Very cool! And yellow roses? I love yellow roses- so awesome! We need to plant a few bushes in our yard. Hope you’re having a great weekend. Happy fur baby mama’s day!

    • ha, thanks Erica! :) Maggie did not bring my breakfast in bed this morning. I was a little disappointed :)

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