Cuckoo for Coconut Flour (Giveaway!)


I am a coconut flour convert!

I still haven’t figured out how it works best in certain recipes, but I’m having so much fun trying.

Those brownies I made with this coconut flour? Incredible. I also have plans to try some coconut flour pancakes after my friend Christie told me it was her favorite way to use it.


And thanks to Tropical Traditions, one of you will get to try their Coconut Flour out, too!

Don’t know much about Coconut Flour? I didn’t either before I tried it, but it has some pretty amazing stats.

It is certified organic, unsweetened, and has not been treated with sulfites. Tropical Traditions organic coconut flour is high in dietary fiber and protein, and is gluten-free. It has more fiber than gluten-based grains. Tropical Traditions organic coconut flour can be added to standard wheat-based recipes to add extra fiber, by substituting 10-30% of the grain-based flour with our coconut flour.

Some recipes, such as muffins and quick breads, can be accomplished with 100% Tropical Traditions organic coconut flour and therefore be 100% gluten-free! Since organic coconut flour contains natural sugar from the coconut meat, baked goods need less sugar added. The organic coconut flour has a mildly sweet coconut taste.

Tropical Traditions organic coconut flour also contains over 19% non-gluten protein! Therefore, it makes an excellent addition to shakes and smoothies where fiber and protein are needed. Or simply dissolve a spoonful in water as a high-fiber drink with a coconut flavor! This organic coconut flour is very versatile and very tasty. Sprinkle it over your favorite dishes to add a wonderful coconut flavor, use it as a thickener in soups and sauces – the possibilities are endless!

And – even better – Tropical Traditions has some recipes on their website if you need a place to start.

Want to enter to win your own 2.2 lb bag of Coconut Flour?

  • Tell me the first thing you want to make with the coconut flour if you win!

For additional entries:

  • Subscribe to the Tropical Traditions newsletter (here) and leave a comment for me
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The contest is open to US and Canadian residents.

I’ll be choosing the winner on Thursday, May 5th!

Disclaimer: Tropical Traditions provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose.  Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.


  1. I would definitely make one of your amazing baked recipes. Perhaps Double Chocolate Brownies! ;)

  2. I want to make those coconut flour muffins that I sent you.

  3. I like you on Facebook! :-)

  4. I get Tropical Traditions emails……I am waiting for a sale on Palm Shortening. :-)

  5. I”d have to say I’d make the Orange Cake with Coconut Oil frosting but that would just be the start! WOW….so many yummy recipes to chose from!

    Thanks for the chance!

  6. I would make muffins, maybe blueberry or strawberry! :) YUM

  7. I liked BranAppetit on Facebook!

  8. Wow! This sounds great! Count me in! :)

  9. I would try making pancakes!

  10. I think I’d try those brownies pictured above…yum!

  11. I liked your page on Facebook.

  12. I would definetly make those brownies that you have pictured, I love brownies.

  13. I like you on facebook.

  14. I would make brownies! I haven’t had any in so long and I think it’s high time I get my butt to making some, especially with the cocnut flour :)

  15. I already subscribe to Tropical Traditions newsletter.

  16. I would try a muffin recipe from their website.

  17. I follow them on twitter

  18. I’ve never tried this before, but I would definitely start with a coconut flour pancake topped with pineapple slices and kiwis for a tropical weekend breakfast!

  19. I get their newsletter

  20. I like branappetit on fb

  21. I’ve been wanting to try coconut flour for a while now! I would make Maple-Cinnamon Coconut Cookies! :)

  22. It would be all about the brownies!!

  23. i love trying new flours! I would use it for muffins!

  24. A slight coconut flavor in just about anything would be delicious! :-) But I have to say those coconut brownies look delicious and I would love to try them.

  25. Yum, I think I would make pancakes or waffles!

  26. I also subscribed to their newsletter

  27. And I’m a twitter follower

  28. mmm how about a pumpkin banana bread with coconut flour!

  29. already subscribe to tropical traditions

  30. I would make those brownies! I’ve been drooling over them since you posted the first picture!

  31. I’m pretty sure I’d try out coconut pancakes. Because pancakes are always a good idea…

  32. Coconut flour sounds amazing– I’d love to try a coconut banana bread!

  33. I defintiely want to make tropical pancakes w/ chunks of pineapple mixed in!

  34. I’d make coconut flour blonde brownies!

  35. And I just liked BranAppetit on Facebook!

  36. I think I’d try some cookies. I’ve been craving chocolate chip!

  37. Given that I am a bit of a muffin-o-holic I think I’d try that first. Maybe a tropical version with some bananas, pineapple, and macadamia nuts. Yum!

  38. oooh I’d love to experiment and make some waffles with some sort of yummy topping!

  39. I think I’d re-make my Coconut Cream Pie Cookies…with actual coconut flour rather than just stirring shredded coconut into all-purpose flour (but perhaps still adding the shredded coconut for texture!)

  40. If I won the flour I would be making these brownies-they look delicious!

  41. I think it would be delicious in a pineapple upside down cake!

  42. I “liked” you & friended you on FB!

  43. Definitely the brownies from your recipe! mmm

  44. I’m a newsletter subscriber too!

  45. I’ve always wanted to try coconut flour because I have a friend that is gluten-free! I would make him chocolate chip cookies as my first recipe with coconut flour! :)

  46. I think I’d have to make your brownies – they look and sound delicious!

  47. I liked you on FB!

  48. Love coconut flour! I would probably make a batch of banana coconut muffins. I’ve made them before using coconut flour and they are awesome. The flavors are so summery!

  49. I’m now following @Troptraditions on Twitter.

  50. And I like you on facebook :-)

  51. I’m also a “it has to be fudgy to be a brownie” subscriber, and so – after reading your recipe – that would have to be my vote!

  52. I think I would try those pancakes that you are giving a try soon! They sound amazing :)

  53. Your brownies! Hands down! I just made my first batch of homemade brownies and I totally want to try a coconut flour version. I’ve been wanting to get coconut flour forever now. :)

  54. I’ve been wanting to try this for soooo long!!
    I’m thinking coconut blueberry muffins!!!!

  55. Definitely pancakes – my daughter loves coconut – so pick me Brandi! :D

  56. I’d love to make the lemony coconut energy bites!

  57. I am a newsletter subscriber.

  58. I want to make Orange and clove muffins. I love the sweet of the orange with the spice of the cloves. Reminds me of easter dinner.

  59. Coconut banana bread!! I’ve wanted to try this stuff forever!

  60. I already follow them on twitter

  61. I’m a sucker for any kind of pancake so I guess I’d choose pancakes!

  62. I’d make some kind of cookie! Those brownies look delicious!

  63. It would have to be brownies!

  64. A chocolate chip muffin sounds delicious!

  65. I “like” you on FB as well

  66. I am following @troptraditions on Twitter

  67. I just love TT products, they are all amazing! I definitely would like to try to make some sort of summery cake or cupcake with the coconut flour. Great giveaway :)

  68. I LOVE coconut ice cream…yum!

  69. Favorite coconut treat: haystacks!

  70. peanut butter oatmeal cookies – yum.

  71. I’d make those brownies :)

  72. I would make blondies with the coconut flour. I had a gluten free coconut blondie at the bakery near my old apartment awhile ago, and I’ve always wanted to recreate it!

  73. Following TT on twitter and subscribed to their newsletter. I already like Bran Appetit on Facebook. :)

  74. Easy: coconut flour pancakes!

  75. I would definitely make coconut pancakes and put my famous coconut dessert hummus on top!! Mmmm!

  76. PS- I “liked” you on Facebook!

  77. The cinnamon raisin bread on their site looks yummy.

  78. I would want to make your brownies.

  79. I have been on a coconut flour recipe hunting spree as of late…I especially want to make coconut flour pancakes!

  80. subscribed to tropical traditions!

  81. and liked on facebook. woo!

  82. I would most definately try the brownies first! My husband is a brownie-aholic!

  83. I subscribed to the newsletter!

  84. I like BranAppetit on Facebook!

  85. I just subscribed to the newsletter!

  86. I’m following Tropical Traditions on Twitter now
    Okay thats it from me, lol can you tell i really want to try this coconut flour? :)

  87. i’ve been wanting to try coconut flour for so long it would be a tough decision on what to make first :) but seeing as your brownies were the last thing I saw perhaps those!

  88. Definitely the brownies that you made last week. I have been in a brownie mood lately, and like you, I love the fudgey ones.

  89. I’m cuckoo for coconut!

  90. I’m cookoo for coconut!

  91. YUM! I love coconut flour. I would HAVE to try those brownies. I made muffins once, that were not that great, so something truly decadent and delicious would be in order!

  92. I’m cuckoo for coconut!

  93. I just subscribed to their newsletter. :)

  94. Bran – I like you on FB!

    (And in real life. :) )

  95. I would absolutely make pancakes out of the flour, mmmmm :)

  96. Yay! The first thing I’d make would be my protein pancakes. :)

  97. Scones! Yum.

  98. I subscribe to TT newsletter.

  99. with my coconut flour, i plan to make my daddy a birthday coconut cake. he always talks about this coconut cake his mom used to make when he was a child. a healthier version of that, for his birthday? with COCONUT flour? perfect!!

    ps- i’ve been following your blog for a few weeks now, and thought it was about time to say hi. thanks for the fun recipes :)

  100. I wanna make cookies. Lots and lots of them ;)

  101. I saw a recipe for Banana Coconut Flour muffins on the Tropical Traditions website that I would like to try.

  102. I Liked you on Facebook.

  103. I am subscribing to the Tropical Traditions newsletter.

  104. I am following both Tropical Traditions and you on Twitter @lyndacooks

  105. I do believe that I would bake a coconut cake.

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