Project Paint the Kitchen: Complete!

First, I just want to say hi to all the new readers stopping by and leaving notes – I love meeting new people, so thanks for the kind words and for reading Smile

Now – I have to give all the credit of this painting project to Nick.

I did help pull down wallpaper and clean up after each step of sanding and spackeling, but the actual painting was mostly his work – except for the first weekend of the project when his parents were here.

We actually went through 3 different colors of green before deciding on this mix. The two we bought didn’t look great on the walls – they were one color in the daylight and a totally different color at night, and we didn’t really like how they looked without natural light. So, Nick mixed the second green with some white paint until we found a color that we both liked at ALL times of day.

Because Nick ended up creating our own green for the walls, I can’t actually give you the  color name since it wouldn’t be right, but the tan color is Mochatini by Kilz and we both love it!

Let’s just look at the kitchen before one more time, with that fruit wallpaper and border.

Before (how it looked when we moved in):


I don’t miss that border or wallpaper at all.


This is the color we originally chose but it was a much different color with just our kitchen lights on…


and we didn’t really like it, so…

Here are the final colors!

A beige (called Mochatini) and the green highlight (was Rosemary, now tinted with white paint).



The entire kitchen just feels warmer and more welcoming, and I love the pop of color from the green.

We haven’t put anything on the walls yet, but our clock will be going back up soon and we have plans for some fun food pictures on the wall by the kitchen table.

Soon enough. We’re moving one project at a time, and our priority right now is definitely the garden.

Are you working on any projects in your house right now? I cannot WAIT to pull the wallpaper down in the dining room – it’s definitely the worst in the house!

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  1. It’s BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  2. Wow, it looks great! Love it!

  3. LOVE LOVE the green!

  4. I LOVE the green! I’ve always wanted to have fun colors on my walls (and green just happens to be my favorite color).

    • Me too! My bedroom in high school was kelly green and a lighter green, with diamonds painted down one wall. It was AWESOME. I guess this is my grown up version :)

  5. Oh lordy, that wallpaper was dreadful! That’s such a cheery shade of green that you chose though – how inviting!

  6. Wow, I LOVE the green. Beautiful kitchen!
    Also, I made your blueberry muffin smoothie for breakfast this morning and it was phenomenal. Will post about it soon! :)

  7. Looks fantastic! I love how the green looks with the white- very pretty ;)

  8. Ack! Who even buys flowered wallpaper anymore? I’m shocked they still make it. It looks so much better, love that green!

  9. It’s beautiful!! I absolutely love the green and it’s perfect for a kitchen!!

  10. Love that shade of green! I’m currently moving out of my apartment and switching bedrooms at my parents’ house. I’m such a procrastinator and am going to have a big mess on my hands when the rest of my stuff gets moved in. When will I learn? haha

  11. Wow, Brandi! Your kitchen is beautiful! I wish I had a kitchen like that! ;-)

    • aw, thanks! It’s been years in the making :) our old house (that we lived in for 7 years before moving over Christmas) had a much smaller and not as nice kitchen. It’s nice!

  12. Brandi, your kitchen is GORGEOUS!! Can I move in ;)

  13. looks great – love that shade of green!

  14. Great job! Love the green accents!

  15. Beautiful! Isn’t it amazing how much a coat (or two) of paint can change a room?

  16. What a stunning kitchen! That fresh green color really pops, and contrasts beautifully with the white. Gorgeous!

    • Thanks so much! That’s what we wanted: something that would really show off the white cabinets rather than just blending in like the white wallpaper did.

  17. Looks great! Its funny how much better paint looks in certain rooms versus wallpaper.

  18. LOVE it! Isn’t it amazing how a fresh coat of paint can change the look and feel of an entire room? I’ve had a similar situation in our new kitchen! :)

  19. Brandi, I love it! Looks fabulous. And I wish I were doing home improvements!

  20. That green TOTALLY adds an amazing pop! And it will be great as background for photos with some warm morning light :)

  21. Love the green! My kitchen is green too =)

  22. Love it!! It’s amazing what a little paint can do. Great job.

  23. Love the colors! It’s amazing what a little paint can do. I love how it can make a room feel more like your own and more like a home. Thanks for sharing!

  24. wow, it looks great! i love the green!!!!!!!! woot woot!

  25. WoW, what a difference. It looks so modern now. We are house hunting today, so I’m sure I’ll see plenty of wallpapered walls that I’ll be cringing at!

  26. LOVE that color! i would love to spend time in that kitchen :) with you, of course!

  27. I love the colors Brandi! Um, I’ve been fired from painting – I always think I can do it, but it looks like shit and my husband has had to finish the project, or just hire a painter!

    Why anyone thought wallpaper is a good idea is beyond me!

  28. Looks great! Green is one of my favorite colors, but it’s so hard to get just right.

  29. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! <3 such a fresh look :)


  30. Love it and how did I know the kitchen or some room in the house would be green :)

  31. wow! what a transformation! most of the houses we are looking at have wallpaper or just something wrong with them in general as far as paint color, etc. i imagine we’ll be in the same boat as you soon once we find one. i’m sure there will be all kinds of changes that will need to be made. but at least it’s fun projects! at least *I* think so anyway. :) hope you had a nice easter!

  32. It looks FANTASTIC! Very impressive work! :) I actually totally dig the “original” choice- but obviously I’m slightly biased in terms of green :P

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