the new normal


I have a feeling our nights will be like this more often as spring sets in.

Nick is watching a burn pile in our yard while I’m working on dinner, blogging, and about to go practice some of The Avett Brothers songs on the keyboard.


And Maggie is “helping” by running around the house as fast as she can, grabbing shoes as she runs through our bedroom. She left one of Nick’s shoes in the middle of the hallway, just for me.

Isn’t she thoughtful?


  1. If I can catch a leprechaun tomorrow my wish will be to have a life like that.

  2. that brings a smile to my face :)

  3. Oh Maggie Moo – you silly bean! :) LOL – love the attitude, and really – you should be way more grateful for her helpfulness :P In that picture I feel like she’s saying “looks mommy! got you shoe! why you no more grateful? why you no shower me in kisses and treats?!” :P (i read too much i can haz cheezburger/hotdog – god help me) :P

  4. I love the feeling of longer days. Even though I have to be up at the same time in the morning, I feel more relaxed in the evenings with all the sunlight. Sounds like a great normal!

  5. Oh My GoD Is That Safe!
    Shouldn’t Nick have a hose, a bucket of water or something?
    What the heck is he doing?
    Forget the shoe go save your husband!

    • Ha, yes it’s safe – and totally normal around here! He creates a barrier around the burn pile and just has to tend to it until it’s gone out enough to leave it alone.

      The fire’s all gone today!

  6. Crazy Maggie!!!

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