today is a good day…

IMG_1632to do something that scares you.

to help someone else, when they haven’t asked for anything.

to be a blessing to a stranger.

to celebrate a friend.


to laugh.

to cuddle.

to tell someone you love them.


to stretch your ideas about yourself and what you can do.

to find the possibilities that are hiding in the corners.

today is a good day to do something that makes your heart race, your soul sing, and your face light up.

get outside. turn off the tv and computer and cell phone. enjoy the quiet. listen to the birds singing or the rain falling or the cars driving by.

take it all in. there will never a day like today.


  1. Hey Brandi! True that! Everyday is to be taken with expectancy, while appreciating every moment. No matter what we may go through….And that appreciation entails loving others as we love ourselves, too! no? :D Have a blessed day <3

  2. Little reminders like this are so important! Love it. That picture of your dog cracks me up

  3. Ahh, I love this! Thank you for posting it.

  4. Today was definitely an unplugged kind of day… how gorgeous was this Virginia weather?!??! Glad you had a great one :)

  5. yes! so so so true! love this post. <3

  6. beautiful, inspiring post !


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