three things.

1. All of my baking trials today were flops! I’m blaming it on the muggy weather.

2. Nick and I went running today. It was…interesting. This is the first time we’ve gone since November – we usually take the winter off to hibernate and eat lots of cookies. It felt really good to sweat, but man…it was a sucky run.

3. Do you think they’re starting to like each other or that they’re just “keeping their enemies closer”?


Your guess is as good as mine.


  1. bahaha love that photo. i know what you mean about the running. i’m on week two.

  2. Cute photo :) My dog and cat are friends. Chloe howls and howls whenever I bring her back home because she misses Shadow (or dog) so much!

  3. Hope your Tuesday goes 100% well :)

  4. As always your running will get better! I can’t wait until I can workout again! I’m seriously looking forward to it!

  5. 1. Muggy weather can ruin anything, it’s to blame for sure!
    2. I went on a four mile run the other day, and later realized that my pace for four miles was slower than my pace for the entire half marathon I ran last year!
    3. Enemies closer, definitely :)

  6. I think they’re doing this whole pretending not to like each other even though they actually do like each other thing. It’s very fifth grade of them.

  7. Sorry to hear about the baking flops and sucky run. I’m sure the next time will be better! I hate it when my baking doesn’t turn out right. :-(

  8. Adorable. I love the photo. Sorry to hear your baking experiments were flops. The muggy weather is very possibly to blame. I’ve also had days when things just don’t seem to turn out right. Hopefully you’ll get some amazing triumphs soon to balance things out.

    And as for the animals, I guess you’ll never know. I was reading a bit ago a book though that was short stories about losing animals and there were quite a few stories about pets who the owners had assumed never liked each other only to find that when one died, the other went into mourning.

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