Obsessions, For Now

Happy Friday!

I am so excited for the weekend – we have lots of fun things going on. My little sister is coming to visit and will get here after work tonight. Some family friends are stopping on their way through Virginia tomorrow to visit for a little while, and we’ll be celebrating a friend’s birthday Saturday night. And, at some point, we’ll have to find time to get the garden planted!

It’s going to be very busy, but really fun.


I don’t know about you, but I go through phases with things. I get really into something and am a bit obsessed for a while before finding something new to focus on.

And right now, these are my current obsessions.

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. This is probably the 10th time I’ve read the book, and I love it more each time.


Barefoot Contessa Cards. I got these from VeggieGirl, a great friend, and absolutely love them. I sent one this week as a thank you card to a family member, and they just make me happy.


Dark chocolate from Trader Joe’s. I actually remember to stock up the last time we were visiting my parents who live 6 hours away. Now I’m trying my best to hoard them until we have another trip to see them.


My newest obsession! Not just coffee (that’s always an obsession). The newest coffee shop here, Lucie Monroe’s, is my favorite. They make coffee the right way (not making huge vats of their “coffee of the day” and letting it sit), the place is cool, and I love the décor.

Last weekend when I went to buy us some coffee before church, I also picked up this bag of coffee beans to try. The beans are fair trade/organic and they’re roasted over in Floyd, VA. This blend (specifically made for Lucie Monroe’s) is my new favorite. Caramel-y and smooth. It’s been a nice way to wake up in the morning this week.


I can’t say enough about products from Homestead Creamery. We buy their milk, butter, cream, and ice cream.

So far we’ve tried Black Raspberry, Chocolate Pecan, and now this: Espresso Chocolate Chip.

And it is so, so good. Super creamy, strong coffee flavor, big chunks of chocolate, and made with local milk from a local company. It doesn’t get much better.



What are you obsessed with right now?


  1. If I had Barefoot Contessa cards and TJ’s dark chocolate, I’d be obsessed with them too!

    Right now, I’m obsessed with pomegranate molasses. And all ice cream. Of all kinds. :)

  2. I’m obsessed with Rita’s water ice, Mango-Peach-Banana Smoothies, and reading cook books!

  3. I found Animal, Vegetable, Miracle a very interesting read, as well. Talking about the dark chocolate at Trader Joe’s reminds me of my favorite chocolate: Lindt Dark Chocolate with a Touch of Sea Salt!

  4. Clifford Crunch cereal mixed with 2% Total Fage Greek yogurt. I have no idea why it’s so good.

    It just is.

    And Clifford’s on the box…so you have to smile when you serve yourself. :)

  5. Nachos are having a moment in my house right now! Also iced coffee with Silk Vanilla Almond Milk and maple syrup.

  6. Ack! I need to read that book, stat!

  7. the Lucie’s Blend Coffee packaging makes me feel like im in a small rural country- heading in to a little corner breakfast cafe- getting some eggs and toast… hehe i love that ;)

  8. I would really like to ditto this list. Love love love Ina Garten and dark chocolate :)

    I think my latest obsession is sandwiches. Of all kinds. Daniel is currently asking for a “different type of meal” and I, for the life of me, cannot help him with that.

  9. FIrst of all, love the new site design! So clean and professional and fun.

    I also loved that book… it’s contributed to my dream of one day living on a farm- or at least in a house with a garden- and having a simpler life.

    Right now, I’m obsessed with chocolate chip cookies!

  10. I’m obsessed with Banana soft serve, soooo yummy, can’t remember why it took me so long to buy a food processor!

    • and THAT reminds me that I NEED a food processor! It’s on my wish list, mostly to make banana soft serve and homemade nut butters.

  11. Happy Friday! Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead :)

    Right now I’m obsessed with SPRING flavors–so ready to make lemon desserts and dinners full of asparagus!!

    ps. drooling over that ice cream!

  12. Dark chocolate and lemon bars…sounds like perfect obsessions to me! ;) My current obsession is cereal. It always has been but it REALLY has been lately with going through huge boxes within a few days.

  13. OMG, I am going to have to find those cards. My Great Aunt and Godmother loves to cook (she’s 80 and going strong!) and I know while she knows how to email – she loves to get cards from me in the snail mail.

    I am obcessed with baking bread – plan to make some again this weekend!

  14. I bought that Kingsolver book for my mom last Christmas, and she said she loved it so now that I’ve heard about it from you, I’ve GOT to give it a try! Thanks for sharing all of these fun loves in your life. I hope you have a great weekend!

    • Please do! I love it so much – it’s probably one of the only non-fiction books that I can read over and over again.

  15. Chocolate, lemon, books-oh Happy weekend!

  16. I’m obsessed with Justin’s Maple Almond Butter! Have you tried it?

    Amazing. And, thanks for the coffee house recommendation. I live in Blacksburg and had never heard of Lucie Monroe’s. I went yesterday, and it was amazing! Big, bright, open spaces and good coffee. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

    • I have NOT tried the maple flavor! But it sounds amazing :)

      That’s awesome that you loved Lucie Monroe’s – it’s the best, right? So cool you live here :) Thanks for leaving a note!

  17. Both the coffee and the ice cream sound amazing! Local products can be the absolute best!! I especially love the idea of Espresso Chocolate Chip ice cream. My current obsessions? Just Mango from TJs, plain chobani with maple syrup mixed in, baking (always :)), and spending time with Josh, Frank, family & friends before the baby is born!

  18. Espresso chocolate chips?! Sounds yum!
    Hope the weekend goes well :)

  19. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle is an excellent book!
    I am currently obsessed with:
    1) experimenting with Tofu
    2) Pumpkin puree
    3) Pole Fitness

  20. Bloggers, chefs, and activists alike often tend to throw around names like Michael Pollan, Mark Bittman, Alice Waters, or Jamie Oliver when they discuss leaders in the slow/local/sustainable/healthy food movement… and while these ARE amazing and influential individuals, Barbara Kingsolver is like the unspoken hero. When I read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle for the first time in High School, my life was seriously turned upside down. I was lucky to be raised in a home without oreos and other processed junk, but her combined passion and prose sparked a whole new vision of my future as I set out for college and started “making decisions” about what I was going to do in life. I could go on. But I won’t. Thank you so much for sharing this read with your community. It is truly a gem.

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