Spring Dreams

So, today is March 28th.

Almost April, which means spring should be getting here full force.

But it’s not. In fact, it is currently snowing.

I am not okay with this.

I’m ready for warm weather, blossoming trees, blooming flowers!

To help keep me from getting into a winter weather slump today, I thought I’d show you my new favorite spring items : ) And maybe I’ll get to wear them soon.


Last weekend, when Nick and I were at my parents’ house, I went shopping with my mom and sister and got these awesome shoes from Ross. And they were cheap!


This pair…I don’t know what to say about them. I fell in love at first sight! I’ve been looking for a pair of nude or nude/gray pumps and these are just gorgeous. They are also the tallest pair of heels I own and the tallest I’ve ever bought.


These wedges are my new favorites! I love the cognac color, and wedges are always easier for me to actually walk in without looking like I’m about to topple over.

The best part? The wedges were only $16.99 and the pumps were $18.99!


But by far, my new favorite thing is this purse.

If you didn’t know (or don’t know me in real life), I like huge purses. The bigger, the better.

I had a gift card to use at Spool No.72, and it just may be my new favorite place to shop online. I found this purse in their clearance section and was even more excited when it showed up, carefully wrapped, AND was much bigger than I was expecting!

I love the smoky gray color and the flowers are just fun.

I think as long as I keep looking at spring stuff today, I’ll be okay.

What about you? How’s your weather today? And what are you looking forward to most about spring?


  1. I love those nude/grey pumps! They are super cute! That purse is REALLY cute too! I love it! :)

    The weather is freezing here in PA! It’s really windy too! I’m ready for the spring weather!

  2. LOVE the purse and the shoes. So cute.

    I am most looking forward to really long walks during the day. Long walks are one of my favorite ways to clear my head so I am looking forward to lots of clear thinking!

  3. I love it when a shopping expedition is successful. Your shoes are terrific and as a lover of big bags I’m impressed by your find. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  4. It’s surprisingly not snowing here, but it’s definitely freezing.

  5. Gosh those grey shoes and the grey purse just made mes mile! Beautiful!!

    It’s chilly here in Seattle but the sun is just coming out, so I’m happy! I just want to go out without a coat on!

  6. Love the gray heels and bag. So cute! The weather in DC currently sucks, cold and windy! booo :(

  7. I have the same Madden Girl shoes, except in “suede” — in gray!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!!

    I also would like to have a discussion with Mother Nature concerning appropriate temperatures for Springtime, especially since I had a taste of nice weather while in Israel!

  8. I love the pumps! Great find on everything :) It is still cold here in NY…in the 30s today :/ I am most looking forward to more fresh fruit and veggies in the spring and summer season! I eat so much more bread in the winter.

  9. LOVE both shoes- but the gray are my favorite! I’m actually planning on trying to get a few pairs of wedges this week. I agree- they are so easy to walk in. The weather is rainy here today- but we REALLY needed it, so no complaints :)

  10. It’s too cold here too!!!! We got a very tiny bit of snow yesterday morning but other than that it’s just been cold & dreary… where is SPRING?!?!

  11. Great finds! Hope the weather will be nice enough for you to wear your fabulous shoes soon!

  12. dang i wish we had a Ross. Love both of those pairs! And, like you, I am SO OVER winter!

  13. I *love* that nude grey color!! I’ve been looking for a pair like that – can go with black or brown!

  14. Omg Brandi- the wedges and the purse, LOVE LOVE! I am off to check out that purse website =)

  15. That looks like a good shopping trip to Ross if ever I’ve seen one :) It’s definitely not anymore like Spring down here in Va Beach – it’s cold, wet and gross! I feel awful for all the trees that bloomed in the past few weeks and now probably have no idea what’s going on.

    Oh well, those warm temps will show up soon enough!

  16. ohhh i love the tan wedges!! so simple and adorable :D i just saw the website and o myyy then have lots of items that fit in my style. thanks Brandi!

  17. Ugh. Our weather is absolutely bitter and frigid also! NOT okay! Love those shoes though…I plan on coming here to ogle them every 30 minutes or so. Just so you know.

  18. We’ve had temps hovering around freezing for the past few days. It was 90 degrees here last month! what the heck!!

    I’ve been toying with the idea of pulling out all of my summer clothes to brighten up my closet. my winter wardrobe is pretty drab and with the weather, it’s really been bringing me down. I need some color in my life!

  19. Oh if only we wore the same size we would be in shoe heaven!!! :)

  20. I love the grey pumps, and the purse! I’m definitely a huge-bag person too ;)

  21. I love your trees outside your house. I have never lived where there are seasons and my daughter’s doctor I just found out is moving up to Hersey,Penn because he can not stand not having them anymore and he is getting a great promotion not to mention free college for his kids. I feel a bit jealous of this. There would be a lot more to write about with these changing times.

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