Easy Omelet!

It’s the post you’ve all been waiting for! I’ve had so many requests for a post from Nick – my husband – about how he makes his perfect omelets.

And last weekend, we finally documented the process.

Here it is! Nick’s explanation of how to make the perfect omelet.


So Brandi finally convinced me to write a guest post and there is no better subject than omelets. Omelets are composed of a few simple ingredients, but the most important being eggs. Eggs are essential for cooking and, in my opinion, preparing a perfectly cooked egg or omelet can be a challenge. After multiple failures, I finally came up with few simple solutions for making any easy omelet. Here is what I’ve learned…


Start by getting all of you “add ins” ready first. On this occasion we decided to have country cured bacon from the Amish market, parsley, green onions, and, of course cheese. In the past we have tried all kinds of different ideas and we usually just throw in our left overs from the week before. Some things to try: black olives, feta cheese, asparagus, salsa, or chili. Just about anything that can fit inside an omelet is worth a try.





In the past, I have attempted to flip my omelets. This usually results in one of two things, my breakfast on the floor next to my feet or a destroyed omelet destine to be just scrambled eggs. Thankfully, there is no rule that requires omelets to be flipped. For the no-flip method, 3 eggs works perfect. Beat the eggs with a couple tablespoons of either milk or water. This adds some extra moisture to the eggs and keeps them fluffy.IMG_2246



Before adding the eggs to an lightly oiled skillet, I like to test the temperature. The biggest mistake that I use to make was cooking the eggs at too high a temperature. Ideally, the eggs should quickly turn opaque when added to the skillet, but should not pop or bubble up. To ensure the top of the omelet gets fully cooked, place a lid over the eggs. The lid shortens the time necessary to get the top of the eggs cooked and prevents the bottom from over-cooking. Position the lid in a way to let excess moisture escape from the skillet.





When the top of the omelet firms up, it is ready for toppings and seasoning. Don’t make the mistake of overcooking the eggs. If the eggs begin to loose their sheen then they are getting overcooked. The “sheen”, not talking about Charlie Sheen, can be deceiving and there may be small patches of uncooked eggs, but don’t worry about that. The eggs will continue to cook during the next step. IMG_2259



With the toppings added, fold the omelet in half. Allow just enough time for the cheese to melt. Add garnishes if you want your food to look all pretty and stuff. That’s it, that’s all there is to it!IMG_2264



All gone…The great thing about omelets is that you can make them a thousand different ways and eat them with just about anything. So let me know if these tips where helpful or if you have tips of your own.



  1. When making omelets, I always cover the raw egg while it cooks. I feel like it cooks so much faster and more even! I’m really liking the bacon, parsley, cheese version! :-)

  2. That is my way of making omelets too!!

  3. ha ha. i’m still chuckling over the charlie sheen comment.

  4. This is great! I love the tip about covering the pan. I always make frittatas because I am too chicken to flip an omelet. I will have to try the folding method.

  5. How great to see your hubs on board making these perfect omelets! We love our eggs over here :)

  6. This is a great post. Your detailed explanation and pictures will make it easy for all to make this. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  7. GREAT post! Omelets (and eggs and general) are the perfect meal. You totally can make them with all sorts of add ins and eat them any time of day- whats better? I like this no flip method- totally trying it out

  8. hurray for guest posts!!! i am omelet challenged so i can’t wait to try this method!

  9. These look killer! I pride myself on my omlettes too – feta + tomater is one of my fave combos, but you’re so right – there’s nothing that isn’t good in them!

  10. These look so good. I always want to make omelets for Andy but struggle with using too high of heat. I’m trying this over the weekend!

  11. I am totally trying my next omelet this way!!

  12. I have NEVER successfully made an omelette. Perhaps with this tutorial….

  13. Nice post Nick!!!

  14. Yum… I think we’ll have to try this for dinner tonight – Nice job, Nick!

  15. i’ve been waiting!! great post, I should really stop cooking my eggs in the microwave ;)

  16. I love this post – especially the reference to Charlie Sheen! :)

  17. Thank you so much Nick. I always turn my omelette to a scramble when they fail to hold together. Book marked and ready for tomorrow’s DINNER :-)

  18. yum! I could seriously eat omelets any time of day!

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  20. I just made an omlette last night sans cover, after which my boyfriend immediately asked “do you like it brown like that?” Mistake!

    I will always cover from here on out. Thanks :)

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