Last week, I got a special package in the mail.

This wasn’t any type of swap or prize package – Shannon just wanted to share some meyer lemons (since I can’t find them around here). Aren’t blogging friends awesome?


Meyer lemons are….strange. In a good way.

They smell (and taste) like a cross between a lemon, a clementine, and something herby or floral. They’re definitely not your normal, run of the mill lemon.


And since I only had 3 to work with, I decided to find a recipe online and follow it without making any modifications.

That was hard to do – I usually make all kinds of changes! But I wanted to make sure that whatever I made turned out well since I don’t know when I’ll have meyer lemons to cook with again.

I used this Lemon Square recipe from Eating Well (one of my favorite magazines) for my first attempt at cooking with them.


And this is how I found out that I love meyer lemons.

These lemon bars definitely did not taste like any other lemon bar I’ve had before.

That herb essence in the meyer lemons gave these bars a depth that regular lemon bars don’t have. But, if you’re making lemon bars and still want that tart and bright lemon flavor, I would suggest using half meyer lemon juice and zest and half regular.

I was probably a bit too excited when I opened the box and found meyer lemons.

But that happens all the time. I’m easily amused and am always happy to get new food.

Have you ever cooked or baked with meyer lemons? What’s your favorite way to use them?


  1. I don’t think i’ve ever tried meyer lemons~but tihs reeallllyy looks good!! and so purrtyyy~~Hope to try it someday soon. :)

  2. Mmm lemon squares! My mom makes some great one and my friends always beg for them..they tried repeating it and werent able to so always ask for them wheneve they come over.

  3. I keep hearing about Meyer lemons, but I’ve never heard much about them. Sounds delicious!

  4. I have become a meyer lemon fiend since Shannon sent me some. She didn’t know she was creating a monster. I love the sound of these bars! You definitely picked a great recipe to use your lemons in!

  5. aw! Shannon is SO sweet! What a great gift. Mandi has made a few treats with meyer lemons, but I have not given them a shot yet. I love lemony desserts too! Hope you’re having a nice Sunday

  6. YUM!!!

  7. Your meyer lemon squares look AMAZING. With the way you described them, I want about a dozen of them right now. I haven’t baked with meyer lemons but I have eaten desserts made with meyer lemons. :)

  8. I’m not usually one for citrus-y desserts, but boy, do these look amazing! Seriously Brandi, you take some amazing pictures! Thanks for the idea! :-)

  9. Ahh crap – this reminds me that I bought a meyer lemon a few days before leaving on vacation. It’ll probably be rotted by the time we get home :(
    I’ve never had a meyer lemon either! Your description makes sense though! :)

  10. I’m crazy for meyer lemons and I’ve been wanting to make a lemon curd of some sort. These bars look tasty, maybe I’ll make them next!

  11. I’ve never cooked with, tried or even seem meyer lemons around where I love. A cross between a lemon and a clementine sounds awesome!

  12. I’ve seen them around, but I thought they were just regular lemons, I had no idea there was a difference…but they sound awesome!!!! Love the recipe you used too!

  13. Awww that’s so sweet! I love meyer lemons and your bars look incredible :)

  14. i’ve already bought more… i couldn’t help it! but i haven’t had time to use them. These sound great as well, and I’m glad you enjoyed them :)

  15. How cool is Shannon?! That is so sweet! I’ve never cooked with Meyer lemons, but I’ve happily eaten up every byproduct I can get my hands on. I’m so obsessed with lemon-flavored desserts! This looks so yummy, Brandi.

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