Blooming in Session

Our yard is going crazy!

Thanks to all the rain we’ve had lately, plus some nice days with plenty of sunshine, the plants in our yard are blooming more and more every day.


We’re still not even sure what everything is!

This one is definitely a rose bush, and the past few days, they’ve been showing their yellow petals with red trim through the buds – I can’t wait to see them opened up.


And the fig bushes are going crazy!


There are these soft and fuzzy leaves coming off each branch and tiny little green figs growing.




We have no idea what this tree is (above). It’s had a few different changes already (red shoots off the tops of the leaves early this spring, now white blooms everywhere). It’s really pretty – we just have no idea what it is!

Our blueberry bushes are really starting to grow, too, which is exciting.



This is on the side of the house and is absolutely gorgeous. It also smells incredible, but I don’t know what it is, either.



And then the azaleas! There are 3 on the side of the house, too. Two magenta (bright, almost neon pink!) and a lavender color.



They are gorgeous. I’m so happy to finally have color in the yard!


What’s growing around you right now?


  1. Ahhh! I can’t believe you have all this growing in your yard! How gorgeous!

    • I love it, but it’s also a little overwhelming :) We think there also might be a plum tree in the yard? It’s too early to tell, but we think so!

  2. The light purple on the side of your house is a lilac bush

  3. The purple bushes look like LILACS – my favorite thing about Spring!!!!! The best is cutting a bunch and putting them in a vase in the kitchen. Makes the whole house smell incredible!

    PS I cannot believe you have a fig bush. Jeeeealous!! ;)

    • I know! They’re starting to grow like crazy – I’m going to have to look up online how to tell when they’re ripe :)

  4. Yes–lilac! Doesn’t it smell fantastic? We have a gigantic lilac bush in the back yard.

    • Hooray! so happy to hear it confirmed that it’s a lilac :) Yeah, it smells amazing!

  5. How exciting!!! We are in a new place, too, and it’s so fun to see what’s coming up this spring!!! We also just learned we have figs! We also were surprised by a huge pink rhododendron a few weeks back. There are a few clusters of leaves popping up all over too – I’m waiting to see what blooms out of those. Thanks for the beautiful pictures!

    • isn’t it so fun to see everything? it’s neat to see what we have :)

      and yay for figs!

  6. I LOVE all the colors in your garden!

  7. oh my gosh. if you get figs, i’m totally coming down for a visit :) you know, to play with you in the kitchen and maggie outside!

  8. So pretty! How exciting. The purple ish ones like hydrangea like. Love! Our garden is starting to get BIG! I am so excited. Our magnolia tree is about ready to bust open some flowers too (can’t wait for the smell). So wonderful

  9. your yard looks wonderful. i love all the spring flowers in bloom. i live in arizona so i don’t get to see a lot of bright colors too often.

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  10. Gorgeous. You’re making me want a whole house and not just a condo as the gardening options are much more limited.

  11. Beautiful!

    We have a small patio with some soil. Hubby laughs every time I call it our garden! :) We have some tomato plants, lettuce, and herbs growing as well as lavender, geraniums and other flowers. Oh, and our strawberries are starting to get ripe! :)

  12. I cannot believe how plants are growing with all this rain!! Our grass is insane!

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