There was quite a bit of this happening in the kitchen on Saturday.


Our original plan for Saturday was to get our garden planted and the raised beds built. After breakfast, Nick went out to get garden supplies and I went to the farmer’s market and the grocery store. It was a little overcast, but the weather wasn’t too bad that morning.

But while we were outside planning everything out when we got back, it started raining and that rain didn’t stop for the rest of the day and into the evening.


So, instead of gardening, Nick finished spackling and sanding the kitchen walls and I worked on laundry and helped clean up.


We took a gorgeous 3 hour drive on Sunday afternoon to buy a tiller, and on the way, saw a camel, long horned bulls, and some llamas. Totally random.


Nick finished off the latest batch of cookies – a tried and true family favorite. IMG_2728


Last night, we planted our blueberry and raspberry bushes!


I can’t wait to see them start growing!


That’s our neighbor dog and Maggie’s friend – they were both “helping” us last night.


  1. Oh my goodness, that picture of Nick to too funny! We had raspberries the first year we moved into our house and they were wonderful. We haven’t seen them since though :(

  2. Omg, that picture is really hillarious :))
    and Maggie looks cute :)

  3. For a moment I thought he was stuck up there. It sounds like the weather didn’t keep you from getting things done. You are creating a wonderful home. Have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  4. How the hell did Nick even get up there??!! I love long drives like that – hope your plants turn out great – we tried for years to garden, but the deer and bunnies got to our garden loot before we could!

    Have a great day!

    • We have a step stool. He moved from that to the counter to the top of the fridge!

    • And I am a huge klutz which I why I was not the one on top of the cabinets. I have a feeling it would not end well for me.

  5. Awesome picture!!!
    OOOO you will love the fruit bushes when they start producing, YUM!

  6. haha that picture of Nick is hilarious!! Weird to say, but he reminds me of my cat simply because she loves climbing into spaces like that above the fridge. :P

  7. Wow! I can’t believe how he squeezed into that tiny space! LOL!

  8. Aw! Neighbor dog is CUTE! And hahah–good thing Nick is slender!

  9. Nick must have been having a great time up there! He reminds me of my cat in that picture.

  10. HAHA those photos of Nick are priceless :D

  11. I’ll admit I saw that pic of Nick and was like whaaaaaaa? haha

    Oh I’d love to plant a blueberry bush. How neat! Can’t wait to see it produce some. :)

  12. It always feels good to get stuff done for the house! I can’t wait to see your fruit bloom- so exciting :) And the neighbors dog is such a cutie!

  13. Haha! Love those pics!
    And, OMG, I would LOVE to have fresh raspberries and blueberries – can’t wait to see them bloom!

  14. I can’t wait to see your blueberry and raspberry bushes in full form! Nothing is better than a fresh raspberry – you’re going to have so much fun with those fresh berries.

  15. Haha that is a great picture!

  16. I thought a small animal or child was trapped behind the cupboard and Nick was getting him or her out. That takes some serious coordination, though. Has Nick been doing yoga?

  17. Love the pictures of Nick! Very funny. :-)

  18. bahaha that first picture is cracking me up!

  19. LOL, what a picture! :)

  20. those pics of nick are hilarious!!

  21. Hahaha that is hysterical! Did he get stuck?

    And SO JEALOUS that you have the ability to grow berries! I would love nothing more (walking barefoot outside to get berries for breakfast? hellooooo, that’s heavenly!)

    • no, thank goodness! he was up there spackling and sanding the walls so they could be painted :)

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